Step by Step: Looking at the New Testament Beatitudes Through the Old Testament Feasts

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Holy Fire Publishing, 2005 - 140
"Step-by-Step" takes a different look at Jesus' teachings from what is commonly referred to as the "Beatitudes." I had long read about the "Beatitudes", but never had clear knowledge on how to apply them. However, the L-rd revealed to me that the seven Beatitudes (Matthew 5) and the seven Feasts of the L-rd (Leviticus 23) are strategically linked together. "Step-by-Step" outlines the seven-step process taught by Jesus for employing this method. The true meaning behind the Beatitudes and how to correctly apply them is revealed leading you to a closer relationship with G-d.

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How Gd Revealed This Process
Building the Foundation for Understanding the Beatitudes Through the Feasts
Gds Appointment Book The Spring Feasts
Spring Feasts and the Process Approach
The Beatitudes Linked to the Spring Feasts
The Fall Feasts Feast of Trumpets Fifth Feast
Day of Atonement Sixth Feast
The Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot Seventh Feast
Proper Application of the Beatitudes A Process Approach
The Final Words
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Chuck Latham is Assistant Pastor at Peace Community Church at the Maxwell Federal Prison. He also teaches inmate bible studies as part of his prison ministry. Hes a member of Vaughn Forest Church where he teaches and sings. Chuck received his B.S. Degree from St. John Fisher College and M.B.A from Chapman University.

David Weston graduated from Samford University, holds a Juris Doctor degree from Cumberland School of Law, and served as law clerk to Justice Hugh Maddox on the Alabama Supreme Court. David currently practices law and is a charter member at Vaughn Forest where he teaches.

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