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Expectant angels cry, "O come!”

And saints prepare their gladdest song, Those wandering feet to welcome home,

Which fifteen years have strayed too long : Come, then, and all shall triumph o'er One dear, lost, rescued sinner more.


Stay, gentle shadow of my mother, stay :

Thy form but seldom comes to bless my sleep.
Ye faithless slumbers, flit not thus away,
And leave



to wake and weep. Oh ! I was dreaming of those golden days

When, will my guide, and pleasure all my aim, I rambled wild through childhood's flowery maze,

And knew of sorrow scarcely by her name. Those scenes are fled ! and thou, alas, art fled,

Light of my heart, and guardian of my youth! Then come no more to slumbering fancy's bed,

To aggravate the pangs of waking truth : Or, if kind sleep these visions will restore, Oh, let me sleep again, and never waken more!



Y E lingering hours, wheel swift away,
And usher in the joyful day,
When, rising from a world like this,
My soul shall dwell where Jesus is !

Too long I've waited here below,
And spread my wings, and sighed to go!
Too long I've cried, Blest Saviour, come,
And bear me to Thyself and home!

How favoured they, who once on earth
Enjoyed Thy converse, felt Thy worth ;
Who had Thee for their friend and guest,
And leaned their heads upon Thy breast !

How blest, to look up in Thy face,
And there Thy Father's image trace !
To hear the music of Thy tongue,
And learn from thence how angels sung


A lot like this is not for me,

On earth to thus converse with Thee ;
And tell what I have seen, and heard,
And handled of the Incarnate Word.

Yet do I hope at last to rise,
And join my Lord above the skies ;
Close by His feet to take my place,
And see and praise Him face to face ;

To view Him 'mid His flock, and share With them the mighty Shepherd's care ; To hear His saints their tributes pay, And be myself as loud as they.


Till time shall bring this glad event,
I linger here in banishment;
And but for what I taste of Him,
My lot were yet more blank and dim.

But through the gloom at times He looks,
My hopes revives, my fears rebukes,
And bids me here a foretaste prove
Of all I seek with Him above.

Then haste, ye lingering hours, away,
And bring the full unclouded day,
That bears me from a world like this,
And lands me safe where Jesus is !

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