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And from his iron sleep of ages starts
Young Science, and his new-expanding wings
Plumes all afresh. The busy street close-thronged
Humm’d with unceasing toil; a grove of masts
Rode on the level bay, and lov’d to stretch
*Their oary wings, and give to every clime
Unusual sweets, and pleasure not it's own.
Oh for the pen of freedom, to

Oppression's downfall! from the cloud-capt hill, .
Where late in dark and dismal pride it frown'd
Upon the vale below, the castle falls
Dismantled; all it's battlements, it's towers,
It's moated bastions, and it's chains of brass
Loud thundering come; the starting dungeon op'a,
And, all it's hideous womb disclosing wide,
Shew'd where his solitary sojourn kept
He, the renounced of the world, or else
Forgotten from his birth. But now the time,
The time of freedom's come, and at the sight
The city rears it's pinnacles and spires,
Bends the long arch, and bids the terrace rise
Magnificent. The embosom’d village starts,
And musical along the echoing vale
The even-song-bell swells, where late alone
From the high turret it's far pealing sound
The sullen curfew swung. The trailing smoke
Ascends, which when the traveller from the hill
Slow journeying sees, he thinks him of his home,
His pleasant home that he has left behind,
His trees, his tufted orchards, and the gleam
Of sunset slanting on the yellow woods.
(It was a mournful thought, and yet it came
Sweet as the smile of Evening, for it spake
Of peace to those he left.) And now arise
Scenes of domestic comfort, mutual bliss
Without suspicion, friendship, and the tics
Of sweet society.Is ought so fair
In all the breathing prospects of the morn,
The long-withdrawing vale of azure hue,
The various blossom'd spring, and glittering gem3
That stud heaven's canopy; is ought so fair,
Laden with music when the summer-gale
Breathes on the rosy mead, to the glad ear
Of weary pilgrim welcome, (when he turns
His last sad look upon his native plain,
And scenes of childhood dear, each farewell sound,
Once more-and still once more--slow lingering on
Catching, till faint they dic;)-is ought so fair

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As sweet society ?-And now had Aed
Grim Superstition, ali her opiate drugs,
Her idols gorg’d with blood, and rites obscene,
To Thor and fabled Woden, gods abhorr’d,
Borne to her murky cell: the human gore
Then wrung she from her clotted locks, and yell’d
All her accursed song. Oppression dropp'd
llis clanking fetters, and the scorpion whip
Crumbled to dust. His poniard stretch'd aloft,
Forth from his den and shaggy solitudes
The Spirit of freedom rose; then bar'd his arm,
And call'd upon the nations, and they heard
The echo of his trump. At that dread sound,
Bursting his sleep, in every breast awoke
The proud Divinity: athwart his brow
Stern Resolution sate; his eagle-wings
He imp'd afresh :-and now erect again
Man stands, his free-born dignity he claims
His birth-right of equality, the seal
By which he looked superior, and was crown'd
Master and Judge and Lord of all below.


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Mr. BUCHANAN'S PRIZES. Latin Verse upon it. At the same NIE undersigned Judges ap- time a Paper, sealed up, is to be

pointed by the Senate, give delivered with the saine Latin Verse notice,

on the outside; which Paper shall 1. That a Prize of ONE HUN- inclose another, folded up, with the DRED Pounds will be given for the Candidate's Name written within. best English Prose DISSERTA- The Papers containing the Names

of the unsuccessful Candidates will On the best means of civiliz- be destroyed, unopened.

ing the Subjects of the Bri- The Prize Compositions are to tish Empire in India; and be printed in Quarto, under the diof diffusing the Light of rection of the Judges; and a Copy the Christian Religion of each is to be presented to the throughout the Eastern University of Oxford, to the Col66 Worlit."

leges of Eton, Westminster, and II. That a Prize of Sixty POUNDS Winchester, and to the Charterwill be given for the best ExGLISH House School. POEM

J. B. SEALE, Dep. Reg. Prof. On the Restoration of Learn

Div. ing in the East.


Reg. For both these Prizes Masters of Prof. Civ. Law. Arts, and Persons of superior De- EDMUND OUTRAM, Pubgrees, may be Candidates.

lic Orator. Each Composition is to be deli- Cambridge, June 12, 1801. vered at CAMBRIDGE, to one of the The undersigned JUDGES apundersigned Judges, on or before pointed by the SENATE glie also the first day of December, with some notice, That Two Prizes, of Twen

Vol. VI. Churchm. Mag. June, 1804. L11

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TY-FIVE Pounds each, will be gi- England, and whose writings are a
ven; one for the best LATIN Ode valuable addition to British litera-
or Poem ou tlie following subject, ture.

