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Walter Scott, and published solely that poet's edition of Dryden, in 18 vols. 8vo. His reprint of the "Antient Drama," "British Drama," and "Shakspere," Blomfield's "History of Norfolk," 11 vols. &c. showed that he was not indifferent to the cause of substantial literature; while his edition of "Richardson's Works," 19 vols. supplied a desideratum generally admitted.

The Travels of Viscount Valentia," Sir R. C. Hoare's "Giraldus Cambrensis," and "History of Antient Wilts," are among his most splendid undertakings; but his "British Gallery" was unquestionably a work of unrivalled merit on the score of the art of engraving.

Mr. Miller's magnum opus as a pub. lisher was the historical work of C. J Fox. He gave no less a sum than 4,5001. for the copyright, (the largest upon record,) to the widow of the deceased author. 5,000 copies were printed in demy 4to. at 17. 168. by Mr. Savage, and 250 copies on royal 4to. at 27. 12s. 6d., with 50 upon elephant size, 4to. at 57. 58. by Mr. Bulmer. The publisher barely cleared his expenses by the speculation.

In 1812 Mr. Miller retired from business, in the vigour of life, and with a reputation which was admitted to be excellent even by every "brother of the craft." It was reported he had acquired a large fortune. "I certainly (says he, in a letter to Dr. Dibdin,) was indefatigable and enterprising-1 hope I was liberal, and I feel that I was just and honest to all men. But I beg of you not to talk of my splendid fortune. It is no such thing-far, very far from it. A decent competency, enough to live upon comfortably, with prudence, and to educate my children as becomes their stations." Mr. Miller first retired to a ferme ornée in Hertfordshire; but after a trial of a country life removed to Duchess Street, Portland Place.

In Dr. Dibdin's "Bibliographical Decameron," (to which we are indebted for several particulars in this memoir,) there is a good portrait of Mr. Miller, engraved by E. Scriven, after a painting by T. Phillips, esq. R.A. There is also an excellent portrait of Mr. Miller, drawn from the life, on stone, by J. D. Engleheart, in 1826. This last portrait is sometimes prefixed but does not belong to a work which Mr. Miller published in 1826, entitled, "Biographical Sketches of British Characters recently deceased: commencing with the accession of George IV. comprising 230 subjects, chronologi. cally arranged, from the periods of their

death: with a list of their engraved Portraits," 2 vols. 4to.

The work was creditable to the honesty and candour of Mr. Miller. He seems to been aware that in a few instances very strong language was used. "lf," says he, in this series of characters there should be found some few in elevated life whose glaring vices I have painted in the honest colouring of indignant truth, let no ungenerous motive be attributed. When decency, decorum, and public opinion is thus, in broad day, set at defiance, the posthumous character of the bold perpetrators cannot be too openly exposed to the scorn, contempt, and ignominy of the rising generation." In a note, Mr. Miller was pleased to pay the following acknowledgment :—“` In composing a work of this nature the author was obliged to glean extensively from other sources. It is but candid in me to state, that I have received considerable assistance from my venerable friend Sylvanus Urban. That useful and well arranged publication, the Gentleman's Magazine,' contains the best modern obituary; from it I have obtained most of the dates and many of the events." "As the author, I am answerable for every expression, every sentiment, every opinion conveyed in these pages. When the subject admitted, I have incidentally touched on public institutions, on the arts, and on politics; but if I have expressed any opinions with the freedom which belongs to my nature, and is the birthright of every Englishman, I have done it, if I know myself, without the slightest enmity towards those who hold different sentiments."

The first two volumes comprise the first six years of the reign of George IV. and Mr. Miller promised to continue the work as long as health was granted him. But we believe no more volumes were published; which is much to be regretted.

It seems almost superfluous to add that in private life Mr. Miller was highly esteemed, and his death sincerely lamented by his numerous friends.



Oct. 24. At Waltham Cross, aged 82, Harman Dyson, esq. He was one of the very few horse-dealers who have amassed large fortunes; but the bulk of his property was acquired during the late war, by contracting to supply the cavalry. In early life he had been personally known to George IV., but, though he supplied almost all the carriage horses for the

Royal Mews, yet he never came in contact with his Majesty until accidentally he one day went down to the Royal Lodge with two riding horses to show the King. Accordingly he was commanded to bring his horses in front of the Royal Lodge, where, to his great surprise, the King walked out, and, in his usual familiar manner, accosted him as his "old friend, Dyson," expressing the pleasure he had in again seeing him; and after some conversation about horses "in olden times," and making some remark upon his horses, said he would take both of them, and ordered the page to see that every attention was paid and refreshments given to him. He was so extremely agitated by this interview, and so completely overwhelmed by the kindness and consideration of the King, that on his return home his whole nervous system appeared to have received a shock, which in a few days terminated in a paralytic stroke, and from which he never afterwards perfectly recovered.

