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I cannot command the wild winds to be still ;

I cannot compel the dark waves to forbear; But One is above them who can, and who will :

In Him I am strong, for he answereth prayer.

Ah me! I gaze round me,-and what are the smiles

And the looks that givelife allits zest and its soul? Mortality claims them, and sternly reviles

Affection's vain struggle against her control. I own it, I feel it; yet, humbled and awed,

I still dare to love them, all frail as they are; For I know we are both in the hands of our God,

The Father of Jesus, the Hearer of prayer.

Then here be my resting-place ! here will I sit

Secure ʼmid the shiftings of time and event; For Fate has no power but what He may permit,

And the Hand that must take is the same that On His wisdom and goodness I calmly rely;

hath lent.

Whate'er He assigns He can aid me to bear : He knows what is good for me better than I,

And will give it, I hope, in despite of my prayer.


Be the heart in tune within,

All without runs smooth and even, And earth's objects seem to win

Something of the hues of heaven: Clouds from off our sky are flown ;

All grows bright around and o'er us ; Life acquires a loftier tone,

And hope dances light before us :

Music comes in every gale;

Flowers in all our paths are blowing ; Prosperous winds fill every sail ;

Tides are ever fair and flowing :

Time adds feathers to his wing ;

Grief of half his load is lightened ; Life's distresses lose their sting,

And its every joy is heightened.

Then the waste, where'er we roam,

Gushes with refreshing fountains ;

Then between us and our home

Ope the seas,

and sink the mountains : Faith is strong, and views are clear;

Foes or fears no more confound us; Ministering angels near,

And an Eden opening round us :

Nature through her wide domain

Quits her air of ruined sadness, Kindles into smiles again,

Wakes anew to song and gladness :

God amid His works appears,

Calls his creatures to adore Him; And this world of sin and tears

Blossoms as the rose before Him.

If His gospel then be heard,

Soon the inmost soul it reaches ; God speaks home in every word,

Christ again in person teaches ; Every promise is applied,

Power to every precept given, And the Spirit and the Bride

Point and woo us on to heaven,

Prayer and praise are easy then,

From the soul spontaneous flowing ; And with love to God and men

Tenderly the heart is glowing.

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