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escocheons of her late Royal Highness's Eight of the Queen's Grooms, in state

A Mourning Coach, drawn by livery, bearing Aambeaux. The Mournsix borses, conveying the Executors and ing Coaches, the Carriage of her late Executrixes named in the will of her late Royal Highness, and the Hearse, in the Royal Highness. A Mourning Coach, same order in which they proceeded from drawn by six horses, conveying the Me- Blackheath Paddington. The Car. dical Attendant of her late Royal High- riage of the Queen's Most Excellent ness. A Mourning Coach, drawn by six Majesty, drawn by six horses, the twelve horses, conveying Edward M. Browell servants in state livery. The Carriages and George M. Bainbridge, Esqrs. ofli. of Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, the cers of the Lord Chamberlain of Her Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Majesty's household. The Carriage of Gloucester, the Princess Sopbia, and Her Royal Highness the Duchess of the Duchess of Kent, each drawn by six Gloucester, drawn by six horses.

horses, and the servants in state livery. Upon arriving at the terminus of the Upon arrival at Windsor Castle, at Great Western Railway at Paddington, twenty minutes past eight o'clock, the at ten minutes before five o'clock p.m., the escort filed off, the carriages of the Royal body was received by a guard of honour Family proceeding up the Castle-hill; and from the 2d Battalion of Coldstream from the Castle-gate the procession was Guards, when the escort retired. The flanked by the 1st Battalion of Scots guard of honour remained on duty till the Fusilier Guards, every man bearing a departure of the special train conveying flambeau, to the entrance of St. George's the remains, at à quarter before six Chapel, where the Body was received by o'clock,

a guard of honour, the regimental band Upon arriving at Slough, at a quarter playing the “ Dead March” in Saul as before seven p.m. the body was received the procession passed from the gate to by a guard of honour from the 1st bat. the Chapel ; and the Marshalmen and talion of Scots Fusilier Guards : and, at Grooms filed off without the door. At a quarter past seven o'clock the proces- the entrance of Saint George's Chapel, sion moved, in the following order, to the Dean and Canons, attended by the Windsor Castle, the Body being escorted Choir, received the Body, and the pro. by a detachment of the Royal Horse cession, having been previously formed, Guards, every man bearing a flambeau : moved down the south aisle, up the nave, Four of the Queen's Marsbalmen. into the choir, in the following order :

Pages of Her late Royal Highness,
Mr. John Gardner,

Mr. George Baker.
Medical Attendant upon Her late Royal Highness,

W. J. Wattsford, esq.
Groom of the Bedcbamber to

Groom in Waiting
H.R.H. Prince Albert,

to the Queen,
Captain Francis Seymour.

Colonel Berkeley Drummond.
Lord of the Bedchamber to

Lord in Waiting
H.R.H. Prince Albert,

to the Queen,
Lord George Lennox.

Earl of Hardwicke.
The Choir, Canons, and Dean of Windsor.
Gentleman Usher The Lord Chamberlain Gentleman Usher

to the Queen, of Her Majesty's Household, to the Queen, Lt. Col. Sir T. N. Harris, the Earl De La Warr.

Sir William Martins. The Coronet of Her late Royal Highness, upon a black velvet cushion, borne by

Sir Archibald Murray, Bart.

THE BODY, Covered with a black velvet Pall, adorned with eight Escocheons of Her late Royal Highness's Arms, supported by Mrs. Morier, Mrs. George Bankes, Hon. Mrs. William Cust, and the Hon. Mrs. Henry Legge.

A Gentleman Usher, Garter Principal King of Arms, A Gentleman Usher, William Courthope, esq.

carrying his sceptre,

Robert Laurie, esq. Sir Charles George Young, Knt.

