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By a gentleman, we mean not to draw a line that would be invidious between high and low, rank and subordination, riches
and poverty. No. The distinction is in the mind. Whoever is open, just, and true ; whoever is of a humane and affable
demeanor; whoever is honorable in himself, and in his judgment of others, aud requires no law but his word to make him
fail an engagement ;-such a man is a gentleman ;-and such

a man may be found among the tillers of the earth as well as
in the drawing rooms of the high born and the rich.


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The completion of another Volume of The Gentleman's Magazine calls for another prefatorial address to our Subscribers and Friends. We respectfully offer the list of Contents to their notice, as evidence of the exertions made to deserve their favors. We have allowed nothing to check the “ untiring purpose of our soul” in rendering this miscellany worthy the station it has assumed; and the long list of subscribers satisfactorily assures us that we have not toiled in vain.

Several new contributors, of distinguished name, have graced the pages of this volume with their lucubrations. We look forward to a continuance of their

correspondence with much satisfaction; and hope also to consociate them with others of no mean degree who have promised us a taste of their quality. We depend, also, on the continuance of the good offices of our old friends and fellow laborers, to whose kindness we attribute the chiefest portion of our success.

The insertion of “ The Anniversary Register and Monthly Calendar of American Chronology,” forms a novel feature in the history of magazines, and we believe that it has given unlimited satisfaction to our friends-an assurance that repays us for the extraordinary expenditure of time and labor necessary in the compilation.

W. E. B.

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