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By Calais per A pleasant day's sail down the Thames steam-boat 292

across the Channel. Hotels at Calais ; The • Royal,' (an English house ;) Des

sein's (French) Hotel Bourbon, &c. Boulogne by do. Hotels at Boulogne : D’Orleans, (English)

d'Angleterre ; du Nord, &c. do. by Dover 257 Pass through Canterbury ; see the Cathe

dral; Becket's shrine, &c.
Hotel at Dover : • The Ship.' See the
Castle, Landing-place of Cæsar, Shaks.
peare Cliff, &c.
[Nole. By crossing to Boulogne instead of
Calais, from Dover, you avoid a dull ride
of 30 miles. There are two routes to the
capital ; take that by Amiens, and look

into the Cathedral.] Dieppe by

Go the lower road by the Seine to Paris. Brighton 251

Rouen Cathedral, St, Ouen. Havre by

Fine harbor at Hayre: Hotel d'Angleterre Brighton 301

Steam-boat to Rouen and Paris. Havre by

Stop at Southampton ; Netley Abbey Southampton 315

Portsmouth ; Isle of Wight.
Ostend 331 By Dunkirk, Lisle, &c., to Paris.


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(See Reichard's Itinerary of France, Galignani's or Planlas's Paris. Galig nani's Book and Reading Rooms, are No. 18 Rue Vivienne, where the American and other papers, list of strangers, &c., may be seen, and other information obtained.) Hotels : Meurice's, in the Rue Rivoli is the most fashionable and expensive ; •Ho. tel de Lille et D'Albion,' opposite the Pa. lais Royal, a good house frequented by the English ; Hotel du Portugal, Rue du Mail; · Bellevue ;' Brighton ;' Congrès ;' Rue Rivoli.* Presuming Paris to have been already visited, you will remember seasonably to get your passport visé by the different Ambas. sadors of the countries through which you intend to pass, viz. the Imperial and Sardinian Ambassadors, the Minister of the Swiss Cantons, the Pope's Nuncio, and the French Minister for Foreign Affairs and Police. This will probably occupy three days, which time can be agreeably divided between the Cabinet de Lecture the Gallery of the Louvre, and the ex-Mu. sée Charles X., the Bibliothèque Royale, Conservatoire des Arts et des Métiers, Jardin des Plantes and Museum, the Tuileries garden lounge, and the Theatres. If any lenyth of time be devoted to Paris it will be advisable to remove from the

Garden of

Royal Library
Champs Elysées)
Arc de l'Etoile
Bois de Bou-

logne Chambre des


+ For the peculiar merits of inese and other hotels, see the Paris Guide Books. Meurice's is doubtless the best for those who do not speak French.


Opéra Francais Miles. hotel to some appartemens meublés, which Théatre Fran

may be had for forty francs a month. Alcais Variétés, &c.,

though there is, in fact, no half price at the &c.

Theatres, you can always buy return-checks Concerts Musard

at the doors for various prices; so you can Hotel de Ville

also sell your own if you do not wish to Val de Grace Les Invalides

stay out the whole entertainments. Do Les Gobelins

not drink much iced water lest *****. Go Sèvres Porce

to St. Cloud and Versailles in a coucoulain

you will see life and save expense. They St. Cloud Versailles

always ply on the Quai by the Pont Louis Les Trianons XV. But, gentle reader, as Paris is only

a link in the chain, let us on.* By

A place of renown, worth exploring-old DIJON


Burgundian Capital. BESANCON.

An ancient fortified town, finely situated. Environs picturesque. It contains Roman antiquities. A Diligence runs from Paris to this place whence it will convey you to

Lausanne, Neufchâtel, or Geneva. SWITZER

(See Ebel's Switzerland and Atlas.) LAND. BALE

40 An excellent city, finely situated on the

Rhine, over which is a bridge 280 feet BASEL Cathedral

long. The Cathedral and Town Hall are Town Hall

worthy of notice. The Trois Rois is an excellent Hotel, but generally very full. From this place you cannot continue posting, but must hire horses as after men

tioned. BADEN

40 Situated in a valley, possesses fine warm

baths, which are considered very bracing,


+ In proceeding to Switzerland and Italy, you may take the route named below, or that by way of Lyons or Geneva, See Memoranda,') or (the quickest and cheapest) by Lyons and Marseilles, and thence by steamboat to Genoa and Naples, returning by the Simplon through Switzerland.

Tour in Switzerland.


Miles. particularly for females, and are much fre

quented on that account. ZURICH


The Bridge, Lake, and Walks will engage

your attention. L'Epée is a delightful Lake of Zurich Hotel close to the Lake, along the banks of Hotel de Ville

which are some beautiful rides and walks. Arsenal

There is always a great conflux of company

here in the season, and this Inn is the Public Granary

great resort, but it is certainly not cheap

At this place, as well as at all the princiThe churches pal towns in the country, you can hire a

good sociable, which closes when necesThe Orphan

sary, and will carry four persons and a House

servant on the box, for which you pay

about eighteen francs a day, and three for The Library

the driver. T'his will travel at the rate of

thirty-five miles per day and more but you Caroline College must pay the same for his return, so that it

will be advisable to trace your route so as to enable you to discharge him not far from his home. They generally start early in the morning, and rest three hours in the middle of the day, thus making two long

stages. RAPPERSWYL 18 A delightful place, with an excellent Inn

close to the Lake and Bridge. The drive to this place along the Zürich See is truly picturesque, the Lake being studded with towns and villages. This would be a fit

place for a repose of a few days. WESEN 20 Another delightful place, where there is a by

comfortable and reasonable Inn at the end GLARUS

of the Lake of Wallenstadt. This excur


LINTHAL and return to WESEN.




Via Mala by

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Miles. sion may be omitted if pressed for time : 40

but it may be made in one day, starting early. It is a fine drive through mountain scenery of great beauty. There is a curious bridge over the Linth. Glarus is a large manufacturing town on the Linth, and a place of pilgrimage. From Wesen you may continue your route up the lake to Wallenstadt. There is no carriage road, but there is a Passage Boat Daily which takes you for 2 fr. Thence you may continue your journey to the Baths and Monasteries of Pfeffers, which would detain you six hours ; afterwards to Coire, in German Chur, half a league froin the Rhine ; thence by the Via Mala, across the new road, over the Splugen to Como. You may post from Coire. The road is excel. lent, through mountain-passes of the utmost sublimity, meriting its Italian cognomen of Via Mala, from the circumventing hor

This is the nearest way into Italy through Switzerland ; but in pursuing the Route here given for exploring more of Switzerland, you must proceed from We

sen to Zug. 40 A curious old town at the head of the Lake.

Here you take a boat to the end of the Zuger See, as the Lake is called ; and on landing you can hire horses to ascend the Righi Kulm, (see Keller's Panorama,) where you obtain a magnificent view of the greater part of Switzerland; descending on the


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