THE CHIEF MOURNER, Supporter to the The Countess of Gainsborough, Supporter to the

Chief Mourner, veiled; the Train borne by Chief Mourner, Mrs. Brand, veiled. Miss Laura Waldegrave, veiled, Lady Gardner, veiled,

The Executors and Executrixes named in the Will of Her late Royal Highness,
Miss Cotes,

Lady Alicia Gordon,
George Bankes, Esq. M.P. Hon. and Rev. Henry Legge ;
followed by Lady Georgina Bathurst, Lady Caroline Murray, Miss Vyse, of the
Household of H.R.H. the Duchess of Gloucester ; Lady Fanny Howard, of the
Household of H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent; Sir John Morillyon Wilson, Knt., of
the Household of the Queen Dowager; Baron Knesebeck, of the Household of
H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge; Capt. the Hon. G. A. F. Liddell, of the House-
hold of H. R.H. the Duchess of Gloucester ; Colonel Sir George Couper, Bart., of
the Household of H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent; Lord Wrottesley ; Captain Fead,
R.N. ; the Hon. Major Legge; Capt. the Hon. William Waldegrave, R.N.; the
Reverend Charles Grey Cotes, and the Hon. and Rev. Charles Leslie Courtenay,
who had been invited to attend the solemnity. Mrs. Powell and Miss Cavanagh,
the Dressers of Her late Royal Highness,closed the procession.

Upon arrival within the choir, the pro- THE COUNTESS OF BERKELEY. cession advanced near to the altar, when Oct. 30. At Cranford House, Mid. the body was placed upon tressels (the dlesex, aged 77, the Right Hon. Mary feet towards the altar), and the coronet Countess of Berkeley. and cushion laid thereon. The Chief This lady, if not especially remarkable Mourner sat at the head of the corpse ; for her personal qualities, is memorable the supporters on each side ; the sup- for having been the means of diverting, or porters of the pall near the body ; the rather of placing in abeyance, the dignities Lord Chamberlain stood at the feet of of one of the most ancient tamnilies of the the corpse ; and others of the procession peerage. were conducted to their several places. She was one of the three daughters of His Royal Highness Prince Albert was Mr. William Cole, a publican and butcher present in his stall during the ceremony, at Wooton, near Berkeley, after whose attended by the Groom of the Stole to death in 1782 or 1783 she came to London, His Royal Highness, the Marquess of and was in the service of Lady Talbot, Exeter, K.G. and by Major-Gen. Sir and afterwards in tbat of Mrs. Foote, Edward Bowater, K.C.H. Equerry to at Boughton, Malherbe, in Kent. In the His Royal Highness.

year 1784 the Earl of Berkeley became The part of the service before the in- acquainted with ber at Gloucester, and terment and the Anthem baving been she was soon after domiciled with him at performed, the corpse was deposited in Berkeley castle, where she subsequently the vault near the Sovereign's stall; and maintained her footing undisturbed, and the Dean having concluded the burial became the mother of a very numerous service, Garter Principal King of Arms family. She usually went by the name proclaimed, near the grave, her late Royal of Miss Tudor, that name being also asHighness's style, as follows :

sumed by her brother William Cole, for Thus it bas pleased Almighty God whom the Earl procured the place of an to take out of this transitory lite, unto Assistant Commissary at Maidstone. His Divine Mercy, the late Most Illus- On the 16th May, 1796, the Earl of trious Princess Sophia-Matilda, daugh. Berkeley, styled in the parish register “a ter of the late 'Most High, Most bachelor,' and Mary Cole, styled “a Mighty, and Illustrious Prince William spinster," were married in the parish Henry Duke of Gloucester and Edin- church of Lambeth, very privately, in the burgh, Earl of Connaught, and Knight presence of “ William Tudor," the lady's of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, brother, and the Rev. Caleb Carrington. Cousin of Her Most Excellent Majesty The Earl died on the 8th Aug. 1810, Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the leaving Berkeley castle and the principal United Kingdom of Great Britain and estates of the family to his eldest son, the Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, present Earl Fitzhardinge, who the folwhom God bless and preserve with long lowing year claimed the dignities of the life, health, and honour, and all worldly Earl of Berkeley, Viscount Dursley, and happiness."

