The Revolution of 1905 in Odessa: Blood on the Steps

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Indiana University Press, 1 sty 1993 - 302
"Robert Weinberg examines the tumultuous events of the 1905 Revolution in Odessa, the fourth-largest city in the Russian Empire at the turn of the twentieth century, and explores why workers in Odessa were the driving force in the near-toppling of autocratic rule. Weinberg offers a compelling analysis of labor's militancy and politicization in 1905 and provides insights into the social dynamics of labor activism in late Imperial Russia. He pays close attention to how the intersection of national developments, local events, and the workers' daily experiences prompted Odessa workers to claim rights of citizenship, challenge authority, and assert greater control over their working lives." "The book also sheds light on the notorious Jewish Question in tsarist Russia and the impact of ethnic conflict on the events of 1905. Jews constituted one-third of Odessa's population, and the bloody October pogrom that left hundreds dead reveals how ethno-religious tensions affected the labor movement and influenced the outcome of the revolution in Odessa. By demonstrating the intricate relationship among labor unrest, politics, and anti-Semitism, The Revolution of 1905 in Odessa enriches our understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of revolution in the Russian Empire."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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The Russian El Dorado?
Workers in Odessa on the Eve of 1905
Labor Organizations and Politics before 1905
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Weinberg is Associate Professor of History at Swarthmore College.

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