Nov. 5. In Jermyn-st. Samuel Hall Lord, esq. of Long Bay Castle, Barbados, father of Mrs. Haywood, of the Willows, near Birmingham.

Nov. 13. At Clapham-common, aged 67, Ann, dau. of the late James Atkinson, esq.

În York-st. Portman-sq. aged 76, Mrs. Warren.

Nov. 14. At Hackney, aged 62, Hylton Dennis Hacon, esq.

In Southwick-cresc. Hyde Park, Mary, wife of Matthew T. D. De Vitre, esq.

Aged 52, John Toswill, esq. of the Neckinger, Bermondsey.

Nov. 15. In Turnham Green-terr. aged 32, Frank Capel Bellis, esq.

In Portland-pl. aged 79, Isabella, widow of Gen. Ross.

Nov. 16. In Oxford-terr. Hyde Park, aged 44, Capt. Oliver St. John, late of the 31st Madras Nat. Inf.

In Howland-st. Fitzroy-sq. aged 74, Mrs. Sarah Hare.

In Russell-sq. aged 72, Hannah. Maria, widow of the Rev. Dr. Richards, Rector of St. Martin's in the Fields.

Aged 53, Alexander Gompertz, esq. son of the late Barent Gompertz, esq.

Nov. 17. Aged 72, William Spike, of Upper Ebury-st. Pimlico, and Clifford'sinn.

Nov. 19. In Upper Grosvenor-st. aged 92, Mrs. Charlotte Milner. She was twice married-first, to the late Robert E. FitzGerald, esq., and secondly, to the late Gen. George Milner.

In Cambridge-st. Hyde Park, aged 55, Mrs. Mary Inkersole, late of St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire.

Nov. 20. At the Royal Hospital, Chel

sea, aged 14, Hugh Percy De Bathe, son of the Rev. G. R. Gleig.

At Islington, aged 37, Janet, wife of Charles Wilkinson, M.D.

In Duke-st. St. James's, Edward, son of Sir Stephen May, Bart. He was discovered on the bed quite dead, having committed suicide by cutting his throat. The captain of a vessel in which he came to England said that he had known him in Madras. He had been in the army, but was dismissed by a general court-martial, on account of a quarrel with a brother officer, which affected his mind. An inquest was held, and a verdict of "Temporary insanity" returned.

At the house of William Walsh, esq, Half Moon-st. Piccadilly, aged 22, Robert, second son of William Lambert, esq. Sowerby, near Thirsk.

Nov. 21. In Wimpole-st. aged 86, Adam Askew, esq. of Redheugh, Durham.

In Upper Albany-st. Regent's Park, aged 64, Elizabeth, dau. of the late Thomas Price, esq. of Highgate.

Esther, wife of Thomas Allan, esq. of Frederick's-pl. Old Jewry, and of Blackheath.

In York-terrace, Regent's Park, James Ritchie, esq. late of Bombay.


Oxford-terrace, William Allen,

[blocks in formation]

Nov. 25. In Gloucester-pl. Portmansq. aged 78, Mrs. Sarah Coope.

Nov. 26. In Dorset-sq. aged 87, Mrs. Meyer, relict of Dr. Meyer.

Aged 74, Frederick Heisch, esq. of Blackheath, and America-sq.

Nov. 27. In Park-lane, Piccadilly, aged 88, Lewis Palaske, esq.

In Norfolk-st. Strand, aged 95, Mrs. Ann Phillips.

Aged 86, Ann, wife of William Blaxland, esq. of Spencer-st. Clerkenwell.

Nov. 29. In Charles-st. Berkeley-sq., aged 58, John Moore, esq.

Capt. Thomas Wallace, of the Madras

[blocks in formation]

Dec. 6. At Herne Hill, aged 71, William Devas, esq.

land-st. Strand (coal merchant), and of Hanger Vale, Middlesex. He died immensely wealthy.

At the residence of her son-in-law, John Watson, esq. of Park-pl. Paddington-green, aged 84, Catharine, relict of the Rev John Bullen, M.A. of Emmanuel Coll. Cambridge.

In Park-st. Grosvenor-sq. aged 52, Mary-Anne, eldest dau. of the late Right Hon. Sir John Nicholl.

At Islington, aged 72, Edward Eyre, esq. formerly of Gray's-inn.

At the house of her brother-in-law, Mr. James Dyer, solicitor, Ely-place, aged 52, Miss Sarah T. Shepherd, of Blyth, Northumberland. Dec. 7. Aged 68, Mr. Thomas Nunn (senior partner of the firm of Thomas Nunn and Sons), of Great James-street, Bedford-row, after residing there 38 years.