Baron Berkeley. The first sitting of the After which bis Royal Highness Prir.ce Lords' Committee of Privileges took place Albert, attended by the Groom of the on Monday March 4, 1811. The exaStole and Equerry in Waiting to His minations commenced with that of the Royal Highness, was conducted out of the lady herself, who swore that she had been Chapel by the Lord Chamberlain of Her first married to the late Earl of Berkeley Majesty's Household; and the other per- on the 30th of March, 1785, in the parish sons composing the procession also re- church of Berkeley. The registry of this tired,

alleged marriage was subsequently pro.

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duced, but the Marquess of Buckingham, M.P. for West Gloucestershire; 10. and others, declared their belief that, with Lady Mary Henrietta Fitzhardinge Berkethe exceptions of the signatures of Mary ley, who is unmarried, and has been reCole and William Tudor,* it was entirely sident with her brother at Cranford ; 11. in the hand-writing of the Earl of Berke. Lady Caroline Fitzhardinge, married in ley himself.+ A fac-simile is given in the 1829 to James Maxse, esq. ; 12. the Minutes of 'Evidence, and in a Narrative Hon. Craven Fitzhardinge Berkeley, relative to the Claim, published in 8vo. M.P. for Cheltenham ; and 13. Lady 181). On the 1st July, 1811, the House Emily Elizabeth, married in 1839 to of Lords came to a decision that the Sydney Augustus Capel, esq. Lieut. 12th alleged marriage of 1785 bad not been Lancers. proved.

Of the sons, the second and third (born The children born before the marriage before the marriage of 1796,) have both of 1796 were, including one son and two married, and have sons. The sixth and daughters wbo died in infancy, seven in youngest have also married, and the for. number ; 1. the Right Hon. William- mer (George) has two sons. On this Fitzhardinge, formerly well known as branch of the family it may be presumed Colonel Berkeley, and created by the the ancient Earldom and other dignities Whigs Baron Segrave in 1831, and Earl will eventually devolve, unless Mr. MorFitzbardinge in 1841 ; 2. Capt. Maurice ton Berkeley (really the present Earl Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkeley, R.N., Berkeley) shall choose to marry, and C.B., and M.P. for Gloucester; 3. Au. should have sons. He has lately resided gustus-Fitzhardinge; (4, 5, and 6, Maria, at Cranford with his mother, but that Francis-Ducie, and Henrietta, who died estate is now said to be left to his eldest young ;) 7. Francis Henry Fitzhardinge

brother. Berkeley, M.P. for Bristol. After the The body of the Countess of Berkeley marriage of 1796 were born, 8. the Hon. was interred at Cranford, which has been Thomas-Morton-Fitzhardinge (who by the customary place of sepulture of the the decision of the House of Lords would latter generations of the family. have been Earl of Berkeley, but does not assume the title); 9. the Hon. George

THE EARL OF LIMERICK. Cbarles Grantley Fitzhardinge Berkeley, Dec. 7. At his seat, South. bill Park,

near Bracknell, Berkshire, in bis 87th * The other witness, “Richard Barns," year, the Right Hon. Edmond Henry whose supposed mark was added, was a Pery, Earl of Limerick, Viscount Limename that no one had ever heard of. rick, and Baron Glentworth, of Mallow, Though numbered 74, the entry did not co. Cork, in the peerage of Ireland ; and occur in its right place, but at the end of Baron Foxford of Stackpole Court, co. the book, and there was anotber No. 71. Clare, in the peerage of the United

