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Narrat (avertat Deus inquit omen)
Hofpitem notæ periisse Mitre;
Narrat immersam prope limen urbis

Flumine cymbam.
Narrat at portis meus Hinton aftat,
Nuncius Pricket redit, avocat me
Sherwin, & fcribendæ aliò requirunt

Mille tabellæ.

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in mí


Jenny, post Hinton, comitum tuorum
Primus, ante omnes mihi gratulandus,
Qui tibi totus vacat, & vacabit,

Nec vetat Vxor.
Hæc ego lusi properante musâ,
Lesbia vatis numeros fecutus,
Si novi quid fit, meliùs docebit

Sermo pedestris.

P. S.

Cenitant mecum Comites Terna,
Multa qui de te memorant culullos
Inter, & pulli, vice literarum,

Crus tibi nittunt.

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I The faire de Vigin of the Virgin Train

Who was once the Glory of the Plain,

The fairest Virgin of the Virgin Train;
Am now (by thee, O faithless Man! betray’d)
A fal'n, a lost, a miserable Maid,
Ye Winds, that witness to my fad Despair,
Receive my Sighs, and waft them thro’ the Air,
And gently breath them to my Damon's Ear!



Curs’d, ever curs'd be that unlucky Day, When thembling at my Feet the Charmer lay, When with loft Sighs he stole my Heart away! Ye heedless Virgins, gaze not on his Eyes; Lovely they are, but she that gazes dies. Ye Arcadian Nymphs that find him as he strays, Fly from his Voice, nor credit what he says; Charms has his Voice, but charming he betrays. At every Word, each motion of his Eye, A thousandLoves are born a Thousand Lovers die. Say, gentle Youths, ye blest Arcadian Swains, Inhabitants of these delightful Plains, Say if with you my Fugitive remains! To thee, dear Wanderer, where'er you stray, Wild with Despair, impatient of Delay,

[way: Swift on the Wings of Love, I'd take the destina I'd then inform you of your Calia's Cares, And try the Eloquence of Female Tears:


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Fearless I'd pass where Defolation reigns,
And tread the dusty Soil, the desart Lybian Plains.
Of where the South his furious Pinións tries,
And every Hurricane disturbs the Skies!
Shou'd all the Monsters that Getulia bred
Oppose the Passage of a tender Maid,
My Damon calls, I cannot be afraid !
Bold was Thaleftris, and her Arrows flew
Swift and unerring from the ewanging Yew ;
And I, when Love inspires, can wonders do.
If o'er the dreary Caucasus you go,
Or Mountains crown'd with everlasting Snow;
Ev’n there with you I cou'd securely rest,
And dare all Cold but in my Damon's Breaft.
Or if you shou'd to India take your way,
Where rising Phæbus ushers in the Day ;
There,there, with thee I'd dwell; and Celia's flames
Shou'd yanquilh Phæbus, and out-shine his Beams.


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