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It may be proper just to remark, that the animadversions I have made on Mr. 's Sermon did not arise from my conviction of there being any thing even of plausibility in his reasonings, but from an apprehension, that certain accidental and occasional prejudices might give some degree of weight to one of the weakest defences of a bad cause that was ever undertaken. I have taken up more time in shewing that there is no proper connerion between the unitarian doctrine and the principles of liberty than the subject may seem to require ; but this will not be thought superfluous by those who recollect that that idea seems to be the great hinge of Mr. -'s discourse, and that it appears amongst the orthodox part of the dissenters to have been productive already of unhappy effects. I shall only add, that these remarks would have appeared much sooner but for severe indisposition, and that I was induced to write them chiefly from a persuasion that they might perhaps, in the present instance, have somewhat of additional weight as coming from one who is not an unitarian.


Sept. 17, 1791.

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