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O spare ! and let it still outspread

Its beauties to the passing eye, And look up from its lowly bed

Upon the sky.

O spare my flower ! T'hou know'st not what

Thy undiscerning hand would tear :

A thousand charms thou notest not

Lie treasured there.

Not Solomon, in all his state,

Was clad like nature's simplest child ; Nor could the world combined create

One floweret wild.

Spare then this humble monument

Of an Almighty's power and skill ; And let it at His shrine present

Its homage still.

He made it who makes nought in vain :

He watches it who watches thee ;

And he can best its date ordain

Who bade it be.

O spare my flower—for it is frail ;

A timid, weak, imploring thing-
And let it still upon the gale

Its moral Aling.
That moral thy reward shall be:

Catch the suggestion, and apply :“Go, live like me,” it cries; “ like me

Soon, soon to die.”


I would not always sail

Upon a sunny sea : The mountain wave, the sounding gale,

Have deeper joys for me.

Let others love to creep

Along the flowery dell :
Be mine upon the craggy steep,

Among the storms, to dwell.

The rock, the mist, the foam,

The wonderful, the wild-
I feel they form my proper home,

And claim me for their child.

The whirlwind's rushing wing,

The stern volcano's voice, To me an awful rapture bring :

I tremble, and rejoice.

I love thy solemn roar,

Thou deep, eternal sea, Sounding along from shore to shore

The boundless and the free.

I love the flood's hoarse

song, The thunder's lordly mirth, The midnight wind, that walks along

The hushed and trembling earth ;

The mountain, lone and high,

The dark and silent wood, The desert stretched from sky to sky

In awful solitude.

A presence and a power

In scenes like these I see : The stillness of a midnight hour

Has eloquence for me.

Then, bursting earth's control,

My thoughts are all at flood : I feel the stirrings in my soul

Of an immortal mood.

My energies expand ;

My spirit looks abroad; And, midst the terrible and grand,

Feels nearer to her God.

Let others tamely weigh

The danger and the pain :
I do not shrink the price to pay,

To share the joy and gain.

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