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sus College, Cambridge, chaplain Jolm Owen, of Christ Church; Edto the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, is ward Carless, ot' Wadham College: presented to the rectory of Ashen, Samuel Harness and William John in Essex, vacant by the death of Chepmell, of Pembroke College ; the Rev. Charles Stuart.

Charles Hilman Mount, ot Univers The Rer. De ham James Jos. sity College; William Richardson, Cookes, A.M. are fellow of Wor- or Lincoln College; Jaines John cester College, Oxford, and domes- Hudson, of liaydalen College; tic chaplain to the Right Hon. Earl James Evans, Robert Williams, and Carhampton, is instituted by the John Davies, of Jesus College; Lord Bishop of Hereford to the vi- were admitted Bachelors of Arts. carage of Clifton-on-Teme, Wor- 31. John Thomas Bigge, Esq. cestershire, on the presentation of Bachelor of Arts, of Christ Churchi, Sir Edw. Winnington, Bart. M. P. was admitted Master of Arts, Grand void by the resignation of his father, Compounder. the Rev. Thomas Cookes,

June 6. In Convocation, the The Rev. Joshua Smith, B. D. honorary degree of Master of Arts fellow and tutor of St. John's Col- was conferred on the Hon. Lord lege, Cambridge, is instituted by Newtown, of Christ Church, eldest the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, to the son of the Right Hon. the Earl of rectory of North Kilworth, in Lei- Lanesborough, presented by the cestershire, vacated by the death of Rev. William Wood, B.D. Student the Rev. Charles Beigrave, M. A. of the same house.

The Rev. William Sadler, M. A. The Rev. William Jones, M. A. is instituted to the vicarage of Clare, and Scholar of Jesus College, was on the presentation of the King, in elected Fellow of that society. right of his duchy of Lancaster; 7. In congregation, Mr. Charles also to the vicarage of Postlingford, Crewe, B. A. of Brasenose College, on the presentation of the Rev. was admitted Master of Arts. The George Golding Golding.

Hon. Frederick Eden, of Christ

Church, was admitted a complete OXFORD.

Bachelor of Arts, having been one May 28. The election at Trinity of the gentlemen who distinguished College took place, when the Rev. themselves in the extraordinary exJohn Richards Roberts, A. M. was aminations of the present year. The elected Fellow; Messrs. Papendick Hon. James Hewitt, Messrs. R. and Blencowe, Scholars, and Mr. Palmer and David William Garrow, Meyrick, Exhibitioner, of that so- of Christ Church; Proctor Robinciety.

son, of Lincoln College; and II. 30. Being the first day of Act Jobu Pugh, of Brazenose College, Term, Mr. John Hilliard, Student were admitted Bachelors of Arts, in Law, ot Worcester College, was 9. Mr. Edmund Henry Jodrell, admitted Bachelor in Law. The of Brasenose College, and the Rev. Rev. Frederic Beadon, of Trinity Robert Eyre Landor, of Worcester College ; Mr. Peter Gunning, of College, Bachelors of Arts, were Merton College; and the Rev. 'Tho- admitted Masters of Arts. Mr. mas Collins, of Magdalen College, John Henry George Lefroy, of Bachelors of Arts, were admitted Christ Church, was adınitted BaMasters of Arts. Messrs. Robert chelor of Arts. Cottam, Isaac Saunders, and James 13. The honorary degree of Foottit, of St. Edmund Hail; Tho- Master of Arts was conferred on mas Dunne, and John Rogers, of the Hon. Jostrua Allen, eldest son Baliol College; Henry Mitton, of of Viscount Allen, and on Sir WilUnversity College ; Edward Ra- liam Teinpler Pole, Bart. of Christ venshaw, of Brasenose College; Church, presented by the Rev,



William Wood, B. D. Student of Doctor in Civil Law: Dr. John the same house.

