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Oct. 7. Right Hon. Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley (commonly called Lord Stanley) summoned to the House of Peers, by the title of Baron Stanley, of Bickerstaffe, in the county of Lancaster.

Nov. 29. George Relph Greenhow, of Kevan Ila, near Uske, and Turner's-hill, Cheshunt, Gent. second son of John Greenhow, late of High-house, Stainton, Westmorland, Gent. deceased, by Anne, second dau. of George Relph, late of Penrith, and sister and coheir of Cuthbert Relph, late of Turner's-hill, esq. both deceased, to take the name of Relph after Greenhow.-49th Foot, Capt. J. L. Dennis to be Major.-Brevet, Capt. G. Hutt, Bombay Art. to be Major in the Army in the East Indies. Unattached, To be Majors, Brevet Major W. Cain, from 26th Foot; Capt. G. Minter, from 32nd Foot.

Henry, to be Commissioners of Charitable
Donations and Bequests for Ireland.

Dec. 20. 17th Foot, Brevet Lieut.-Col. P.
M'Pherson, to be Major.-60th Foot, Major
the Hon. G. A. Spencer, to be Lieut.-Col.;
Capt. E. C. Giffard, to be Major.-Brevet,
Capt. F. Stupart, of the 26th Foot, to be Major
in the Army.

Dec. 6. Scots Fusilier Guards, Brevet Col. W. T. Knollys to be Major; Lieut. and Capt. E. W. F. Walker to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col.49th Foot, Major C. Cotton, from 94th Foot, to be Major, vice Major J. L. Dennis, who exchanges.-59th Foot, Major-Gen. Sir J. Harvey, K.C.B. to be Colonel.-Brevet, Capt. J. Jameson, of 65th Foot, Capt. A. M. Douglas, of 88th Foot, to be Majors in the Army.

Dec. 7. William-Drew Stent, of Fittleworth, co. Sussex, esq. in memory of William LucasShadwell (formerly William Shadwell), of Hastings, esq. to take the surnames of LucasShadwell, in lieu of his present surname; and bear the arms of Shadwell quarterly, in the first quarter, with the arms of Lucas.

Dec. 9. Charles William Bell, M.D. Phy sician to Her Majesty's Mission in Persia, to accept the Royal Persian Order of the Lion and Sun, of the second class.

Dec. 21. Dr. J. Henry Davidson, to be First Physician to her Majesty in Scotland, vice Dr. John Abercrombie, deceased.


To be Captain,-Commander, H. R. Sturt
(1830), of the Rose, 18.

To be Commanders,-W. Tringham, of Vic-
toria and Albert Yacht; Archibald G. Bul-


Appointments.-Capt. Armar Lowry Corry
(1821), from the Firebrand to the Superb, 80;
Capt. H. W. Bayfield (1834), additional to the
Illustrious, 72, to complete the surveying
service on the North American station; Capt.
James Hope (1838), to the Firebrand steam-
frigate.-Commander Arthur Morrell (1823),
of the Espoir, to the Tortoise guard ship, as
governor of the Island of Ascension; Com-
mander Richard W. Pelly (1844), to the Rose,


Dec. 11. Sir H. T. De la Beche, Knt. and Thomas Cubitt, esq. to be Commissioners for inquiring into the causes of the falling of a Cotton Mill at Oldham, and as to the failure of part of the Prison at North Leach.

Dec. 13. 9th Foot, Lieut. Gen. Sir T. Arbuthnot, K.C.B., from 52d Foot, to be Colonel. -52d Foot, Maj.-Gen. Sir E. Gibbs, K.C.B. from 68th Foot, to be Colonel.-68th Foot, MajorGen. C. Nicol to be Colonel.-William Gore Ouseley, esq. (now Secretary to Her Majesty's Legation at Rio Janeiro), to be Minister Plenipotentiary to the Argentine Confederation.John Fiennes Crampton, esq. (now First Paid Attaché to Her Majesty's Embassy at Vienna), to be Secretary of Legation to the Swiss Cantons. Francis Farrant, esq. to be Secretary of Legation at the Court of Persia.