Collegium Bengalense: Mr. Mitford is about to present
And the other for the best GREEK to the public an interesting work on
Sacred Ode or Poem on the fol- the harmony of language.
lowing subject,

There is also in great forwardness
Γενεσθω φως. .

for the press, a new and enlarged for both these Prizes Bachelors edition of the General Biographical of Arts and Undergraduates may be Dictionary, to be comprised in 18 Candidates,

volumes, 8vo).
Each Composition is to be deli- A Manuscript of the Statutes in
vered at CAMBRIDGE, to one of the the reign of Edward II. in the Eng-
undersigned' Judges, or or before lish of that period, has recently
the Tenth Day of October; and the been discovered by Mr.Luders, in the
Candidates are to conform to the Bodleian Library at Oxford; it was
same Regulations as have been known to have existed in the time
agreed on by the Judges of the of Selden, but has never since been
English Compositions,

heard of till the late discovery.
R. RAMSDEN, Fellow of We are happy to find that a se-
Trinity College.

cond edition of Mr. Daubeney's
C. CHEVALLIER, Fellow of Guide to the Church will speedily
Pembroke Hall.

be published.
G. BUTLER, Fellow of Sid- The Royal Institution has added
ney College.

to its library that of the late Thomas Cambridge, June 13, 1804. Astle, Esq. the purchase of which

was 1000 guineas. It contains alThe Life and Pontificate of Pope most every book in ancient British Leo X. is soon to be expected from history, topography, and antiquities. Mr. Roscoe, the elegant historian The Rev. Mr. Granger's MS. of Lorenzo de Medici.

Collections for a Continuation of The Rev. Mr. Bowles, so well his Biographical History of Engknown by his elegant sonnets and land, are about to be published other poems, is very forward with under the care of the Rev. M. Noa new edition of the works of PoPE. ble, F. A.S. Notwithstanding all the various edi- Dr. Leiupriere is engaged in tions of this author, his works yet printing a new and improved editistand in need of much contempo- on in 410, of his Bibliotheca Classica. rarv illustration.

An Analysis of Dr. Paley's NaThe works of Dr. Jortin are in tural Theology, after the manner the press; he was a learned and of the Analysis of his Moral Philovaluable ornament to the Church of sophy, will shortly appear.

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RITICAL and Explanatory thors. By the Rev. H. Dimock,

, Isaiah, Jeremia!), Ezekiel, Daniel, King, and St. Nicolas Acons. and the Minor Prophets, together London, &c. &c. with some Dissertations on several Reflections

upon the Chapters of passages of Scripture, and Obser- the New Testament, selected from vations on the Worship of the Scr- the Writings of approved Divines

bent, and Remarks on 39 Articles, of the Church of England; intendchiefly extracted from different au- ed for the use of the poor, and such



persons as may not have the means ral Discourses, to which are added of consulting larger Works of this two Postscripts, the first to those Nature, 12mo. boards, pp. 466.

Members of the Church who occaA Discourse on the Duties which sionally frequent other places of Britons, especially on the present Public Worship, the second to the eventful crisis, owe to themselves, Ciergy, with a new Introductory their King, and their country, parti

Preface to the Reader.-An Apcularly addressed to the Castor, Als- pendix to the Guide to the Church, worth, Upton, and Sutton Loyal Vo- in several Letters, to which the lunteer Infantry, on their first Principles advanced in that Work pearance at Church. By the Rev. are more fully maintained in AnsC. Hodgson, L.L.B. 8vo.

wer to Objections. Second Edition. A Sermon delivered previous to

By the Rev. Charles Daubeney, the Presentation of Colours to the Archdeacon of Sarum, 2 vols. 8vo. Waltham Abbey Volunteers. By A Sermon preached at the AnniJohn Mullens, A. l. 4to),

versary of the Royal Humane SoÀ Sermon on the Death of Dr. ciety, at St. George's Church, HanoPriestley, preached at Leeds. By ver Square, on Sunday, April 15, W. Wood, F.R.S. 8vo.

1804. By the Right Rev. Thomas Sermons by the Rev. Dr. Mar- Burgess, D.D. Bishop of St. Davids, tin Morumail. 8vo.

to which is added, an Appendix of The unhappy effects of Enthu- Miscellaneous Observations on Resiasm and Superstition, a Sermon susciation, by the Society. 8vo. preached May 23, 180!, at the The Authenticity, Uncorrupted Annual Meeting, Deptford. By Preservation, and Credibility of the John Evans, A.M.