+ The Earl of Berkeley's motive for Kingdom; a Representative Peer and a his conduct, it may be said, is obvious, Privy Councillor of Ireland, and Member but the following anecdote is interesting. of the Royal Irish Academy. Once be said to the Rev. Mr. Chapeau, His Lordsbip was born Jan. 8, 1758, " Oh! dear Chapeau, I am very low- the only son of the Rt. Hon. and Rt. spirited and very unhappy. I knew an Rev. William-Cecil tirst Lord Glent. old friend of mine, by the name of Smith, worth, Lord Bishop of Limerick, by his who was a son of the Duke of Dorset born first wife Jane, eldest daughter of John out of wedlock, and that man was my Minchen Walcot, esq. of Croagb. He schoolfellow, and a man I loved exceed- entered upon life as a zealous supporter ingly, and wbenever I think of him I am of the English government, and in consealways unbappy. I attended him all

quence was in 1795 rewarded with the through his illness. He drank himself place of Keeper of the Signet and Privy to death, because he was disappointed in Seal of Ireland ; and in 1797 with that the title.” And he added, “ Believe me, of Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper, for my children shall never experience such the subsequent abolishment of which his cursed villainy through my means." This Lordship enjoyed until his death a pension Smith lies with the Sackvilles in their vault of 8461. He succeeded to the title of at Withyam, in Sussex, and his collin bears Baron on the death of his father, July 4, the following inscription : “Wm. Smith, 1794 ; was created Viscount Limerick by Captain of her Majesty's Dragoon Guards, patent dated Dec. 27, 1800; Earl of died Oct 12, 1772, aged 28 years. Limerick by patent dated Feb. 11, 1803, (Collectanea Topog. et Geneal. vol. iii. and Baron Foxford, by patent dated Aug. p. 301.) He was the son of Lord John 11, 1815.

He was also elected one of Sackville, and elder brother to John Fre- the twenty-eight original Representative derick the third Duke of Dorset.

Peers of Ireland selected at the Union, which, as may be supposed from his re- ried in 1835 to the Rev. Henry Gray, son wards, he ardently supported.

of the late Bishop of Bristol ; 7. the Hon. The Earl of Limerick married Jan. 29, Cecilia-Annabella, married in 1843 to 1783, Mary-Alice, only daughter and heir the Rev. George Herbert Repton, a of Henry Ormsby, esq. of Cloghan, co. Minor Canon of Westminster, son of the Mayo, by Mary, eldest sister of Sir Henry Rev. Edward Repton, Prebendary of Hartstonge, Bart, and by that lady, who Westminster ; 8. the Hon. Henry Fredesurvives him (after a union of more than rick Pery, who died at Meerat in the East sixty years), he had issue four sons and Indies in 1843, having married in 1841 eight daughters, of whom two sons and Amelia-Mary, second daughter of Capt. five daughters survive. These were as fol. Rowland Money, R.N., C.B.; and 9. a low: 1. Lady Mary Pery, who died in daughter born in 1830. 1817, in her 34th year ; 2. Edmond-Cecil