Dec. 16. Denis Benjamin Viger, esq. to be President of the Committee of the Executive Council of Canada; Henry Sherwood, esq. to be Solicitor General for Upper Canada; R. Y. Cummins, esq. to be Accountant to the Surveyor General's Department of Mauritius; Wm. Dudley Ryder, esq. to be Assistant Secretary for Ceylon; William Fuller Boteler, esq. Q.C. to be one of the Commissioners of the Court of Bankruptcy to act in the prosecution of fiats in bankruptcy in the country, vice Edward Goulburn, serjeant-at-law, resigned.


The Rev. Dr. Cramer, to be Dean of Carlisle.
Rev. H. K. Bonney, D.D. to be Archdeacon of
Lincoln, and Fourth Residentiary Canon.
Rev. Dr. M'Caul, to be Canon of St. Paul's.
Rev. J. Cartwright, to be Precentor of Durham,
Rev. W. Airey, Bramley V. Hants.
Rev. J. Adeney, Flowton R. Suffolk.
Rev. C. D. Applin, Stanley P.C. Yorkshire.
Rev. T. Atkinson, Copmanthorpe P.C. Yorksh.
Rev. W. H. Barber, Belper P.C. Derbyshire.
Rev. R. Bingham, Harwood, Bolton, P. C.

Rev. H. G. N. Bishop, Great Clacton with
Little Holland V. Essex.

Rev. H. B. Blake, Hessett R. Suffolk.
Rev. J. Bradshaw, St. George's Church, Dar-
laston P.C. Staffordshire.

Rev. J. Bywater, St. Simon and Jude P.C.

D.c. 18. John George Archbishop of Armagh, Richard Archbishop of Dublin, Archbishop William Crolly, Archbishop Daniel Murray, the Earl of Donoughmore, K.P. Bishop Cornelius Denvir, the Dean of St. Patrick's, the Rt. Hon. Sir Patrick Bellew, Bart., the Rt. Hon. A. R. Blake, and the Rev. Dr. P. S.

Rev. J. Carter, Riddings P. C. Derbyshire.
Rev. J. H. Cartwright, Winterborne Dantsey
P.C. Wilts.

Rev. J. Cragg, New District of St. Thomas's P. C. Coventry.

Rev. S. Creyke, Beeford R. Yorkshire.
Rev. J. N. Dalton, Greetham V. Rutlandshire,
Rev. T. Dean, Warton V. Chester.
Rev. C. K. Deane, South Shore P.C. Lanc.
Rev. G. Dowell, Werrington R. Devon.
Rev. H. Dundass, Warton P.C. Lancashire.
Rev. T. Egerton, Middle R. Salop.

Rev. F. Gould, New Hall, Burton-on-Trent
P.C. Staffordshire.

Rev. E. Greenhow, Nun Monkton V. near

Rev. H. Grey, Trent Vale R. Staffordshire.
Rev. H. P. Haughton, Markfield R. Leic.
Rev. H. T. C. Hine, Quarrington R. Linc,
Rev. J. Y. Hughes, Trinity Church, Green-
wich P.C. Kent.

Rev. C. H. Hutton, Houghton Magna R.

Rev. H. Jodrell, Gisleham R. Suffolk.
Rev. W. Johnson, Grainsby R. Linc.

[blocks in formation]

Hon. Mrs. Hall, a dau.-At Torquay, the wife of Sir J. E. Honywood, a dau.-At Bowden Hall, Gloucestershire, the wife of C. Brooke Hunt, esq. a son.In London, the wife of Coryndon H. Luxmoor, esq. a son.

Rev. J. B. Hughes, to be Second Master of Blundell's School, Tiverton.


Nov. 13. At Col. Romer's, St. Helier's, Jersey, the Countess du Pontavice de Henssey, a son and heir.-14. At Field-gate House, Kenilworth, the wife of Major Campbell, 7th Hussars, a son.-18. In Grafton-street, the Viscountess Galway, a son and heir.-19. At Fermo, the Countess Gigliucci, a son and heir.


