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Jesus! in thee each heart delights,
Thou living fountain, light of lights-
Exceeding every dearest bliss,

And every dream of happiness.

Oh haste to Jesus! hasten all!
Let love your every wish enthrall.
Oh, seek your Jesus and adore,
And, seeking, love him more and more.

Oh may our hymns repeat thy name,
And may our lives our love proclaim;
May we for ever Jesus love,

And endless years our love improve.

Whom most thou fav'rest, more will crave;
Who have thee most, far more would have:
Still must the heart that loves thee want,
Still still for Jesus must it pant.

O Jesus, whom my soul desires,
To whom most fondly it aspires-

For whom calm tears bedew mine eyes-
To whom mine inward spirit sighs ;-

Oh, stay with us! dear Jesus, stay!
Illume us with thy saving ray.
All darkness from our minds remove,
And fill the world with light and love.

Jesus, the Virgin's only son,

May every heart thy sweetness own.

May honour, blessings, praise, and fame,
For ever hail thy holy name.


Benign Creator! kindly hear


The prayers and sighs in sorrow blent,
Which to thy pitying throne we bear,
In this most holy fast of Lent.

O Thou who searchest every heart,
And knowest man's infirmity;
Peace and forgiveness now impart,

And may thy grace our wants supply.

Much have we sinned-our ways we blame, We own, confess our faults to heaven; Oh, for the glory of thy name,

Kind Jesus, be those faults forgiven!

Oh grant that we may now restrain,
By abstinence, our stubborn will:
That vicious strength may not remain
To urge our wayward hearts to ill.

Oh grant, most holy Trinity,

This fast may every sin efface; And may our tears productive be

Of blest increase of hope and grace.


See, see the royal banners fly!
Now beams the cross's mystery.
For life was still within the tomb
When death by life was overcome.

Where smote the spear with direst blow,
Thence blood and water did o'erflow:
These all our guilty stains efface,
And wash our souls with saving grace.

This, this the mystery foretold,
By David's faithful song of old :
He said to all, in mystic strain,
"From off a tree the God will reign."

O beaming tree! thy branches fair
The royal purple colours wear.
Well chosen from an honoured sort,
Those sacred members to support.

O blessed tree! who arms can show
The ransom of a world from woe!-
HIS limbs the only weight could tell
What price could ransom man from hell.
Hail, cross our only hope sublime,
To cheer this penitential time-

[On the finding of the cross is said,
Who cheerest this high paschal time-
On the exaltation of the cross is said,
Whose triumph cheers this glorious time-]
Let grace renewed the just repay,
And wash the sinner's guilt away.

Hail, holy Trinity, whose praise
Still bids us every song upraise,
Let those, who now in patience bear
The cross on earth, thy guerdon share.

O FILII ET FILIE: FOR EASTer Sunday. Young men and maids, rejoice and sing! The king of heaven, the glorious king, This day from death rose triumphing. Alleluja. On Sunday morn, by break of day, Swift to the tomb wherein he lay,

His dear disciples sped away. Alleluja.

And Mary Magdalen, she sped,

And James's eager mother led,

With Salome's to embalm the dead. Alleluja.

An angel rob'd in white they see,
Who saith to them all soothingly,

"The Lord is gone to Galilee." Alleluja.
And then the dear apostle John,

First to the monument came on,

For Peter he had soon outrun. Alleluja.

When the disciples met dismay'd,

Christ stood among them as they pray'd; And "Peace be to you all," he said. Alleluja. When Didymus had heard them tell How Christ was risen, and what befel, He doubted all the miracle. Alleluja. "Oh, see my hands and feet," He cried; "And lay thy hand upon my side,

And doubt not me, whate'er betide." Alleluja. When Thomas thus had all explor'd

The feet, the side, the hands ador'd,

He answering, said, "My God and Lord." Alle.


Aye, Thomas, but more blest is he Who sees not, yet who trusts in me: Eternal life his lot shall be. Alleluja.

Then joy we on these festive days!
And grateful hearts to God upraise
With blessings, jubilee, and praise. Alleluja.

Let us to God our thanks renew;

That homage fervent, humble, true,
For all his gracious mercies due. Alleluja.


The red sea now is past, and now
Around the Lamb's great feast we bow;
Now clothed in white and purified,
We praise our King-the Christ who died.

So great his love, that, for our good,
He bids us drink his sacred blood.
And gives us, in the mystic feast,
Himself the sacrifice and priest.

Blood sprinkled on the posts of yore
Scared death's sad angel from the door.;
The sea was parted too, and gave
To the pursuing foe a grave;

But Christ is now the pasch by whom
We triumph o'er impending doom.
Sincere and pure, we now are fed
By Christ, the pure pre-figured bread.

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