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List of Travels in Europe.


Head Tour through the Manufacturing Districts of EngNew-York, 1836.

land. Hoppus



The Continent in 1835. New-York, 1837.

Irving, (W.): 'Sketch Book,' etc.

Jameson, (Anna): Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad. New-York, 1836. 2 vols.

(The works of art in Germany and Italy are copiously and gracefully referred to in these volumes.)

Peale, (Rembrandt): Notes on Italy, 1829-30. Philadelphia, 1831. 8vo.

Puckler, (Muskau): Tour in England, France, &c., in v 1829. 1 v. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1833.

Pompeii. 2 v. 18mo. Boston, 1833.

Quin, (M. I.): Steam Voyage down the Danube, etc. L New-York, 1837. 12mo.

Raumer England in 1835. Philadelphia. 1 v. 8vo.


Rush, (Richard): Memoranda at London. 8vo.

Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, &c.
Philadelphia, 1835. 2 vols.

Slidell, (Lieut.): An American in England. New-York,
1836. 2 vols.

Stewart, C. S.: Society in Great Britain. 1834. 2 v.
Switzerland, France, Italy, etc., illustrated by Prout and
Harding, with letter-press by Roscoe. Landscape An-
nual, 1830-7. Also in quarto.

Thorburn: Men and Manners in Great Britain. New-
York, 1835. 12mo.

Tour in Holland. 18mo, [Family Library.] London,

Trollope, (Mrs.): Paris and the Parisians. 8vo. NewYork, 1837.


: Belgium and Western Germany in 1830.

Willis, (N. P.): Pencillings by the Way. Europe generally. 2 v.


Guide Books, etc.

1st. General: Brochedon's Road Book to Naples; Hand Book for Travellers on the Continent; Starke's Directions, &c. [See p. 23.]

England: Leigh's Road Book; Leigh's Picture of London.


Scotland: Leigh's; The Scottish Tourist :' Picture of Edinburgh, etc.

Ireland: Leigh's Road Book; Picture of Dublin.

France: Reichard's Itinerary; Galignani's or Planta's Paris.

Switzerland; Ebel's

Italy: Reichard's: Vasis, Rome and Naples. Picture of
Florence, etc.

Germany: Reichard's.—Panorama of the Rhine, etc.
Belgium: Boyce's.-Romberg's Brussels, etc.

Tour for Health.



DR. JAMES JOHNSON, in his admirable work, "Change of Air, or the Pursuit of Health and Recreation,” gives the following "Sketch of a Tour of Health." The following were the regular journeys and the points of nightly repose. 1. Sittingbourn. 2. Dover. 3. Calais. 4. Boulogne. 5. Abbeville. 6. Rouen 7. Along the banks of the Seine to Mantes. 8. Paris, with various excursions and perambulations. 9. Fontaineblleau. 10. Auxerre. 11. Vitteaux. 12. Dijon, with excursions. 13. Champagnole, in the Jura mountains. 14. Geneva, with various excursions. 15. Salenche. 16. Chamouni, with various excursions to the Mer de Glace, Jardin, Buet, &c. 17. Across the Col de Balme, to Martigny, with excursions up the Valais. 18. By the valley of Entrement, &c., to the Great St. Bernard, with excursions. 19. Back to Martigny. 20. Ivian on the lake of Geneva, with excursions. 21. Geneva. 22. Lausanne, with excursions. 23. La Sarna. 24. Neufchatel. 25. Berne, with excursions and perambulations. 26. Thoun. 27. Valley of Lauterbrunen, with various circuits. 28. Grindenwalde, with excursions to the Glaciers, &c. 29. Over the grand Scheidec to Meyringen, with excursions to waterfalls, &c. 30. By Erientz, lake of Brientz, Interlaken, and Lake of Thoun, with various excursions to the Giesbach, and other waterfalls, back to Thoun. 31. Berne. 32. Zoffengen. 33. Lucerne, with various excursions. 34. Zoug and Zurich. 35. Schaffhausen and falls of the Rhiae. 36. Mewstad in the Black Forest. 37. By the Vallée d'Enfer to

Offenburg. 38. Carlsruhe, with excursions. 38. Heidelberg. 40. Darmstadt. 41. Frankfort on the Maine, with excursions. 42. Mayence, with excursions. 43. Coblentz, Bingen, Bonn, &c. 44. Cologne. 45. Aix-la-Chapelle, with excursions. 46. Lieg. 47. Brussels, with a week's excursions. 48. Ghent and Courtray. 49. Dunkirk. 50. Calais. 51. Dover. 52. London.

This tour occupied the months of August, September, and October, being taken by slow journeys to suit invalids.




The Voyage-Liverpool.

Liverpool, April 6, 1836.

DEAR MOTHER :-Nineteen days only have passed since the last link which bound us to home and the steamer Hercules was severed from our goodly ship England off Sandy Hook, and with the usual feelings of all generous and patriotic hearts on such occasions, we bade you and

"Our native land, good night!"

And now we are three thousand miles apart, and an ocean rolls between us.

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The voyage was very like others which have been 'written of in books' by Geoffrey Crayon and his numerous successors. It was short and sweet, and had a plentiful lack of incident;' and you will certainly not expect me to make any new disclosures of the wonders of the great deep. Our gallant captain, rough, bluff, and seven and twenty,' (i. e. when the representative of Juliet Capulet sailed with him,) was as courteous and popular as ever; the life of the company, the genius of good order and the leader of all the fun. And then the mate, who

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