-At the residence of the Rev. H. T. Lumsden, Ipswich, Mrs. Thomas Clements Browne, a dau.—21. At Durham, the wife of Major Wemyss, a dau.-22. In Cambridge-sq. the wife of Thomas Entwistle, esq. a dau.At Wilton-st. Grosvenor-pl. the wife of Henry Lewis, esq. of Green Meadow, Glamorgan, à dau.-At Dunraven Castle, the Viscountess Adare, a dau.-29. At Grove Park, Lady Dormer, a son.

Lately. At Hams-hall, Coleshill, the Hon. Mrs. Adderley, a dau.-In Wimpole-st. the GENT. MAG, VOL. XXIII.

Dec. 2. At Bindon House, Somersetshire, Mrs. Ernest Perceval, a dau.-3. At the house of Earl Amherst, in Grosvenor-st. Lady Sarah Hay Williams, a dau.- -At Hatherton Hall, Lady Margaret Littleton, a son.-4. At Holkham, the Countess of Leicester, a dau.-At Thornham-hall, Suffolk, Lady Henniker, a dau. At Melchbourne Park, Lady St. John,

a son.

[blocks in formation]

12. At Simla, East Indies, Capt. Charles E. Mills, of the Artillery, Assistant to the Gov.Gen.'s Agent North Western Frontier, to Susanna, niece of Lieut.-Col. Chadwick, of the same corps, and dau. of William Chadwick, esq. Octagon, Plymouth.

17. At Simla, Bengal, Major Grant, Deputy Adj. Gen. of the Army, to Frances-Maria, youngest dau. of his Excellency Gen. Sir Hugh Gough, Bart. G.C.B. Commander in Chief of India.

Oct. 3. At Rathangan, Ireland, James Fitzgerald Massy, esq. to Elizabeth, only dau. of the Very Rev. the Dean of Limerick, and niece of the Rev. Thos. Shepherd, Vicar of Wellington, Herefordsh.

5. At Nagpore, Joseph Fisher Stevens, Lieut. and Adj. 18th Regt. N. I., to Helen, youngest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Spurs, resident at the Court of the Rajah of Nagpore.

10. At Bombay, H. Bartle Edward Frere, esq. C.S. to Catharine, second dau. of his Excellency Sir George Arthur, Bart. K.C.H., Governor of Bombay.

12. At Madras, Thomas Sydney Smyth, esq. Barrister-at-Law, to Anna, niece to the Hon. Sir Edward Gambier, Chief Justice of Madras.

14. At Bombay, Lieut. J. F. Hall, 22d Regt. Bengal N.I., and Adj. Jodhpoor Legion, to Georgiana-Margaret, widow of Capt. Pollock, Bengal Army.

Oct. 22. At Leominster, Sussex, H. J. Coote, esq. 22d Regt., third son of R. H. Coote, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister-at-Law, to RhodaCarleton, only dau. of William Holmes, esq. of Brookfield, Sussex.-At Mamble, Wore., the Rev. G. H. Eyre, eldest son of the late Vice Adm. Sir George Eyre, K.C.B. to Cecilia Maria, youngest dau. of the late Rev. W. H. Hill, Rector of Rock, in the same county.At Bath, Col. Sir Rich. England, K.C.B., Commanding 41st Regt. to Theodosia, dau. of R. Fountayne Wilson, esq. of Melton, &c. Yorksh.

-At Brighton, the Rev. G. W. Rhodes, of Leyton, Essex, to Louisa, dau. of the late Ánthony Taylor Peacock, esq. of South Kyme,


Lincolnshire. At Ampthill, the Rev. Frederic C. G. Passy, Vicar of Wilstead, Beds, to Helen-Louisa, only dau. of the late Philip Deare, esq. At Bath, the Rev. George Whitaker, Vicar of Oakington, near Cambridge, to Arundel-Charlotte, only dau. of the late Rev. Richard Burton, and niece of John Griffiths Mansford, esq. of Bath.At Castletown-Delvins, Col. Arthur, of the 3d (Prince of Wales's Drag. Guards), to Kate, dau. of Mr. and Lady Eleanor Fetherstone, and niece to the Earl of Wicklow.At Bombay, Alex. Nash, Lieut. of Eng. to Lucy-Anne, eldest dau. of the late Rev. E. Norton, of Southwold, Suffolk.