, The present Earl of Limerick, who has who died in 1793, in his 8th year ; 3. Lady succeeded to the peerage by the death of Theodosia, the first wife of the present bis grandfather, was born Oct. 9, 1812, Lord Monteagle, to whom she was mar- and married in 1842 Margaret-Jane, only ried in 1811, and died in 1839, leaving daughter of Lieut. Nicholas Horsley, 96th five surviving sons and three daughters; Foot. 4. Lady Lucy, married in 1816 to Row- The body of the late Earl of Limerick land Stephenson, esq. (afterwards the late was removed to Ireland, for interment in Orlando Standish, esq.) of Scaleby Castle the Pery chapel in Limerick cathedral. and Holme Cultram, Cumberland, and of It arrived at Limerick House on Satur. Farley Hill, Berks, who died in 1843; day Dec. 21, and the next day lay in state 5. the Right Hon. Henry-Hartstonge in the great dining-room, which was coViscount Glentworth, who married (at vered with black cloth, and illuminated Gretna Green), in 1808, Annabella-Ten. by immense wax tapers, placed in silver nison, second daughter of Tennison Ed- candelabra round the bier. It is com. wards, esq. of Old Court, co. Wicklow, puted that between 2,000 and 3,000 reand niece to the late Sir Jonah Barring- spectably dressed persons, many of them ton, Judge of the Admiralty in Ireland, attired in mourning, were admitted to pass and died in 1834, leaving a numerous through the apartments to view the ce. family (noticed below); 6. the Hon. remonial. On Monday morning, at 10 William Cecil Pery, killed at St. Sebas- o'clock, a grand funeral service was pertian's in Spain in 1813 ; 7. Lady Frances. formed in the cathedral ; the dignitaries Selina, married in 1819 to Sir Henry meeting the body at the great western Calder, Bart. ; 8. the Hon. Edmonà entrance, and the full service being chanted Sexten Pery, an officer in the army, who by the choir. After the prayers and anmarried in 1825 Elizabeth - Charlotte, them in the body of the cathedral, the daughter of the late Hon. William Cock- coffin, preceded by a pursuivant bearing ayne, brother to the last Viscount Cullen; the coronet on a cushion, was moved in 9. Lady Louisa, married in 1825 to Peter procession to the Pery chapel, in the Pole, esq. eldest son of Sir Peter Pole, south aisle, the organ playing Mozart's Bart. ; 10. Lady Cecil-Jane, married in Grand Requiem. A great nuinber of the 1828 to the Rev. John De la Feld, a nobility and gentry connected with the Count of the Holy Roman Empire; 11. deceased nobleman were present, or sent Lady Caroline-Alicia-Diana, married in their carriages to attend at this solemn 1832 to George Lake Russell, esq. : and ceremony, amongst whom were Lord 12. Lady Albinia-Charlotte, who died an Monteagle, Sir Henry Calder, Count J. infant in 1805.

De la Feld, Mr. G. Russell, Sir Au. The family of the eldest son, Lord brey de Vere, the Earl of Dunraven, the Glentworth, were as follow : 1. Edmond- Earl of Clare, Mr. W. Maunsell, Sir R. Henry late Lord Glentworth, who died Bourke, Archdeacon Maunsell, and many without issue Feb. 16, 1814, having mar- others. The late Earl has left a bequest ried in 1836 Eve-Maria, second daughter of 5001. to be distributed amongst the of Henry Villebois, esq. of Marham different charities of the city of Lime, House, Norfolk ; 2. the Hon. Annabella- rick. Erina, married in 1832 to Robert Gun Cuninghame, esq. of Newland Park, co.

LORD SAYE AND Sele. Gloucester, and of Mount Kennedy, co. Nov. 13. In Grosvenor Street, aged Wicklow, and died in 1841 ; 3. the Hon. 75, the Right Hon. Gregory William Mary Georgina ; 4. the Rt. Hon. Wil- Eardley Twisleton Fiennes, Baron Saye liam - Henry - Tennison, now Earl of and Sele. Limerick; 5. the Hon. John Harts- He was born April 14, 1769, the eldest tonge Pery, who died in 1842, in bis 30th son of Major. General Thomas Lord year ; 6. the Hon, Emily Caroline, mars Saye and Sele, (to whom the barony was

one son.

confirmed in 1781, after it had remained he was ordered to the Peninsula, wbere in abeyance more than a century,) by from that time, with the Royal Staff Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir Edward Corps, he was present and shared in the Turner, of Ambrosden, co. Oxford, Bart. glories of Talavera, Busaco, Fuentes He succeeded to the peerage when in bis d'Onor, Salamanca, Vittoria, the Py20th year, July 1, 1788. Having entered renees, the Nivelle, the Nive, and Tou. the House of Lords on attaining his ma- louse. Sir Robert attained the rank of jority, he was the oldest member of that Lieut.- Colonel on the 11th April, 1811, House of the Whig party, to which be of full Colonel on the 19th July, 1821, consistently adhered, and is said to have of Major-General 22d July, 1830, and been offered an earldom by the Grey and of Lieutenant General 230 Nov. 1841. Melbourne administrations.

