The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Tom 10

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W. Durell, 1812
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Strona 46 - don't be angry, I am sure I never thought you so ; You know I honour the cloth ; I design to be a Parson's wife ; I never took one in your coat for a conjurer in all my life.
Strona 111 - Of land, set out to plant a wood. Well, now I have all this and more, I ask not to increase my store ; But here a grievance seems to lie, All this is mine but till I die ; 10 I can't but think 'twould sound more clever, To me and to my heirs for ever.
Strona 115 - How think you of our friend the Dean ? I wonder what some people mean? My lord and he are grown so great, Always together tete-a-tete ; What ! they admire him for his jokes ! — See but the fortune of some folks...
Strona 164 - Preferring his regard for me Before his credit, or his fee. Some formal visits, looks, and words, What mere humanity affords, I meet perhaps from three or four, From whom I once expected more ; Which those who tend the sick for pay, Can act as decently as they : But no obliging, tender friend, To help at my approaching end. My life is now a burthen grown To others, ere it be my own.
Strona 138 - Cadenus many things had writ : Vanessa much esteem'd his wit, And call'd for his poetic works : Meantime the boy in secret lurks ; And, while the book was in her hand, The urchin from his private stand Took aim, and shot with all his strength A dart of such prodigious length, It pierc'd the feeble volume through, And deep transfix 'd her bosom too.
Strona 81 - That swill'd more liquor than it could contain, And like a drunkard gives it up again. Brisk Susan whips her linen from the rope, While the first drizzling...
Strona 72 - A bedstead of the antique mode, Compact of timber many a load, Such as our ancestors did use, Was metamorphos'd into pews, Which still their ancient nature keep, By lodging folks dispos'd to sleep.
Strona 127 - Incapable of outward stains : From whence that decency of mind, So lovely in the female kind, "Where not one careless thought intrudes, Less modest than the speech of prudes ; Where never blush was call'd in aid, That spurious virtue in a maid, A virtue but at second-hand ; They blush, because they understand.
Strona 81 - While spouts run clattering o'er the roof by fits, And ever and anon with frightful din The leather sounds ; he trembles from within. So when...
Strona 141 - To form and cultivate her mind. He hardly knew, till he was told, Whether the nymph were young or old ; Had met her in a public place, Without distinguishing her face...

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