Supply Chain Risk

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Clare Brindley
Routledge, 5 lip 2017 - 218
The impact of technological change, globalization, information and communication technologies and international governmental intervention has radically altered supply chain strategies, operations and risk profiles for most organizations. The challenge facing business and researchers alike is how best to address risk management in this new context. This collection, written by international scholars from the UK, US and Scandinavia, addresses this need by providing the first topical review of these developments and the latest research findings. The findings represent a robust cross-disciplinary view of supply chains, articulating policies and strategies for organizations. The research studies are based on empirical case studies within services and manufacturing in both large and SME organizations. This work is intended to provide the foundation for future research in this expanding area and the impact it has on managing risk within the supply chain.

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List of Figures
1 Model of Risk Determination
Categorization of Supply Chain Risk and Risk Management
1 A Framework for Assessing and Positioning Supply
3 Risk Map or Matrix
Risk Management in Supplier Relationships and Networks
2 Types or Relationships
1 Output List from the Identification Phase
4 Clients Responses for High Risk High Value Areas
Early Supplier Involvement as a Tool for Reducing Supply Risk
1 Five Levels of ESI Involvement
1 Early Supply Involvement Process Model
A RiskAnalysis Framework for Marine Transport of Packaged
1 The Main Stages of the RiskAnalysis and Management
1 RiskAnalysis Steps
3 A RiskAnalysis Framework

3 Risk Diagram
A Shippers and Providers
Risk Focus Towards Customers
Supply Chain Risk Management
3 Figure 6 3 The number of Published Scientific Articles
1 Scientific Journals and the number of Published
Examining Risk and Supply Chain Collaborative Working in
1 Risks in Construction Industry Collaborative Working
2 Categories of the Risk Receptors and Examples
1 Example of Risk Scenarios
Effective Practices and Tools for Ensuring Supply Continuity
1 Gap in the Transfer or Risk Responsibility and Liability
1 Material Supplier Quality Audit Section relating
7 At Risk Register
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Clare Brindley is at the Nottingham Business School, UK

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