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Where then to flee? how shun His arm, His eye?
Where find what earth, and heaven, and hell deny?
How pass beyond His infinite patrol,
Who fills, pervades, informs the mighty whole?

O where to flee? There is but one retreat

'Tis that which brings me contrite to His feet : A change of heart, and not a change of place, That flees from Justice to the arms of Grace.

The Saviour calls : “Come, trembler, to My breast; “ Beneath My cross thou may'st securely rest : “Washed in My blood, thy guilt will all remove; “And wrath eternal grow Eternal Love."


The leaves around me falling

Are preaching of decay ; The hollow winds are calling,

“Come, pilgrim, come away!” The day, in night declining,

Says, I must too decline : The year its life resigning

Its lot foreshadows mine.

The light my path surrounding,

The loves to which I cling, The hopes within me bounding,

The joys that round me wingAll melt, like stars of even,

Before the morning's ray Pass upward into heaven,

And chide at my delay.

The friends gone there before me

Are calling me from high, And joyous angels o'er me

Tempt sweetly to the sky. “Why wait," they say, “and wither

“'Mid scenes of death and sin ? “O rise to glory hither,

“ And find true life begin !”

I hear the invitation,

And fain would rise and come A sinner, to salvation;

An exile, to his home:

But while I here must linger,

Thus, thus, let all I see Point on, with faithful finger,

To heaven, O Lord, and Thee.


WHEN reft of the converse of those that they love,

The godless may fret and repine : "Tis ours to look up to a Father above,

And try to His will to resign. The friends in a Saviour need not be deplored,

Wherever their lot may be cast: Tho' severed on earth, we are one in the Lord,

And shall meet in His presence at last.

Our Guardian all-wise and all-merciful is ;

He knows, and will give us, the best : Assured we shall still be each other's and His,

To Him we relinquish the rest.

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