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DIATESSARON or the HISTORY of OUR LORD JESUŠ CHRIST, compiled from the Four Gospels, according to the authorized English Version, with brief notes, practical and explanatory, to which are prefixed a MAP of the HOLY LAND, and an Introduction by the Rev. THOMAS THIRLWALL, M. A. Editor of the Latin Diatessaron, lately published in usum Scholarum, illustrated with two Engravings; a New Edition, 12mo. 3s. 6d. boards.

An ADDRESS to the PUBLIC from the SOCIETY for the SUPPRESSION of VICE, instituted in London, 1802, Part the Second, containing an Account of the Proceedings of the Society from its original Institution, 8vo. 1s. 6d.

LETTERS on the ATONEMENT, by CHARLES JERRAM, A. M. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

A SERMON preached to the LOYAL MACCLESFIELD VOLUNTEERS, by MELVILLE HOME, Minister of Christ Church, Macclesfield, 1s.

A SERMON preached at the parish church of St. George, Hanover Square, on the late FAST DAY. By ROBERT HODGSON, A. M. 1s.

Two SERMONS preached before the SOMERSET-PLACE VOLUNTEERS, the one on the Fast Day, and the other on the Presentation of the Colours, Oct. 27, with a Prayer used on the Occasion. By JAMES DAVIDSON, D. D. 2s. 6d.

A SERMON preached as preparatory to a General Fast, Oct. 16, 1803, at St. George's, Hanover Square. By the Rev. ARCHER THOMPSON, M. A. 1s.

The ENGLISH DIATESSARON, or the HISTORY of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, from the compound Text of the Four Evangelists, according to the authorized English Version, with Notes, accompanied with a brief harmony of the Gospels; a MAP of the Holy Land, &c. By the Rev. RICHARD WARNER, Svo. 6s. boards.


A SERMON preached before the delivery of the Colours to the Corps of DURHAM VOLUNTEER INFANTRY, November 6th. By REGINALD GIDEON BOWYER, L. L. B. to which is added an ADDRESS to the Corps, by Lieutenant-Colonel FENWICK, 4to. is. 6d.

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A SERMON preached at the Parish Church of TRINITY, in the Minories, on the last Fast Day. By HENRY FLY, D.D.

8vo. 1s.

GOLIAH SLAIN, and the PHILLISTINES put to FLIGHT, a SERMON preached at CIRENCESTER, October 19, 1803, By the Rev. JoHN BULLMAN.

REGULAR ATTENDANCE at CHURCH, the positive Duty of a Christian, or the SIN and DANGER of NEGLECTING the PUBLIC WORSHIP of GOD, a New Year's Gift to the Parish, 8vo. 15.


The Rev. John Glasse, L L. B. fellow of New college, is presented by Lord Camelford, and Sir Sidney Smith, to the valuable Rectory of Burnham Westgate, in the county of Norfolk.

The King has been pleased to grant to the Rev. Robert Holmes, D. D. the Deanery of the Cathedral Church of Winchester, void by the death of the Rev. Newton Ogle, D. D.

Also to the Rev. William Howley, A. M. the place and dignity of a Canon of the cathedral church of Christ, in the university of Oxford, vacated by the resignation of the Rev. R. Holmes, D. D.

Also to the Hon. and Rev. Henry Lewis Hobart, A. M. the place and dignity of a Canon or Prebendary of the Metropolitan church of Canterbury, void by the death of the Rev. Bennett Storer, D. D.

The Rev. W. Hett, of the church of Lincoln, is appointed domestic Chaplainto the most noble the Marquis of Stafford. The Bishop of Lincoln has collated the Rev. Francis Swan, Vol. VI. Churchm. Mag. Feb. 1804. Rector


Rector of St. Peter's, and treasurer of the Clerical Fund for the county of Lincoln, to the prebend in the cathedral church of Lincoln, void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Broomfield.

A dispensation has passed the Great Seal to enable the Rev. John Strange Dandridge, L L. B. to hold the Rectory of RousHam, in the county of Oxford, with that of Syresham, in the county of Northampton, on the presentation of Sir Clement Cottrell Dormer, Knt.

The Rev. George Huddesford has been presented, by the Lord Chancellor, to the Vicarage of Loxley, Warwickshire. The Rev. Mr. Pitchford is appointed a minor Canon of Durham cathedral.

The Rev. J. Allington, of Packington, in Leicestershire, is presented by George Anthony Legh Keck, Esq. to the rectory of Thurnby in that county.

The Rev. George Law, M. A. Prebendary of Carlisle, and formerly of Queen's college, Cambridge, is presented by the Bishop of Ely, to the rectory of Willingham, near Cambridge, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Gooch.