Ashpinshaw, of Emmanuel College. 14. George Gilbert Curry, Ba- Bachelors in Civil Law : Henry chelor in Medicine, of Exeter Col- James Davidson, Esq. of Trinity lege, was admitted Doctor in Medi- Hail; and Edward Rogers, Esq. of cine. Mr. George Chandler, Stu- Emmanuel College. dent in Law, of New College, was Bachelors in Divinity: The Rev. admitted Bachelor of Laws. John William gustus Pemberton, FelOglander, Esq. of Merton College; low of Emmanuel College; the Rev the Rev. William Hopkins, and The William Noddins, Fellow of Magmas Brown, of Oriel College, Ba- dalen College; and the Rev. George chelors of Arts, were admitted Butler, Fellow of Sidvey College. Masters of Arts. Messrs. Edward Masters of Arts: The Rer. John Roberts, of Baliol College; Edward Webster Hawksley, Mr. Roger West, of University College; Geo. Kingdon, and the Rev. James SerHenry Templer, of Merton Col- jeantson, of St. John's College; the lege; Daniel Parslow, of St. Alban kev. John Ashley, Fellow of Jesus Hall; Job Walden Hanmer, Esq. College; and the Rev. Holt Okes, and the flon. George Charles Agar, of Bene't College. of Christ Church; and Mr. Arthur Buchelors of Arts: Mr. Charles Dickson, of Pembroke College; Lech Iloskins Master, of St. John's were admitted Bachelors of Arts. College; and Mr. John Cooke, of

Eminanuel College.

Mr. John Mansfield, B. A. of June 11. The following gentle. Trinity College, is elected into one men were admitted to the degrees of the Travelling Fellowships foundunder mentioned.

ed by the late William Worts, Esq: Doctor of Physic: Dr. Charles in the room of Mr. William Wilkins, Dalston Nevinsol), of Emmanuel Fellow of Caius College. Colleve.

The Rev. George Renouard, Bachelor of Physic: Mr. Anthony B. A. of Sidney College, is elected White, of Emmanuel College. a Fellow of that society.

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MONTHLY OBITUARY. May 17. T Donanschingen, them swimming away from the rest,

in Germany, of he took a horse, accompanied by a en apoplexy, the reigning Prince of servant, for the purpose of crossing Furstenburg, Charles Joachim, aged the river to fetch it back. They 33. His successor is Prince Charles had not proceeded far before the Egon, son of the Prince of Fursten- horse untortunately plunged into a burg, who when a general in the deep hole, out of which he did not Austriatı service, was killed by the rise for the space of twenty minutes. French during the campaign of 1799. Mr, Morgan and the servant were This Prince being only eight years

not found till near three hours after of age, the principality will remain the accident, when all attempts to until his majority, under the admi- restore animation proved ineffecnistration of Joachim Egon Furs- tual. Mr. M. was a very respectatenburg, father-in-law to the de- ble young man, and heir to a consiceased.

derable property, 21. Mr. William Morgan, son At his house in Wood-street, Westof Mr. Morgan, near Rhyday Gra- minster, aged 78, T. Parker, Esq.one vel, in Monmonthshire. His death of the engrossing clerks of the was occasioned by the following House of Commons, and who loud melancholy circumstance. He was been clerk in that Establishmen washing his father's sheep in the near fifty ycars. river Usk, when perceiving one of


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At Whicham, near Bootle, in June 2. At Dursley, greatly laCumberland, in his 59th year, the mented on account of his amiable Rev. R. Scott, M.A. and rector of qualities and active virtues, the Rev. that parish. His character as a James Webster, LL.B. Archdeacon teacher is well known, and perhaps of Gloucester. few men lived more esteemed by a -5. Ofan apoplectic stroke, at very numerous acquaintance. His his house in Bedford Square, Jaines pall was supported by ten clergy- Heseltine, Esq. King's Proctor. This men, all of whoru had received their gentleman was a native of Westclassical education under Mr. Scott. moreland, and the son of a yeo

24. At Mallow, in Ireland, man in verymoderate circumstances, Miss Susan Adams, daughter of Education in that part of the kingthe Rev T. Adams, recior of Brit- dom is cheap and accessible to the way, and Vicar of Adern, in the lowest ranks. James Heseitine diocese of Clovne. Hier last birth- had no other than a common school day told eighteen, and this flower education of a country village, of female beauty was then in per- which includes writing, arithmetic, sonal and mental accomplishments, and accounts. When youug he was most promising and attractive to all induced to try his fortune in the who knew her. In music and Metropolis, and came to London, drawing she excelled; and her tem- recommended to a very ingenious per and disposition indicated piety, builder, who is now dead. That humility, and liberality. Her last person procured him a situation as illness, thongh paintul, she bore domestic and clerk to the late Phiwith patience, fortitude, and resig- lip Crespigny, Esq. King's proctor, nation to the divine will.