26. At Frankfort, Theodore Gudin, to Margaret-Louis, eldest dau. of the Right Hon. Lord James Hay, and grand-dau. of the late Marquess of Tweeddale.-At St. Martin's-inthe-Fields, Robert Barclay, jun. esq. of Buckingham-st. Adelphi, to Sarah, dau. of the late D. Smith, esq. of the Commissariat Department.-At Christchurch, Surrey, Frederick Charles Jones, esq. M.D., of Great Surrey-st. only son of Capt. Charles Jones, R.N. K.T.S., to Sarah-Alice, second dau, of William Farmer, esq.-At Minster, Isle of Sheppey, J. S. Harper, esq. to Mary-Elizabeth, dau. of John Ward, esq. of Mile Town, Sheerness, and niece of the Rev. James Burnell, of Woolhampton, and the late Dr. Bacon, of Reading.At St. Pancras, Septimus Vander Wyden, son of the late Charles Hart, esq. of Kensington-gore, and Capt. in the 2d Grenadier Regt. of the Bombay N. I., to Catharine, eldest dau. of Thomas Joshua Platt, esq. one of Her Majesty's Counsel.At Watford, George Cornwall Lewis, esq. one of the Poor Law Commissioners for England and Wales, to Lady Theresa Lister, relict of Thomas H. Lister, esq. and sister to the Earl of Clarendon.

23. At Blair Vadock, Dumbartonsh., Patrick Maitland, esq. of Freugh, Wigtownsh., to Matilda-Frances-Harriet, youngest dau. of Mr. and Lady Janet Buchanan.- -At Monkstown, Capt. George Henry Robertson, 25th Regt. Bombay Army, to Jane, dau. of Brabazon Newcomen, esq. of Camla, Roscommon, and Montpellier House, Dublin-At Edinburgh, Francis Newcombe Maltby, esq. of the Madras Civil Service, to Mary Howard, second dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. James Michael, Hon. East India Company's Service.At Oakingham, C. H. White, esq. M.A. of Oriel College, Oxf., to Louisa-Boak, youngest dau. of the late Bartholomew Browne, esq. of Oakingham.-At Clifton, Richard John Allen Philipps, esq. late Capt. 12th Regt., and second son of the late W. C. Allen Philipps, esq. of St. Bride's-hill, Pembroke, to Louisa-Sarah, eldest dau. of Richard Bowen, esq. of Manerowen, in the same county.At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Capt. the Hon. Robert Edward Boyle, Coldstream Guards, second surviving son of the Earl of Cork and Örrery, to Georgiana, youngest dau. of Abraham Wildey Robarts, esq. Hill-st. Berkeley-sq.-At York-road Chapel, George Hepburn, esq. of Chesham, Bucks, to LydiaLouisa, dau. of the late John Hepburn, esq. of Southwark.---At Baxton, the Rev. Mark Garfitt, Rector of Stretton, Rutlandshire, to Isabella-Mary, youngest dau. of Geo. Richards Denshire, esq. of Thetford House, Lincolnsh. -At Hintlesham, F. W. Schrieber, esq. of the Roundwood, Ipswich, to Miss Deane, dau. of the late W. Deane, esq. of Alton-hall.- -At Aberdeen, Capt. Nares, R.N. to Susan, relict of the late John Ramsay, esq. of Barra.-At Sutton Veney, Edmund Sharpe, esq. Bengal Art., eldest son of the Rev. William Sharpe, Rector of Pattiswick, Essex, to Fanny, dau. of the Rev. William D. Thring, D. D. Rector of Sutton Veney, and Vicar of Fisherton Delamere, Wilts.At Paddington, the Rev. Chas. Edw. Gray, M.A., Brasenose Coll. Oxf., to Adeleine-Geraldine, dau. of Sir Herbert Compton, of Hyde Park Gardens.At Chelsea, George G. S., eldest son of James Eyres Coward, esq. of Tiverton, Devon, to Anne dau. of the late John Exton North, esq. of Leicester.-At Bishop's Tawton, Devon, Dr. Edwards, of Bath, to Fanny, eldest dau. of W. Amier, esq.- -At Donnybrook, Virginius Murray, esq. of the 29th Regt., son of the late Hon. Alexander Murray, of Frimley, Bagshot, nephew of the late Earl of Dunmore, to Elizabeth-Alicia, only dau. of Col. Poitier, formerly of the 61st Regt.

