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Chemical news office., 1919
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Strona 196 - ... change to cobalt-blue, the suspended matter falling at the same time in quantity. This water is distinctly purer than the green. We approach Cadiz, and at twelve miles from the city get into yellowgreen water; this the London examination shows to be thick with suspended matter. The same is true of Cadiz Harbour, and also of a point fourteen miles from Cadiz in the homeward direction. Here there is a sudden change from yellow-green to a bright emerald-green, and accompanying the change a sudden...
Strona 207 - ... water of the Mediterranean, when brilliantly coloured, is examined by means of a concentrated beam of light, it is found to be full of fine solid particles in suspension. It is shown that it is to this dust of the sea — so to speak — that the Mediterranean owes its fine and varied colouring. The particles of this aquatic dust are large, and reflect not only the blue rays, like the supposed particles of the selective reflection theory, but they reflect rays of all colours, and the water, by...
Strona 206 - Where, therefore, the water is very deep and very pure, all the colours are absorbed, and such water ought to appear black, as no light is sent from its interior to the eye. .The approximation of the Atlantic Ocean to this condition is an indication of its extreme purity. Throw a white pebble into such water; as it sinks it becomes greener and greener, and, before it disappears, it reaches a vivid blue green.
Strona 252 - Tbe real colour of ocean water may often be seen when there are breakers. Light, perhaps directly from the sun, may then traverse the crest of the waves and afterwards reach the observer. In my experience such light shows decidedly green. Again, over the screw of the ship .1 good deal of air is entangled and carried down, thus providing the necessary reflection from under the surface.
Strona 206 - ... in the water, appeared to become more and more unripe, while a lemon became quite green. The purple surface quickly changed to a dark blue or violet by the selective absorption of the water. These changes, being all due to the cutting out of the red component of the colours, showed the water to have a selective absorption for the rays of the red end of the spectrum. If the water had been...
Strona 206 - The basin is enclosed by high and almost precipitous, banks —covered, at the time, with russet woods. A kind of mystery attaches itself to gyrating water, due perhaps to the fact that we are to some extent ignorant of the direction of its force. It is said that at certain points of the whirlpool pine-trees are sucked down, to be ejected mysteriously elsewhere.
Strona 23 - To consider and investigate the relations of the hours of labour and of other conditions of employment, including methods of work, to the production of fatigue, having regard both to industrial efficiency and to the preservation of health among the workers.
Strona 246 - The much admired dark blue of the deep sea has nothing to do with the colour of water, but is simply the blue of the sky seen by reflection.
Strona 252 - ... the use of words, and, perhaps, in vision. Some of my friends, but not the majority, spoke of blue simply, but all were agreed that the blueness of a good sky was not approached. The waters tried have been very various. Sea-water from outside the grotto of Capri, from Suez and from near the Seven Stones Lightship off the Cornish coast, I owe to the kindness of friends. Of these the two former showed a greenish-blue, the latter a full, or perhaps rather yellowish, green, and these colors were...

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