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When Noble Sheffield Atrikes the trembling Strings,
The little Loves rejoyce, and clap their Wings,
Anacreon lives, they cry, th’harmonious Swain
Retunes the Lyre, and tries his wonted Strain,
'Tis He—our lost Anacreon lives again.
But when th’illustrious Poet soars above
The sportive Revels of the Goa of Love,
Like Maro's Muse he takes a loftier flight,
And towres beyond the wond’ring Cupid's Sight.

If thou wouldst have thy Volume stand the Test, And of all others be reputed Best, Let Congreve teach the listning Groves to mourn, As when he wept o'er fair Paftora's Urn.

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Let Prior's Mufe with soft'ning Accents move, Soft as the Strains of constant Emma's Love:

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Or let his Fancy chuse some jovial Theme,
As when he told Hans Carvel's jealous Dream;
Prior th’admiring Reader entertains,
With Chaucer'sHumour and with Spencer's Strains


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Waller in Granville lives; when Mira sings With Waller'sHand he strikes the foundingStrings, With fprightly Turns his noble Genius shines, And manly Sense adorns his easie Lines.

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On Addison's sweet Lays Attention waits,
And Silence guards the Place while he repeats ;
His Muse alike on ev'ry Subject charms,
Whether she paints the God of Love, or Arms:
In Him, Pathetick Ovid sings again,
And Homer's Iliad shines in his Campaign.

Whenever Garth shall raise his sprightly Song: Sense flows in easie Numbers from his Tongue;

Great Phæbus in his learned Son we see,
Alike in Physick, as in Poetry.

[roves, When Pope's harmonious Muse with pleasure

[Groves, Amidst the Plains, the murm’ring Streams, and Attentive Eccho pleas'd to hear his Songs, Thro’the glad Shade each warblingNote prolongs; His various Numbers charm our ravish'd Ears, His steady Judgment far out-shoots his Years, And early in the Youth the God appears.

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From these successful Bards collect thy Strains, And Praise with Profit shall reward thy Pains: Then,whileCalves-leather Binding bears theSway, And Sheep-skin to its sleeker glofs gives way; While neat old Elzevir is reckon'd better Than Pirate Hill's brown Sheets, and scurvy


While Print Admirers careful Aldus chuse

Before John Morphew, or the weekly News:
So long shall live thy Praise in Books of Fame,
And Tanfon yield to Lintott's lofty Name.

VERSES defignid to be prefix'd to

Mr. Lintott's Mifcellany.


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OME Colindus praise, fome Blean

Others account them but so, fo;
Some Stephens to the rest prefer,
And fome esteem old Elzevir :
Others with Aldus would befot us;
1, for my part, admire Lintottus.
Those printed unknown Tongues, 'tis faid,
Which fome can't construe, most can't read ;.
What Lintott offers to your Hand,
Even R-may understand:


They Print their Names in Letters small,
But LINTOTT stands in Capital;
Author and he with equal Grace
Appear, and stare you in the Face.
Oft in an Aldus or a Plantin,
A Page is blotted, or Leaf wanting;
Of Lintott's Books this can't be said,
All fair, and not so much as read.
Their Books ane useful but to few,
A Scholar, or a Wit or two:
Lintott's for general Use are fit, ni Cinta
For some Folks read, but all Folks Sh - 0.

BO! 15,

102 falses

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