Biblical Proof the Catholic Pope Will Never Be the Antichrist

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Holy Fire Publishing, 2005 - 152
The myth and accusation that the Catholic Pope will one day be the Antichrist has its roots in religious misconceptions and lack of Biblical end-time understanding. It has contributed greatly to discord and a lack of unity among millions of Christians that have very powerful common ground in Jesus Christ and the Cross of Calvary. Please allow this non-denominational author to show how the scriptures clearly demonstrate the Pope will never become the Antichrist. Come see how much the scripture does have to say about the coming "lawless one" and how his kingdom is being prepared right before our very eyes.

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Which Bible ?
What Is Antichrist ?
The Timeframes of Prophecy
The Nature of The Beast
The Mark of The Beast
Comments on The Book of Revelation
The Real Christ
The Present and Coming Deception
The Apostles Creed
Is There an Exception ?
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The author, a non-denominational Christian encourages all to forsake unbiblical gossip, opinion and rumor. The author has witnessed far too much strife and damaging false accusations for many years. By scripturally exposing the myth and fallacy that the Pope will one day be the Antichrist, the author hopes to silence the issue and help restore unity to Gods people.

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