-At Wymondham, the Rev. John M. Jephson, to Ellen, eldest dau. of Isaac Jeremy, esq. of Stansfield-hall, Recorder of Norwich.-At Weston, near Bath, the Rev. Edward Spencer Phelps, R.N. to Sophia-Elizabeth, sole surviving dau. of the late Rev. Robert Gatehouse.

25. At Haddow, Kent, the Rev. Henry D. Sewell, M.A. fourth son of the late Hon. Jonathan Sewell, LL.D. Chief Justice of the province of Lower Canada, to Elizabeth-Charlotte, youngest dau. of the late Robert Monypenny, esq. of Merrington-place, Kent.

28. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, William Henry, second son of the late Adm. Butterfield, to Maria, second dau. of G. B. Ashmead, esq. of Hayes, Middlesex.--At Kew, the Rev. W. H. Martin Atkins, of Kingston Lisle, Berks, to Diana-Mary, widow of John Tyrrell, esq. of Kew, and dau. of the Rev. James Wyld, of Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wilts.

29. At Ipswich, the Rev. George William Steward, Rector of Caister next Yarmouth, to Ellen, third dau. of the late John Bampton, esq. of the former place. At Alby, the Rev. Smith Churchill, son of the late Rev. J. D. Churchill, Rector of Blickling and Erpingham, to Harriet, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Wm. Rees, Vicar of Horsey, Norfolk.-At Whitburn, Robert, eldest surviving son of Rear-Admiral Hodgson, to Clara, second dau. of William Harrison, esq. of Whitburn.At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Viscount Loftus, eldest son of the Marquess of Ely, to Jane, dau. of the late James Joseph Hope Vere, esq. of Craigie Hall and Blackwood, North Britain. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. George Charles Dalbiac, esq. of the 4th (Queen's Own) Regt. of Light Drag., eldest son of Major Dalbiac, to Louisa-Maria, only dau. of the late Capt. Burges, of the 5th Bengal Cavalry.The Hon. Horace W. B. Cochrane, second son of the Earl of Dundonald, to Frances-Jacobina, widow of the late George J. Carnegie, esq. nephew of the Earl of Northesk. Mitcham, Surrey, the Rev. Richard Simpson, Vicar of Mitcham, to Elizabeth-Mary, only surviving child of the late Rev. Richard Cranmer, late Vicar of the same place.


30. At Binfield, the Rev. Allen Cowburn, M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford, eldest son of William Cowburn, esq. of Sydenham, to RebeMary, eldest dau. of the Rev. J. Randall, Rector of Binfield.-At Warblington, the the Rev. John Coles, of Ditcham Park, and Silchester Rectory, Hants, to Lucy, widow of Robert James Harrison, esq. of Oak Lodge, Emsworth, formerly a Capt. in the Royal Horse Guards (Blue).-At Paris, Charles Sidney, only son of the late John Sidney Hawkins, esq. F.S.A., of Brompton, Middlesex, to Thomasine, eldest dau. of the Rev. John George Maddison, late Rector of West Monckton, Somerset. -At Peterborough, the Rev. Henry Pratt, son of the Rev. Joseph Pratt, Rector of Paston, to Mary-Ann-Davys, dau. of the Bishop of Peterborough.

