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Where shall I see Him? How describe

The Dread, Eternal One ?
His foot-prints are in every place,

Himself is found in none.

He called the world, and it arose ;

The heavens, and they appeared : His hand poured forth the mighty deep ;

His arm the mountains reared.

He sets His foot upon the hills,

And earth beneath Him quakes ; He walks upon the hurricane,

And in the thunder speaks.

I search the rounds of

space and time, Nor find his semblance there:

Grandeur has nothing so sublime.

Nor beauty half so fair.

Yet all I am, or meet, proclaim

His wisdom, love, and power: They shine from all yon rolling worlds :

They bloom in every flower.

He is; He was ; He


shall be. But how, my soul ? and what ? Where is He, say, ye works of His ?

Vain thought! where is He not ?

Thou Omnipresent, dread Unknown,

Engage me evermore:
Enlarge my views, exalt my soul,

And help me to adore !


THERE is a change in all below;

Nought sure beneath the sky : Suns rise and set, tides ebb and flow,

And man but lives to die.

Our joys and sorrows, hopes and fears,

Still course each other on : A blessing in our path appears



and it is gone!

No drop of honey, but a sting

Within it lies concealed;
No hour that passes, but its wing

Away some good has wheeled,

The joyous sun that lights to-day

But clouds to-morrow's sky: The stars but shine to fall

away ; The world but lives to die.

And let them pass—each earthly thing

While, Lord, 'tis mine to stand On Thy eternal word, and cling

To Thy almighty hand.

Though sun and moon should sink in gloom,

Thy promise ne'er declines : Dissolving worlds but leave Thee room

To work Thy vast designs.

Linked to Thy truth I hold me up,

Though earth from 'neath me slide ; And take content whatever

cup Thy wisdom may provide.

Bitter or sweet, I little heed :

All, all is sweet to me, While I my title clearly read

To joys at last with Thee.

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