New Testament. By Godfrey Less, Britons' Echo, or the King's late Professor in the University of Prayer and the Subjects Amen, a Gotiingen, &c. translated from the Sermon preached May 25, 1804.

last Edition of the German. By By George Phillips, Pastor of the Roger Kingdom, A.M. of St. John's Baptist Church,

College, Cambridge. 8vo. The Sacred Tree, by John Bent- An Attempt to illustrate the ley, 12mo.

Jewish Law. By Henry Atkins, Lectures on that Part of the Li- M.A. Late Fellow of New College, turgy of the Church of England Oxford. contained in the Morning Prayer.

Moral Education, the one thing By Thomas Rogers, M.A. 2 vols. needful. By Thomas Simons. 8vo.

A Defence of the Illustration of The Duty of Volunteers, a Ser- the Hypothesis proposed in the Dismon preached before the Birstall sertation on the Origin of the Gosand Batley Volunteers on their ap- pels: being an Answer to the Suppearance at Church, in uniform, on plement of the Anonymous Author the 22d day of April, 1804. By of the Remarks on Michaelis and Hammond Roberson, M. A. Chap- his Commentator. By Herbert lain to the Corps, late Fellow of Marsh, B.D.F.R.S. &c. Magrlalen College, Cambridge, 8vo. Essai sur le Principe de la SouA Guide to the Church, in seve


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N Sunday, May 27, the Right The Rev. Philip Meadows, B. A,

Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ox- 'late of Benet College, Cambridge, ford held his Ordination at Christ is instituted to the rectory of Great Church, when the following gentle- Bealings, in Suffolk, vacant by the men of the university of Oxford cleath of the Rev.W.D). Huinplireys, were ordained

on the presentation of Philip Mea

dows, Esq. J. Carpenter, A. B. late of Wad- The Rev. John Smith, M. A. one ham College.

of the ushers of Westminster School, J. King, A. M. Brazenose College, is presented, by the Lord Bishop of R. Chomley, A. M, Corplis Carlisle, to the vicarage of St. NiChristi College.

cholas, in Newcastle upon Tyne, H. Kempson, A.B. Christ Church. vacated by the death of the Rev. J. ". E. Merriman, A, B. Magdalen D. Carlisle. College.

The Rev. James Foulkes, B. A. T. Fox, A. B. Wadham College, is collated to the rectory of Crost

R. Stevens, A.B, Wadham Col- wick, in Norfolk, on the presentalege.

tion of the Lord Bishop of Norwich.

The Rev. Thomas Drummer Ley, J. Hilliard, S. C. L. Worcester is instituted to the rectory of CrownCollege.

thorp, in Norfolk, vacated by the W. Baghott, A.B. Jesus College, death of the Rev.W.D. Humphreys,

W. W. Smith, A. B. Worcester on the presentation of the Right

Ilon, Lord Wodehouse.
J. W. Hanmer, A.B. Brasenose The Lord Chancellor has pre-

sented the Rev. Charles Augustus H. J. Symons, A. B. St. John's Steuart, M. A. to the rectory of College.

Edmonthorp, Leicestershire.
G. Hornsby, A.B. Christ Church. Letters Patent have passed the

W. J. Baker, S. C.L, New Co: Great Seal of Ireland for translatlege.

ing the Right Rev. Dr. Alexander, J. Clayton, A. B. Brasenose Lord Bishop of Clonfert and KilCollege,

macduagh, to the bishopric of KilJ. Moore, A.B. Hertford College. laloe and Kilsenora, vacant by the

R. J. Spencer, A. B. Wadham translation of the Right Rev. Dr.C. College.

Lindsay to the bishopric of Kildare.

The Lord Archbishop of Canter-
The Rev. William Pemberton, bury has been pleased to appoint
M. A. fellow of Emmanuel College, the Rev. Charles Barton, B. D. and
Cambridge, is unanimously elected fellow of Corpus Christi College,
into the lectureship of the parish of Oxford, to be one of his Grace's
Si. Andrew the Great, in that town, domestic chaplains.
vicated by the resignation of the The Rev. Gilbert Heathcote,
Rev. Mr. Doncaster.

A.M. follow of New College, Oss
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop ford, is elected fellow of Winches-
of Salisbury has collated the Rev. ter College, in the room of the
Edward Rogers to a prebendal Rev. C. Blackstone, deceased.
stall in that cathedral, which, by The Rev. Mr. Sproule, vicar of
permission of the Master, he is em- Bardfield, Essex, is elected reader
powered to hold, together with his of St. James's parislı, in Bury, on
foundation fellowship of Magdalen the resignation of the Rev. Richard
College, in the university of Cam- Biker.

The Rrv. Richard Yates, of Je


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