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With joy I cri'd out, "My Lord, and my God,"
My pulse beat about, and breath at His Word;
His arms stood wide open, for sinners like me,
This word I heard spoken, "Christ died for thee!"

He gave me my text, and bid me then preach,
Tho' satan hath vex'd, my soul it doth reach,
The crown of salvation, I offer to all,
On every plantation for sinners I call.

I rose with new strength the message to tell,
That Jesus at length, had saved me from hell;
Fourteen years now over, the Lord made me fit,
To stop sin's disorder, men going to the pit.

Let no man henceforth, take from thee thy crown,
But think of the worth, and heavenly boon,
To aid in His vineyard, seek souls for thy God,
For millions, and trillions, are bought by His Blood.


When three times five years, had roll'd o'er my head,
A fountain of tears were shed on my bed,

That good old Isra'l's race, lay buri'd in sin,

While thousands by Christ's grace, were daily brought in..

Wide Africa's climes, my soul fled unto;
Knowing their black crimes, cri'd, what shall I do?
A Saviour to find them, refus'd daily food;
Engaged to tell when, I must do them good.

Old satan now tried, to stop my career;
But Jesus defied, and spoke in my ear;
Tell poor Ethiopia, the year is at hand,
When Bethlehem's Saviour shall travel their land.

Apollyon then said, thou shalt now serve me,
Thy King He is dead, and never shall be ;
But this I believ'd not, tho' sorrow'd about,
And into my soul got, thou art a cast out:

A vessel of wrath, thy God has thee made;
Both mis'ry and dearth, this snare it was laid;
To catch the unwary, and fetter my mind,
Then cause me to tarry, with satan behind.

At sixteen years old, despair then did seize,
Altho' I was told, the dragon would tease;
And had not Jehovah, been standing then by,
That sweet loving Saviour, in hell I must lie:

For headlong I went, to the river's side,
Most fully then bent, to plunge with the tide;
The terrible ocean, from a mountain height,
To fix my own portion, exclusion from light.

The meadow I walk'd, and silently said,
When I then thus talk'd; I soon shall be dead:
But as I was going, the fence to get through,
Jehovah was coming my heart for to plough.

His strength forc'd me back, and harrow'd my heart,
This word it did rack, and make my soul smart,
"No murderer hath life abiding in him,"
Then smote my breast with strife, for the inbred sin.

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I cri'd then aloud, God's mercy to find,
With tears I was bow'd, that Jesus would bind,
Old satan, the dragon, and cast him straight out;
My mission to Pagan, was thus brought about.

I wrestled all night, like Jacob of old,
My spirit in fight, is always made bold;

Then learnt Abba, Father, my Lord, and my God;
Who sent forth the Saviour, to heal with His Blood.

When seventeen arrived, my faith it was prov'd,
From man I derived, the heart that him lov'd;
And as he was passing the valley of death,
I sung of his tasting the river of health.

His crown he secur'd, by faith in the Lamb,
While patience endured, he offered the ram,
Himself a sweet savour, to Abraham's friend,
Brought sinners the laver, shew'd Christ was the end.

My father he died at noon of his life,

And frequently tried to offer his wife;

With all his dear children, to Christ the Great King,
To make of them cherubim, for ever to sing.

His grave I stood by, when sackcloth I wore,
Yet could not tell why, he from us was tore;
When blooming with vigour, and bless'd all around,
Despising the rigour, with sinners was crown'd.

Three times I pass'd o'er, seven years of my days,
And when twenty-four, I alter'd my ways;
Determin'd to preach then, I tried my best skill,
But more than three times ten, Apollyon did kill.

My day I divided, in one, two, three parts,
With joy was rewarded, when some sinners hearts,
Submitted to follow, the True Living Flock,
Now held in the hollow or cleft of the Rock.

Forsaking my all, I traverse abroad,

Poor heathens to call, and walk the straight road;
That pilgrims may see me, as I do pass by,
And mourners behold Thee, my God, reigning nigh.

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Three times ten years now, were fled from my sight,
With reverence I bow, in God I delight;
My only sure treasure, of heaven and earth,
Whose love has no measure, creating new birth.

My pride was laid down, to follow the Lord;
He gave me a crown, the life-giving Word;
By faith I do hold it, and eye the dear Lamb,
Whose virtue hath bought it, when sold as a Ram..

His bride He hath made, the soul that hates sin,
And Jesus hath said, "I will, be thou clean ;"
In Him, my strong Fortress, for strength I depend,
Now hate the world's sorc'ress, love God to the end.

My name was cast out, as filth of the place,
And follow'd about, unworthy of grace;

But some doth believe me, a Christian indeed,
And others relieve me, from hearts that doth bleed.

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They see I am right, to preach Christ the Lord,
Yet have not the sight, of Him, their Great God;
So I do them gather, as sheafs for my Love,
That they may call Father, and be as His Dove.

At thirty-four I left my mother behind,
My bark went adrift, poor sinners to find;
My sisters, and mother, they all had combin'd,
With them a dear lover, to keep my heart join'd.

Ten years I was fetter'd, in body and soul,
And never was better'd, till Christ took my whole;
I find now a mother, wherever I go,
Then sisters, and brothers in Jesus I know.

In faith I came out, as Abraham of old ;
Continue my route, and love makes me bold;
Jehovah's my treasure, the Staff I lean on,
His Voice is my pleasure, and heaven is won.

When forty, I saw my crown, it grew bright,
As Jesus I bore, who is my True Light;
My heart it is fixed, on Israel's Great King,
And joy, and peace mixed, to make me to sing.

Five times ten years o'er, I'm drawing to night,
Persecution no more, hides Christ from my sight;
For He is my Lover, wherever I be,
'Tis Jesus the Saviour, I bring unto thee.

I tell of His love, and mercy to save,
The vilest may prove, He's Life from the
Where satan did bind Him, three days and three nights,
Yet sinners do find Him, to make them new lights.


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