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She often call'd her sensless Chit,

And would she never learn more Wit?

The Girl asham'd, and vex'd to hear This Tune still dunn'd into her Ear ; About of all the Neighbours sought, Where the best Wit was to be bought. All laugh'd; but some among them sent her, To find out Father Bonaventure; For he, (they faid) was furnish'd well, And reasonably cheap would sell.

Lucy with Joy heard what they said,
But yet with Fear th’ Advice obey'd ;
Much doubting least her Errand shou'd
Displease the Reverend Man of God.
So musing with her self she went,
And argu'd thus on her Intent:

Will such an Holy Man as he,
E’er talk to one fo Toung as me?
I am not fifteen Summers old,
Sure he must think me very bold.

Her modest Looks her Charms improve,

And make her a rich Feast for Love.

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At length she’accosts the heav'nly Man,
And in these Terms her Suit began;
Most Reverend Fatber, will you please
To pity a poor Virgin's Cafe?
By all the Neighbours round I'm told,
That Wit is by your Reverence fold.
On that Account I'm hither come,
Pray be so kind afford me some.
I'd gladly have what you can spare,
But hope it is not very dear :


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Tho' if the Purchase comes to more
Than the small Sum that I've in store,
This Ring of mine in Pawn I'll leave,
'Till I can get what you must have.
Then from her Hand she strove in hafte
To pluck the Ring, the Ring stuck fast.

The Fryar saw what Pains she took, And pitying much her honest Look, Told her, he'd have her be contented, He'd furnish her with what she wanted : Most commonly we fell, 'tis true, But I'll take nothing for’t of you; Here come along, be free from fears, The Walls have neither Eyes, nor Ears, And all the Brotherhood's at Prayers.

Thus saying to his Cell he led, And threw her backward on the Bed;

With Kisses next the Fair One try'd,
The Fair One turn'd her Head aside;
And wondrous innocently cries,
What, is it thus that we grow wise?
Tes Thus, and Thus, said he, then prest
With eager Hands her panting Breast.
What and so too? Tes so, quoth he,
You'll have it all now presently.
So holds her fast in his Embrace,
And Wit insinuates apace.
Still more Advantages he gains,
At last the wish'd-for Port obtains.

Lucy was pleas'd, and laughing swore,
She never felt the like before.
The Fryar's was an humble Mind,
And much to Charity enclin'd;

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Still in his Arms he kept her close,
And gave her soon a second Dose;
And for his Honour. ?tis averr'di.
He quickly after gave the third.

Lucy lamented her hard Fatę,
That she should come to Wit so late.
But what if this, Sir, should not do?
Why then we must begin anew ;
Some other Medicine must be trgo'd:
No, this again, the Girl reply'd.
Well, to comply with your Request,

And since you like this Phyfick best;
Least what you have, should fail to do,
Take it again before you go.
She lik'd th’Advice, and try'd once more
The Drug that pleas'd so well before;


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