31. At West Ham, William Elphick, esq. of Newhaven, Sussex, to Lydia, eldest dau. of the late John Gray, esq. of West Ham, Essex.

At the National Scotch Church, London, the Rev. Wm. Cameron, Minister of Lochbroom, Ross-shire, to Martha-Isabella, elder dau. of the late Rev. Alexander Cameron, Minister Edderton, Ross-shire.At Tatterford, the Rev. Wm. Dack-Daniel, M. A. to Anne-Chad, dau, of the Hon. and Rev. Adolphus Augustus Turnour. -In Holy Trinity, Gray's-inn, John Charles Moor, esq. Lieut. late of the Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, to Harriet-Esther, youngest dau. of the late Nathaniel Taylor, esq. of Cornard, Suffolk.

Lately. At South Molton, Devon, R. Jennings Cross, esq. late of the Middle Temple, to Lucy, dau. of John G. Pearse, esq. -At St. George's, Hanover-square, William Jenkins, esq. of Her Majesty's Dockyard, Woolwich, to Louisa-Sophia, second dau. of the late Hon. Sir William Oldnall Russell, Chief Justice of Bengal.-At St. Martin's Church, Col. Louis Theodore Frederick Léon Belin, only son of the late Gen. Belin, to Henrietta-Newport, eldest dau. of the late Capt. Tinley, 3d Royal Veteran Battalion.

Nov. 2. At Paddington, the Rev. William Frederic Wingfield, M. A., of Christ Church College, Oxford, second son of the late John Wingfield, D D., Prebendary of Worcester Cathedral, to Charlotte, second dau. of George Nicholls, esq. of Hyde Park-st.-At Brighton, John Welch, esq. of the Inner Temple, eldest son of the late John Welch, esq. of Lancaster. to Henrietta-Hele-Fowell, eldest dau. of Richard Sprye, esq. of Chesham-pl. London, and grand-dau. of the Rev. John Sprye, Vicar of Ugborough.

5. At North Barsham, Norfolk, Charles Richard Nelson, jun. esq. Sompting, Sussex, eldest son of C. R. Nelson, esq. London, to Elizabeth, youngest dau. of E. F. Leeds, esq. of the former place.- At Winkleigh, Robert George Luxton, esq. of Winkleigh, to Amelia, only surviving dau. of the late C. Luxton, esq. of the same place.-At Brighton, the Rev. J. L. Roberts, M.A., of New Inn Hall, Oxford, to Mary-Angusta, youngest dau. of the Rev. George Proctor, D.D., of Kemp Town. -At Norwich, W. H. Miller, esq. M.A., Professor of Mineralogy in the University of Cambridge, to Harriet-Susan, second dau. of the late R. V. Minty, esq. of the Ordnance Civil Service.

6. At Whitestone, William Lambert, esq. of the Close, Exeter, to Emmeline-Mary, second dau. of the Rev. N. Cole, of Hurston.

7. At Highworth, Wilts, Geo. Fred. Crowdy, esq. of Farringdon, Berks, to Maria-Kate, youngest dau. of James Crowdy, esq. of the former place.--At Dublin, Joliffe Tuffnell, esq. 3d Drag Gds., younger son of the late Col. Tuffnell, of Bath, to Henrietta, relict of the late Robt. Fannin, esq. of Dublin, and only dau. of Croasdaile Molony, esq. co. Clare.At Cheveley, John Fairlie, esq. of Cheveley Park, to Mary, eldest dau. of William Parr Isaacson, esq. of Newmarket.-At Stanton, Suffolk, John Ray, esq. second son of Walter Ray, esq. of Tostock, in the same county, to Julia, dau. of the Rev. George Bidwell, Rector of Stanton.--At Monkstown, near Dublin, Rich. Pater, esq. to Lucinda, dau. of the late Richard Milliken, esq. At Paris, Major Henry Arthur O'Neill, to Emma-Charlotte, third dau. of Robert Sympson, esq.