For his distinguished services in the In 1825, his Lordsbip assumed the Peninsula be received a cross and three name of Fiennes aiter Twisleton, and clasps, and was made a Knight of the subsequently in the same year he took Portugese order of the Tower and the name of Eardley, in compliance with Sword, which he received the royal li. the will of his father-in-law, the last Lord cense to accept June 19, 1814. He was Eardley, who died on Christmas day 1824. nominated a Knight Commander of the

His Lordship married, Sept. 8, 1794, Bath on the enlargement of that order the Hon. Maria Marow Eardley, eldest June 5, 1815. He was promoted to the daughter and coheir of Sampson Lord Colonelcy of the 59th Foot on the 15th Eardley; and by that lady, wbo died Oct. June 1840. He was not married. 5, 1831, be had issue one daughter and

The former, the Hon. Maria- LIEUT.-GEN. Sir John CAMERON, Elizabeth, became in 1825 the second wife

K.C.B. of George-Ernest Count von Gersdorff Nov. 23. In Guernsey, aged 71, Lieut.of Prussia, and died in 1826. The latter, General Sir John Cameron, K.C.B. William Thomas, now Lord Saye and K.T.S. Colonel of the 9th Foot. Sele, was born in 1798, but is at present He was second son of Culchenna, and unmarried.

nephew of Cameron of Caltort, InverThe body of the late Lord was interred messhire, whose ancestor was a younger at Broughton in Oxfordshire, on the 23rd son of Locbiel, chief of the clan. He November.

entered the army as Ensign in the 43rd

Regiment of Foot, in Sept. 1787, was LIEUT.- GENERAL THE Hon. Sir R. L. promoted Lieutenant 30th Sept. 1790, DUNDAS, K.C.B.

and Captain 11th July 1794. In the Nov. 23. At Loftus, near Gisbo. latter year he served under Sir Charles rougb, Yorkshire, aged 64, Lieut.-Ge. Grey, in the West Indies, and neral the Hon. Sir Robert Lawrence present at the reduction of Martinique Dundas, K.C.B., K.T.S. Colonel of the (including the siege of Fort Bourbon and 59th Foot; uncle to the Earl of Zetland, other minor engagements), at St. Lucia,

He was born July 27, 1780, the se- and Guadaloupe, and particularly disventh and youngest son of Thomas first played his gallantry at the defence of the Lord Dundas, by Lady Charlotte Fitz- latter in the same year, and at the sortie William, second daughter of William from and at the assuult made by the third Earl Fitz William, and was brother enemy on the fortress of Fleur d’Epée. to the late Earl of Zetland, and to Rear- He was at the action of the 30th SeptemAdm. the Hon. George Heneage Law. ber, at Berville Camp, under Brigadierrence Dundas, C.B. a Lord of the Ad. General Grabam, and in the action of the miralty.

4th October he was severely wounded, Sir Robert Dundas entered the army and had bis person taken by the enemy. on the 1st Dec. 1797, and, as a Second He remained a prisoner of war during a Lieutenant of Engineers, served in North period of two years, and then came to Holland at the actions of the 27th of England; but bis military duties at home August, loth and 19th Sept, and 2d and were of short duration, for in six months 6th Oct. 1799. He became Lieutenant he was again ordered with bis regiment on the 2d May, 1800, and in tbe subse. to the West Indies, where he was on quent year served in the Egyptian cam- foreign service for nearly four years. paign, and was present in the action of He was appointed to a Majority the the 21st of March. On the 6th August, 43rd Foot 28th Oct, 1800, and the 28th 1802, be was made a Captaill, and be ob. May, 1807, Lieut.-Colonel in the 7th tained his Majority on the 14th of July, West India regiment, from which he was 1804. In the year ensuing he served in removed to the 9th Foot tbe 5th Sept. the North of Germany with the Royal 1807. He was destined to increuse bis Staff Corps. In the beginning of 1807 reputation in the Peninsula as a brave



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