Travels in Spain: Containing a New, Accurate, and Comprehensive View of the Present State of that Country, Tom 3

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G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1789

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Strona 365 - Seville, in the moment the proceffion pafled by. Amongft the other canons he perceived the murderer of his father. At the fight of this man, filial affection, rage and defpair got fo far the better of his reafon, that he fell furioufly upon the prieft, and ftabbed him to the heart.
Strona 365 - ... him to the heart. The young man was feized, convicted of the crime, and immediately condemned to be quartered alive. Peter, whom we call the Cruel, and whom the Spaniards, with more reafon, call the Lover of Juftice, was then at Seville. The affair came to his knowledge ; and, after learning the particulars, he determined to be himfelf the judge of the young Ihoemaker.
Strona 364 - ... his tafte, the canon became furious, and feizing one of the tools of the fhoemaker, gave him with it fo many blows upon the head as laid him dead upon the floor. The unhappy man left a widow, four daughters, and afon, fourteen years of age, the eldeft of the indigent family.
Strona 364 - They made their complaints to the chapter; the canon was profecuted, and condemned not to appear in the choir for a year. The young fhoemaker having attained to man's eftate, was fcarcely able to get a livelihood; and, overwhelmed with wretchednefs, fat down on the day of a proceffion, at the door of the cathedral of Seville, in the moment the proceffion pafted by.
Strona 364 - An unfortunate fhoemaker to whom he applied, after quitting many others, having brought him a pair of...
Strona 316 - Plaza di Antonio, Martin, and that of the fquare named Puerta del Sol. The others are not more magnificent though lefs ridiculous. The water of all thefe fountains is excellent ; and the air of Madrid, though the weather be variable and uncertain, extremely pure. It was this purity of the air and excellent quality of the water which induced Philip II, and his fucceflbrs to fix their refidence 5n this city.
Strona 348 - Madrid (alle et mundo, Where' Madrid is, let the world be silent. One of their authors has written a book, which has for its title, Solo Madrid es corte, There is no other court than Ma-; drid.
Strona 188 - There is no other god but God, and Mahomet is his prophet;" after which they kiss the superior's hand and retire.
Strona 266 - Granada is faid to be 2808 years before Chrift. We know that in the time of the Romans it was a municipal colony. « , A defcription in Latin of Granada, fuch as it was, in 1560, written by a merchant at Antwerp, , named George Hofnahel, who travelled into Spain, is to be found in the work, entitled Civitates...
Strona 503 - The critical obfervations it contains are betides offered with fo much modefty, that they cannot but be acceptable to every nation that is a friend to truth, and which would not be offended but by an exaggeration of its defecls.

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