8. At Hatherleigh, co. Devon, the Rev. Francis E. B. Cole, Curate of the same place, to Miss Elizabeth Field, third dau. of the Rev. Samuel Field, Vicar of Hatherleigh.. -At Northfleet, Kent, Horatio, fourth son of the Rev. William Pace, M.A., Capt. Madras Army, to Jobina, third dau. of Wm. H. Styles, esq. of New House Farm, Northfleet. 9. At Trinity Church, Southwark, Robert John Thomas Bearcroft, son of the late

William Robert Bearcroft, esq. and second grandson of the late Edward Bearcroft, Chief Justice of the county palatine of Chester, to Elizabeth-Jane, only dau. of Edward Butler Taylor, esq. late of Barbadoes.At Byfleet, Surrey, Angus Duncan, esq. of Reading, Berks, to Charlotte-Maria, widow of Chas. Shuttleworth, esq. of the Grange, Great Bowden, Leicestershire.

11. At Binfield, the residence of Gerald Fitzgerald, esq. having been previously married according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, Ellis Cunliffe Lister Kay, esq. of Manningham Hall and Farfield Hall, Yorksh., to Eliza, widow of the late Geo. Mellefont, esq. and dau. of the late Baroness Talbot de Malahide. At Stroud, John Michael Butt, esq. of Kingsholm, near Gloucester, to Isabella-Elizabeth, youngest surviving dau. of John Pierce Brisley, esq. of Stroud.-At Antwerp, John Christian Bowring, esq. of Guadalupe-y-Calvo, in Mexico, to Jeanna, eldest dau. of Adolphus Hay, esq. of Antwerp. 12. At Brighton, William-Henry, only son of William Bonsey, esq. of Belle Vue, Slough, to Mary-Caroline, eldest dau. of M. G. Price, esq. of Brighton.- -At Areley King's, Walter Hemming, esq. of Bentley Lodge, youngest son of William Hemming, esq. of Fox Lydiate House, to Fanny, eldest dau. of the late Wm. Lea, esq. of Areley House, in the county of Worcester.- -At Marylebone, Hugh, only son of Hugh Davies, esq. of Maesgamedd, Merionethshire, to Mary, second dau. of the late Walter Clerk, esq. of East Bergholt House, Suffolk. At Reading, Archdeacon Hare, to Jane-Esther, dau. of the Rev. Michael Maurice. At Awre, Gloucestersh. Thos. Smith, esq. of Worcester, to Anne-Wade, youngest surviving dau. of the late John Wait, esq. of New House, near Newnham.-At Frant, Sussex, the Rev. Alfred Litt Winter, M.A. of Caulfield, Bedfordshire, to Matilda-Mary, youngest dau. of the late William Smith, esq. of Fairy Hall, near Eltham, Kent.

13. At Battersea, the Rev. George Ferris Whidborne, Incumbent of Charles chapel, Plymouth, to Rosa, fourth dau. of the late James Lucas, esq. of Loampit-hill, Deptford.

-At Lyun, the Rev. Henry Hill, M.A. assistant curate of Snettisham, and second son of James Heydock Hill, esq. of Mansfield-st. London, to Dorothea-Everard, eldest dau. of Frederick Lane, esq. of Lynn.-At Tissington, the Rev. Godfrey H. Arkwright, third son of Robert Arkwright, esq. of Sutton Hall, to Frances Rafella Fitzherbert, fourth dau. of Sir H. Fitzherbert, Bart. of Tissington Hall, co. of Derby.At St. James's Church, S. F. De Saumarez, esq. Capt. 74th Regt., to Charlotte, youngest dau. of the late Hiram Frazer, esq. Lieut. R.N.

14. At North Fitzwarren, the Rev. Richard Burridge, of Langford Budville, to Mary-Ann, second dau. of the late John Haddon Turner, esq. of Way House, near Taunton.-At Chelsea, Charles Sterkey, esq. to Mary-Anne, eldest dau. of the late Samuel Bawtree, esq. of Whitehall, Colchester.-At Leighton, Samson S. Lloyd, of Birmingham, banker, to Emma, third dau. of the late Samuel Reeve, esq. of Leighton House, Leighton Buzzard.