and a man of singular habits and At Stilton, the Rev. Wil benevolence. Young Tieseltine beliam Whitworth, A.M. (not White, came a favourite with his master, as by mistake in our last) rector of who brought him up to his very luthat parish, and Archdeacon of crative profession. After ascendSarum. He has left the bulk of ing through all the gradations of the his fortune, amounting to 45,0001, office, he was taken into partnerto the eldest son of Rubert Hurst, ship, a favour which he well repaid of Buckden, Esq. his great nephew, by his assiduity and integrity. On who is to adopt the name of bis de- the commencement of the last war, ceased benefactor. The property to the surprize of every body, Mr. is to accumulate until the young Crespigny gave up his place, then gentleman (who is now about four- promisiim a most abundant harvest teen years old) shall attain the


to his partner, who has been known of twenty-four.

to acquire at some periods 20,0001. 27. Suddenly at Outwill, in a-year, all King's prizes necessarily the Isle of Ely, Mr, John Hodson, passing through his hands. Mr, an eminent farmer, aged 34 years. Heseltine was introduced into the He has left a pregnant widow and antient society of Free Masons by four small children to lament his Mr. Crespigny, and served the ofloss. When a youth he was a du- fice of Secretary to the Grand tiful son to his parents, and an ar- Lodge for many years, after which dent lover of learning. When a he was chosen Treasurer, which man, he was an affectionate hus place he filled highly to the satisband to his wife, a tender father to faction of that body of men till his his children, benevolent to the poor, death. well beloved of all his friends and He was a man of unassuming relation“, universally respected of manners; indefatigable in his buall his neighbours, and a true pro- siness; of upright principles; regufessor of the Church of England, lar in his deportment; and forward

in promoting every benevolent ob- vost of King's. By his death a ject. He is said to have died worth Tancre i Studentslup in divinity is 200,000/, a striking instance of the vacated. effects of early industry, sobriety,

In St. Janes's Place, the and application.

Rev. William Maximilian Freind, At his house, on the Queen's late rector of Chinner, Berkshire. parade, Bath, in his 77th year, the 13. Mr. Robert Griffin, eldest Hon. and Rev. Robert Cholmonde- son of lír. G. of St. James's Street, ley.

He retired to rest on the preceding At Verdun, the Marchioness of evening; apparently in perfect Tweedale, sister to the Earl of health, but was found dead in his Lauderdale.

bed the next morning. 8. At the scat of Lord Fre- The Rev. John Ilooke, son of the derick Campbell, Coombank, Kent, Rev. John Hooke, Master of Bed the Viscountess Curzon.

ford Free Grammar School, Aged 45, Lieutenant Col. Wil- 14. The Rev. W. W. Porter, liams, whom the Emperor of Ger- A. M. aged 28, Fellow of St. John's many created a baron of the empire. College, Oxford. He distinguished hiinself greatly at - 17. At Stamford, in his 100th the siege of Williamstadt, and by year, Benjamin Overton, who till his valúable services on the Lake within these few weeks, retained of Constance, and at the siege at his faculties in a surprising degree, Mentz, as commander of the Aus- considering his great age. trian flotilla.

18. At Bromley College, after - 11. Mr. Matthew Robinson, a lingering and painful illness, Mrs. Parish Clerk of Haddenhain, Cam- Owen, widow of the late learned, bridgeshire, in the 87th year of his and respectable Dr. Henry Owen, age, and the 51st of his clerkship, of Edmonton, well known by his He had buried 1935 persons at various publications, and daughter Haddenham, according to the pa- of Dr. Butts, formerly Bishop of rish register, besides children not Ely. -baptized.

20. At Cheam, Surrey, Mrs. 12. In London, Mr. Robert Peach, wife of the Rev. Mr. Sumner, B.A. of Christ's College, Peach, rector of that place. Cambridge, and nephew to the Pro

304. For Poliybus, read Polybius.


.אבער read אמער For .339

TO CORRESPONDENTS. The valuable cominunication from our learned correspondent, Inspector, will be given in our next.







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