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For AUGUST, 1813.


COPY OF THE TREATY OF PEACE in those waters, for the purpose of giving Lately concluded between Portugal and chase to, or visiting Portuguese ships, or Algiers.

those of any other nation, the enemy of In the name of God, gracious and mer. Algiers, visiting the said ports for commerciful!

cial purposes. Portuguese ships of war on Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the Algerine coast shall tollow the same the High and Mighty Prince, the t'rince regulation. Regent of Portugal, and of the Algarves, V. When any Portuguese merchant ves&c. and the Right Hon. and Noble Sid sel is met by an Algerine corsair, and the Hage Aly, Bashaw of Algieis, agreed upon larter demands to visit her, he may do so; between the said Bashaw, with his Divan but not more than two persons are to go and the chief men of his States, and Jose on board the said vessel, to examine her Joaquim da Rosa Coelho, Captain in the papers and passports. Royal Navy, and Fr. Jose de Santo Antonio VI. Foreigners of any nation, and Moura, Interpreter of Arabick; and be- merchandise of foreign ow.ership found donging to the office of Secretary of State on board any Portuguese ves el, even for the Affairs of Marine, duly authorised though belonging to a nation hostile idine to conclude the said Treaty, in which Regency of Algiers, shall not be seized His Britannic Majesty interposed as me- under any pretext whatever. The same diator, and for that purpose Mr. Wm. rule shall be observed by the Portuguese, A'Court, Envoy Extraordinary from the in regard to property found by them on Court of London, presented himself with board any Algerine vessel. In like manthe necessary powers.

ner the subjects and goods belonging to Art. I. There shall be firm, stable, and either of the contracting parties, found on perpetual peace, between the two High board the vessel of an enemy of either of contracting Parties, and their respective the said parties, shall be respected and set subjects ; and all vessels, whether of war, at liberty by both. But they are not to or commerce, may freely navigate, and commence their voyage without a proper with full security, according to their con- passport; and if that should happen to be venience, carrying with ihem for that mislaid, such persons shall not on that be purpose the necessary passports.

accounied slaves; but on the contrary, II. All ships and subjects of Portugal upon its being certified that they are submay enter, depart, remain, trade, and pro. jects of the contracting parties, they shall vide themselves with every necessary in be immediately set at liberty. the dominions of Algiers, without being VII. Should any Portuguese vessel, chaplaced under any embarrassment, or ha- sed by an enemy, take refuge in any port ving any violence done them.-The sub- of the dominons of Algiers, or under its jects and vessels of Algiers shall be treated fortifications, the inhabitants shall defend in the same manner in the dominions of the said vessel, and shall not assent to its Portugal.

receiving any damage. In like manner IN. The ships of war belonging in the should any Portuguese vessel fall in with Crown of Portugal may provide themselves an enemy's ship in a port of Algiers, and with stores, or any thing they stand in wish to depart on her destination, her need of, in the ports of Algiers, and at the enemy shall not be permitted to sail from current price, without being obliged to the port till twenty-four hours after her pay any thing additional for that privie, Meparture. The same shall take place lege.

with regard to Algerine vessels in the harIV. No Algerine corsair shall cruize bours of Portugal. within the distance of six miles from the VIII. Should any Portuguese vessel be coast of Portugal, and its isles, or remain shipwrecked or stranded on the Alger VOL. III.


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