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chain of sins, may, by the compassion of thy goodness, mercifully be absolved.

Hear, we beseech thee, O Lord, the prayers of the suppliant, and pardon the sins of them that confess to thee; that in thy bounty thou mayest give us pardon and peace.

Out of thy clemency, O Lord, shew thy unspeakable mercy to us, that so thou mayest both acquit us of our sins, and deliver us from the punishments we deserve for them.

O God, who by sin art offended and by penance pacified, mercifully regard the prayers of thy people making supplication to thee, and turn away the scourges of thine anger, which we deserve for our sins.

་ །

O almighty and eternal God, have mercy on thy servant N, our chief bishop, and direct him according to thy clemency, into the way of everlasting salvation; that by thy grace he may desire those things that are agreeable to thee, and perform them with all his strength.

O God, from whom are all holy desires, right counsels and just works, give to thy servants that peace which the world cannot give; that our hearts may be disposed to keep thy commandments; and, the fear of enemies being removed, the times by thy protection may be peaceable.

Inflame, O Lord, our reins and hearts with the fire of thy holy spirit, that we may serve thee with a chaste body, and please thee with a clean heart.

O God, the creator and redeemer of all the faithful, give to the souls of thy servants departed the remission of all their sins: that through pious supplications they may obtain the pardon which they have always desired.

Suggest, we beseech thee, O Lord, our actions, by thy holy inspirations, and carry them on by thy gracious assistance; that every prayer and work of ours may begin always from thee, and by thee be happily ended.

O almighty and eternal God, who hast dominion over the living and the dead, and art merciful to all whom thou foreknowest shall be thine by faith and good works; we humbly beseech thee, that they for whom we have determined to offer up our prayers, whether this present world still detain them in the flesh, or the world to come hath already received them out of their bodies, may, by the clemency of thy goodness, all thy saints interceding for them, obtain pardon and full remission of all their sins, through our Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who liveth and reigneth, one God, with thee and the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen. V. O Lord, hear my prayer.

R. And let my cry come unto thee.

V. May the almighty and most merciful Lord, graciously hear us.

R. Amen.

V. And may the souls of the faithful, departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

R. Amen.


Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Jesus, receive our prayers. Lord Jesus, grant our petitions.

O God the Father, Creator of the world, Have mercy on us.

O God the Son, Redeemer of mankind, Have mercy on us.

Holy Ghost, perfecter of the elect, Have mercy

on us.

Holy Trinity, one God, Have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, spouse of St. Joseph,
St. Joseph, advocate of the humble,
St. Joseph, blessed amongst men,
St. Joseph, defender of the meek,

St. Joseph, exiled with Christ into Egypt,
St. Joseph, favourite of the King of heaven,
St. Joseph, guardian of the Word incarnate,
St. Joseph, honoured amongst men,
St. Joseph, pattern of humility & obedience,
St. Joseph, kind intercessor for the afflicted,
St. Joseph, lily of chastity and temperance,
St. Joseph, example of silence and resign-

St. Joseph, nursing father to the Son of

St. Joseph, the just and perfect man,
St. Joseph, pattern of the industrious and

Pray for


St. Joseph, endowed with all virtue,
St. Joseph, ruler of the family of Jesus,
St. Joseph, spouse of the ever-blessed virgin,
St. Joseph, possessed of all-glorious privi-

St. Joseph, union of all Christian perfec-

St. Joseph, protector of the dying,

St. Joseph, our dear patron and defender,

Pray for us.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, Hear us, O Lord.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, Have mercy on us.

V. Pray for us, O holy St. Joseph.

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

O God, who didst make choice of holy St. Joseph to be the spouse of the blessed Virgin Mary, the nurse and guardian of thy beloved Son Jesus, we humbly beseech thee to grant us, through his intercession, purity both of soul and body, that, being free from all sin and adorned with the wedding garment, we may be admitted to the nuptials of the Lamb in eternal Glory, through the same Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who liveth and reigneth, with thee, in the unity. of the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.


"1. If you are attacked by any considerable illness, let your first care be to send for your spiritual physician, and settle the state of your soul. This is much better done in the beginning of sickness than afterwards, when the strength of the fever or the quality of the remedies may render a person absolutely unfit for so great a work. Sickness is often sent for a punishment of sin, and therefore a sincere repentance and confession of sins is often a more effectual means of recovery than any other.

"2. If you have not your will already made, as it is prudent you ought, let this also be done in the beginning of your sickness, that, having settled your temporal affairs, you may apply your soul, without disturbance, to the spiritual.

"3. Engage your best friends to give you timely notice if your distemper be dangerous, and not to flatter you with hopes of life when there are little or no grounds for hope. Make the best use you can of that time which, perhaps, is to be your last. Admit but of few visits, nor of any other discourse but such as may be for your soul's profit.

"4. Take proper care for the discharge of your debts and all other obligations incumbent upon you; and this as much as may be in the beginning also of your sickness: forgive all


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