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Free with the freedom Christ bestows;

Divinely, greatly free ; Redeemed from follies, sins, and woes ;

Redeemed, false world, from thee!

Still must I linger 'mid thy slaves,

A stranger yet a while;
Must toss on thy uncertain waves,

And meet thy specious smile :

The scoffs of pride, the snares of sense,

Must still my firmness try;
Till Christ returns to call me hence

To peace with Him on high.

I know me weak, and prone to fall ;

Yet know, with Him my friend, I still may pass unhurt through all

To glory in the end.

And while my sojourn here I make,

This, this my maxim be,
To love mankind for Jesus' sake,

And spurn, false world, at thee.



OH, THINK, how He, whom thou hast wounded,

Hast scourged, and scorned, and spit upon,
Hath paid thy ransom, and compounded

For thy distresses with his own !
How He, whose blood thy sins have spilt,

Whose limbs they to the Cross have nailed,
Hath freely borne thy load of guilt,

And made supply where thou hast failed.

He died, to save thy soul from dying ;

Was bound Himself, to set thee free; And where there was no power of flying,

He came, and met the blow for thee;

And all this dying friend requires,

For all His pity, all His pain, Are simple aims, and pure desires,

And for His love like love again.

Oh, loose then, Lord, my tardy tears,

And break this fleshly rock asunder, And on my night of doubts and fears

Pour a new day of joy and wonder. This deadness from my soul remove;

Melt down my icy unbelief ; Let grief add feeling to my love,

And love pluck out the sting from grief.

Then rise, poor earthworm, from the dust;

Enjoy thy new and large condition ; Walk with thy God in humble trust,

And ripen for Hisfull fruition.

No more rebellious, dark, exiled,

Adore, and love, and praise Him rather ; Return a lost, but contrite, child,

And find a kind, forgiving Father,

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