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Allope a Summer Eve ! Of all the Stars
Titled the first and fairest, thou didst hope
To share Divinity, or haply more,
Elated as Supream when o'er the North
Thy bloody Banner stream'd, to rightful Kings
Portending rụinous Downfal; wondrous low,
Opprobrious and detested art thou thrown,
Difroabd of all thy Splendors. Round thee stand
The swarming Populace, and with fix'd Regard
Eying thee pale and breathless, spend their Rage
In taunting Speech, and jovial ask their Friends,
Is this THE MIGHTY, whose Imperious Yoke
We bore reluctant; who to defart Wilds
And Haunts of Savages transform’d the Marts,
And Capital Cities raz’d, pronouncing Thrall
Or Exile on the Peerage? How becalm’d
The Tyrant lies, whose Nostrils used to breath
Tempests of Wrath, and shook establishid Thrones.

In solemn State the Bones of pious Kings, Gather'd to their Great Sires, are safe repos'd Beneath the weeping Vault. But thou, a Branch Blasted and Curst by Heavin, to Dogs and Fowls Art doom'd a Banquet ; mingling fome Remains With Criminals unabfolv'd; on all thy Race Transmitting Guilt and Vengeance. From thy

[Domes Thy Children fculk erroneous and forlorn, Fearing Perdition, and for Mercy fue With Eyes uplift, and Tearful. From thy Seed The Sceptre Heav'n resumes, by thee Usurpt By Guileand Force, and sway'd with lawlefs Rage.




Written at Sea, by the late Earl of Dorset, in

the first Dutch War.

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10 all ye Ladies now at Land

We Men at Sea indite;
But first wou'd have ye understand

How hard it is to write ;
The Muses now, and Neptune tooi
We must implore to write to you.

With a Fa la, la, la, la.


For tho’the Muses shou'd prove kind,

And fill our empty Brain,
Yet if rough Neptune rouze the Wind

To wave the azure Main,

[blocks in formation]

Our Paper, Pen and Ink, and we
Roul up and down our Ships at Sea.

With a Fa, &c.


Then if we write not by each Post

Think not we are unkind,
Nor.yet conclude our Ships are lost

By Dutchmen or by Wind;
Our Tears we'll send a speedier way,
The Tide shall bring 'em twice a Day,

With a Fa, &c.


The King with Wonder and Surprize

Will swear the Seas grow bold, Because the Tides will higher rife,

Than e'er they us’d of old: But let Him know it is our Tears Bring Floods of Grief to Whitehall Stairs.

W! a Fa, &c.

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Shou'd Foggy Opdam chance to know

Our fad and dismal Story,
The Dutch wou'd scorn so weak a Foe,

And quit their fort at Goree;
For what Refiftance can they find
From Men who've left their Hearts behind ?

With a Fa, &c.


Let Wind and Weather do its worst,

Be you to us but kind ;
Let Dutchmen vapour, Spaniards curse,

No Sorrow we shall find ;
'Tis then no Matter how things go,
Or who's our Friend, or who's our Foe.

With a Fa, &c.


To pass our tedious Hours away,

We throw a merry Main;

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