At Clapham, aged 83, Mrs. Newberry. Aged 61, Thomas Joseph Harrison, esq. of Harrison's Wharf, St. Katherine's. Edward Wood, esq. of NorthumberGENT. MAG. VOL. XXIII.

At Phillimore-pl. Christiana, wife of Major Lutyens, and dau. of the late William Mair, esq. of Colby House, Kensington.

In Henrietta-st. Brunswick-sq. aged 21, Charlotte Gent, youngest dau. of Samuel Stevens, esq. of Clare, Suffolk.

Dec. 8. In Brunswick-pl. Regent's Park, aged 68, Mrs. Dod.

At Molinere House, Wandsworth, aged 82, William Williams, esq.

Dec. 9. At Greenwich, John Wadman, esq. late of Abingdon-st. Westminster, formerly one of the clerks under Marquess Camden in the Receipt of the Exchequer.

In the Old Kent-road, aged 66, John Watson, esq.

At Clapham New Park, aged 49, Major William Henry Grote, late of the 33d Regt.

Aged 53, George Langdale, esq. late of Hans-pl. Chelsea.

In London. Capt. John Shum, of 26th Regt. third son of George Shum Storey, esq. of Ham Common, Surrey, and Arcot, Northumberland.

In Connaught-sq. Hyde Park, aged 92, Elizabeth, relict of John Crosse Crooke, esq. of Kempshot Park, Hants.

Dec. 10. At Camden Villas, Camden Town, aged 70, Miss Harriett Francis.

In Upper Gower-st. aged 61, Peter Muter, esq. many years of St. Lucia.

Dec. 12. At Tottenham, aged 80, Samuel Staples, esq.

Aged 87, James Kiernan, esq. of Doctors' Commons, and late of South Lambeth.

At Hill-st. aged 30, Louisa-HarrietIsabella, wife of Henry Belward Ray, esq. youngest dau. of the late Rev. John Haggitt.

Aged 79, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Marsden, esq. of Hanover-terr. Regent's Park.

[blocks in formation]

At the residence of her brother, Jermyn-st, aged 81, Mrs. Sarah Baber.

Aged 53, Miss E. Gearing, of Cobornterrace, and formerly of the Rectory House, Bow. Dec. 15. At the Crescent, Peckham Rye, aged 71, Richard Henry Gray, esq. In Upper Brook-st. Grosvenor-sq. aged 76, Sir George Farrant, of Northstedhouse, Chelsfield, Kent, a Justice of the Peace for that county, and a deputy Lieu. tenant of Middlesex. He was the eldest son of George Binstead, esq. (afterwards Farrant) by the daughter and sole heiress of Godfrey Lee Farrant, esq. principal Registrar of the Court of Admiralty. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, Nov. 25, 1825; he practised as a special pleader, and went the Western circuit. He was unmarried.

[blocks in formation]

CAMBRIDGE.-Nov. 9. James Henry, second son of the Rev. T. S. Hughes, of Cambridge, Canon of Peterborough.

Nov. 16. At Granchester, aged 56, Jane, widow of Alex. Scott Abbott, esq. late of Cambridge.

Nov. 19. At the vicarage, Waterbeach, Anne Maria, wife of Rev. Thos. Coombe, and elder surviving dau. of the late G. M. Wagner, esq. of Pall Mall.

Nov. 26. At Parker's piece, Cam. bridge, aged 31, Sarah, relict of the Rev. Joseph Fayrer, formerly Rector of St. Teathe, Cornwall.

Dec. 9. At Milton House, near Cambridge, aged 75, Frances, relict of Samuel Knight, esq. sister of the late Sir William Cave, Bart. and aunt of the present Sir John Cave.

BUCKS.-Nov. 12. At Buckingham, Miss Jones, eldest dau. of the late George Jones, esq. of Castle-st.

CHESHIRE.-Nov. 10. At Chester, Percy Ashworth, esq. barrister-at-law.

Nov. 14. At High Stoney, Tintwistle, aged 68, Mr. John Hyde, farmer. He measured in height six feet four inches; was followed to his grave (at Marple church) by nine sons and two daughters; the eldest, who is shortest of the sons, measures six feet two and a half inches, and several of the younger measure six feet five inches and three quarters. The two daughters are very considerably above the ordinary size of females. The average size of the whole is six feet four inches.

[blocks in formation]


Nov. 29. At Combe Raleigh, aged 26, Harriott Louisa, wife of the Rev. Charles Edward Band, dau. of the late Rev. John Bond, of Freston, