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This granted, can you think it ftrange
We all shou'd be fo prone to changes
Ev'n from the Go-Cart, 'till we wear
A Sattin Cap i'th' Elbow Chair?
The Follies that the Child began,
Custom makes Currant in the Manz
And firm by Livery and Seisin,
Holds the Fee-simple of his Reason.

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But still the Gusts of Love we find
Blow strongest on a Woman's Mind:
Nor need I learnedly purfue

The latent Cause, th’Effect is true ;
For proof of which, in manner ample,
I mean to give you one Example:

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Upon a time, for so my Nurse, au Heav'n rest her Bones! began Discourse;

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A lovely Nymph, and just Nineteen,
Began to langaish with the Spleen.
She who had shone at Balls and Play,
In Gold Brocard extremely gay,
All on a sudden grew precise,
Declaim'd against the Growth of Vice,
A very Prude in half a Year;
And most believ'd she was sincere.
Necklace of Pearl no more she wears,
That’s fanctify'd to count her Prayers.
Venus, and all her naked Loves,
The Reformado Nymph removes;
And Magdalen, with Saints and Martyrs,
Was plac'd in their respective Quarters.
Nor yet content, the cou'd not bear
The Rankness of the publick Air;
Twas so infected with the Vice
Of luscious Songs, and Lovers Sighs.

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So most devoutly wou'd be gone,
And strait profess her self a Nun.

( A Youth of Breeding and Address,
And call him Thyrsis if you please,
Who had some Wealth to recompense
His flender Dividend of Sense;
Yet cou'd with little Thought and Care
Write tender things to please the Fair,
And then successively did grow
From a Half-wit, a finish'd Beau;
(For Fops thus naturally rise,
As Maggots turn to Butterflies.)
This Spark, as Story tells, before
Had held with Madam an Amour;
Which he resolving to pursue,
Exa&tly took the proper Cue;

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And on the Wings of Love he flies
To Lady Abbess in Difguise ;
And tells her he had brought th’Advowson,
Of Soul and Body to dispose on.
Old Sanctity, who'nothing fear'd" :
In Petticoats without a Beard, TO
Fond of a Proselyte, and Fees,
Admits the Fox among the Geese. : ;

Here Duty, Wealth, and Honour prove,
Tho' three to one, too weak for Love:
And to describe the War throughout,
Wou'd make a glorious piece no doubt;
Where Moral Virtues might be slain,
And rise, and fight, and fall again
Love shou'd a'bloody Myrtle wear,
And, like Camilla, fierce and fair,
The Nun shou'd charge. -But I forbear.

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All human Joys, tho'sweet in tasting, Are seldom (more's the Pity!) lasting: The Nymph had Qualms, her Cheeks were pale, . Which others thought th’Effects of Zeal. But she, poor she began to doubt, (Best knowing what she'd been about ;) The Marriage Earnest-penny lay And burnt her Pocket, as we fay; She now invokes, to ease her Soul, The Dagger and the poison'a 'Bowl; And, Self-condemn'd for breach of Vow To lose her Life and Honour too, Talk'd in as Tragical a Strain, as Your craz'a Monimia's and Roxana's.

But as she in her Cell lay sighing," Distracted, weeping, drooping, dying,

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