The Rev. Sam. Ryder Weston, D. D. Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's, is presented by the Bishop of Ely, to the Rectory of Kelshall in Hertfordshire, vacated by the promotion of the Rev. George Law.

The Rev. John Haggitt, B. D. Fellow of Clare Hall, and Vicar of Madingley, is collated by the Lord Bishop of Ely, to the rectory of Ditton, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Gooch.

The Rev. Daniel Bayley, B. D. Fellow of St. John's college, Cambridge, is presented to the living of Madingley, in that county, vacated by the promotion of the Rev. John Haggit.

The Rev. John Ellis of Strensall, in Yorkshire, is installed into the prebend of Barnly on the Moor, in York cathedral, vacated by the resignation of the Rev. William Carey.

The Rev. Henry Gale, A. M. and domestic chaplain to Lord Harewood, is impowered by a dispensation, to hold the rectory of Hawxwell, with that of Escrick, both in Yorkshire.

The Rev. William Macklin, A. M. chaplain to the Earl of


Strathmore, is impowered by a dispensation to hold the rectory of Great Yeldham. on the presentation of Sir William Beaumariqe Rush, together with the rectory of Great and Little Chesterford, all in the county of Essex.

The Rev. Cæsar Morgan, D. D. rector of Stretham, Cambridgeshire, has succeeded to the prebendal stall in the church of Ely, vacated by the death of the Rev. Dr. Gooch.

The Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry, has collated the Rev. Edward Outram, public orator of the university of Cambridge, to the mastership of St. John's hospital in Litchfield, vacated by the death of the Rev. Theophilus Buckeridge.

The Rev. William Lisle Bowles has been inducted to the prebendal stall in Salisbury cathedral, vacant by the death of the late Dean of Winchester.

The Rev. Charles Ekins, M. A. son of the Dean of Salisbury, is elected a canon residentiary of that cathedral, in the room of the late Rev. Dr. Newton Ogle.

The Rev. J. Goodman, B. A. has been elected master of the free grammar school at Kibworth, in Leicestershire, vacated by the death of the Rev. Joseph Wilson.

The Rev. R. F. Onslow, A.M. Vicar of Kidderminster, has been instituted to the Vicarage of Newent, Gloucestershire, void by the death of the Rev. J. Foley.

OXFORD, Jan. 26.

The Rev. Joseph Rosdew, A. M. of Exeter college, was admitted Bachelor in Divinity.Messrs. Isaac Gossett, of the college, Richard Jenkyns, and James Hutchinson of Baliol college, and Henry Watts Wilkinson of Worcester college, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.


' Feb. 3.-The Rev. John Josias Conybeare, of Christ Church, and the Rev. Henry Birch, of Magdalen college, B. A. were admitted Masters of Arts.

Messrs. Charles Brune Heuville, of New college; John Thompson of Queen's college; Thomas Compson, of Worcester

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college; and Richard Paul Joddrell, of Magdalen college, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.

Mr. John Morse, A. B. of Lincoln college, is admitted à Junior Fellow of Hertford college, by the Rev. the Principal of that society.

10.-The Rev. Edward Back, M. A. of Emmanuel college, Cambridge, was incorporated Master of Arts of Exeter College.

Mr. Godfrey Faussett, B. A. of Magdalen college, was ad

mitted Master of Arts.

Messrs. Edward Thomas Stanley Hornby, of All Souls' college; John Edsall, Thomas Mill, Samuel Pearse, and Nicholas Kendall, of Exeter college; Edward William Stillingfleet, of Lincoln college; Charles Williams of University college; John Weaving of Pembroke college; Francis Woodcock, of Brasenose college; Townshend Selwyn, of Christ Church; Samuel Rogers, Edward Cook Forward, Thomas Bradley Paget, and Thomas Dyer, of Wadham college, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.


14.-Messrs. John Snowden, and Thomas Marsden Joddrell, Bachelors of Arts of Christ Church, were admitted Masters of Arts.-Messrs. Thomas Roberts, of Jesus College; John Kyffin of Brasenose College; and William Carwithen of St. Mary Hall, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.

17.-The Rev. Edward Back, and Thomas Best, Masters of Arts, of Exeter College, were admitted Bachelors in Divinity.— Mr. Edward Repton, of Magdalen College, was admitted

Bachelor of Arts.

21. Messrs. William Curtis, of Merton College; William Allen Jones, of Jesus College; Thomas Lewis, of Wadham College; Henry Price, of Magdalen College; and Arthur Benoni Evans, of St. John's College; were admitted Bachelors of Arts.


The following are the names of those gentlemen who obtained Academical honours on taking the degree of Bachelor of Arts.


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