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Say why the driving Hail with rushing Sound Pours from on high, and rattles on the Ground? How hover Shows and wanton in the Air, Fall by degrees, and cloath the hoary Year? Why Pearly Rain in fruitful Showers flows, And on each Bud a sudden Spring bestows? Say, can thy Voice when sultry Sirius reigns; Glows in the Air, and fires the thirsty Plains, Calldown the Waters, and command the Rains? Or, when the Heav'ns are charg'd with gloomy

[Clouds, And rushing down precipitate in Floods, Chase the dark Horror of the Storm away, Restrain the Deluge, and restore the Day? By Thee does Summer deck her self with Charms, Orchoary Winter lock his frozen Arms? Does the pale Lilly or the blushing Rose, By thee their Bosoms to the Morn disclose? Do Fruits from thee receive their various Hue, Sweet to the Smell, and charming to the View?

Say why the Sun arrays with various. Dies
The gawdy Bow, that gilds the gloomy Skies.
He from his Urn pours forth his Golden Strearns,
And humid Clouds imbibe the glittring Beams.
Say, canst thou rule the Coursers of the Sun,
Or lash the lazy Sign Bootes on?
Doft thou inftru& the Eagle how to fly,
To scorn the lower Air, and tow'r the Sky? ::
On sounding Pinions born he mounts, and shrouds
His proud aspiring Head among the Clouds.
Strong-pounc'd and fierce! 'he darts upon his

He soars in Triumph thro' th’Ethereal way,
Bears on the Sun, and basks in open Day.
Does the dread King and Terror of the Wood,
The Lyon, at thy Hand expect his Food?:
Stung with keen Hunger from his Den he comes
Ranges the Plains, and o'er the Forest roams;
In fullen Majesty he stalks away,
And Tygers tremble while he seeks his Prey,

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Dost thou with Thunder arm the generous Horse,
Add nervous Limbs, or Swiftness for the Course?
Fleet as the Wind he shoots along the Plain,
And knows no Cheok, nor hearsthe curbing Rein.
His fiery Eye-balls formidably bright
Dart a fierce Glory, and a dreadful Light.

[found Pleas'd with the Clank of Arms and Trumpets

[Ground. He bounds, and prancing paws the trembling He Snuffs the promis'd Battel from afar,

(War. Neighs at the Captains Shouts and Thunder of the Rous’d with the noble Din, and Martial Sight, He pants with Tumults of severe Delight; His sprightly Blood an even Course disdains, Pours from his Heart, and Charges in his Veins. He braves the Spear,and mocks the twangingBow, Demands the Fight, and rushes on the Foe.





Prophetically representing the Passionate Grief of

the Jewish People, for the Loss of their Town and Sanctuary.




Tand,Sun of Justice! SovereignGod moft high!

In Libra fix thy Bench of Equity, And weigh our Cause Look down on Earth, nay look as low again, As we're inferior to the worst of Men,


We Wretched, once, like thy Archangels, Bright, Are cast down headlong with diminish'd Light. So Meteors fall, and as they downwards fly, Leave a long Train of less’ning Light, and die.


Then let that other smoother Face of thine,
The Sun of Mercy, take its turn and shine:
If not alone, at least to mix Allays,
And streak thy Justice with alternate Rays,
To fee and pity our Distress; fór oh!
As thou'rt exalted, our Condition's low.

Houses, Estates, our Temple and our Town,
Which Heav'n and Birthright long had made our

[own, Tobarb'rous Nations now are fallina Prey, And we from all we love, are torn away. Thus early Orphans whilft our Fathers livezy: We know no Comfort, they no Comfort give:



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