At Halifax, the Rev. Wm. Smith, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Helen-Elizabeth, dau. of John Rawson, esq. of Stoney Royd, near Halifax.--At Holloway, near London, Major Jackson, 3rd West India Regt. to Anne, youngest dau. of the late Thomas Shackels, esq. of Hull, shipowner. Portsmouth, Edward Gifford, esq. eldest son of the late Sir Hardinge Gifford, and brotherin-law to Sir W. W. Follett, to Rose, eldest dau. of William Pennell, esq. and niece to the Right Hon, J. W. Croker,




Nov. 29. At her official residence at

Blackheath, aged seventy-one years and six months (to a day), her Royal Highness the Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester, Ranger of Greenwich Park.

She was born at Gloucester house on the 29th May 1773, the eldest child (and only surviving daughter) of Prince William-Henry Duke of Gloucester, (brother to King George the Third,) by Maria, Countess Dowager of Waldegrave, widow of James second Earl of Waldegrave, K. G. and daughter of the Hon. Sir Edward Walpole, K.B. second son of the first Earl of Orford. The King not having countenanced the marriage of his brother, the infant was privately baptized by Dr. Moss, Bishop of St. David's, on the 26th June, the Princess Amelia in person, and the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland, being


Her Royal Highness for many years past has resided alternately in Curzon-street, May Fair, and at Blackheath; the latter residence was assigned to her as Ranger of Greenwich Park, in addition to which her Royal Highness also enjoyed a grant of £7,000 a year. The unostentatious and unfailing charities which were so liberally and bountifully dispersed by her Royal Highness will cause her loss to be severely felt by the poor. On all occasions of a public nature, whether a church was to be built or a school founded, her Royal Highness was always first to contribute her subscription on a most liberal scale. She was an annual subscriber to every local charity. A year before her demise her Royal Highness placed in the hands of the Vicar of Greenwich (the Rev. W. A. Soames) 1007., to be invested for the Jubilee Alms-houses, and 1007. for the Blue Coat Girls' School; but her liberality was chiefly felt in acts of private charity, which were dispensed with a most judicious discrimination. The executors named in the will of her Royal Highness are George Bankes, Esq. M.P. for Dorset, and the Hon. and Rev. Henry Legge, Vicar of Lewisham; and the Executrixes Lady Alicia Gordon and Miss Cotes.

cal attendant, Mr. Wattsford, of Crooms Hill, Greenwich, dated "Blackheath, Friday morning, nine o'clock," commanding his earliest attention. That gentleman immediately went, and found his Royal patient labouring under considerable oppression of the chest, and at her request administered a soothing draught, which afforded instant relief. She then expressed a wish to be left alone, as she hoped to obtain some repose. Mr. W. returned home soon after ten o'clock, but in a few minutes after a messenger came, and announced great fear of her Royal Highness surviving until his return. Mr. W. returned with the messenger, and found that her Royal Highness had just breathed her last, and, as he understood, without a sigh.

The remains of her late Royal Highness lay in state at the Ranger's house, Blackheath, attended by ladies and others of her late Royal Highness's household, during Monday the 9th December. The public were admitted from twelve o'clock at noon till four o'clock in the afternoon. A guard of honour, from the 2d battalion of Coldstream Guards, mounted in front of the house, at half past eleven A.M. and remained on duty till four o'clock in the


[blocks in formation]

(The Parochial Authorities and others filed off at Deptford-bridge, the boundary of the parish.)

A Mourning Coach, drawn by four horses, conveying the Pages and Dressers of her late Royal Highness. The Carriage of her late Royal Highness, drawn by six horses, the nine servants in deep mourning, conveying her Coronet, attended by Sir Archibald Murray, Bart.

Her Royal Highness had been in a declining state of health for nearly two years. On Thursday Nov. 28, she took an airing in her carriage, and on Friday morning, after a restless night, she rang the bell for her attendant, and desired pen, ink, and paper to be brought to her bed


side, when she penned a note to her medi- drawn by eight horses, decorated with

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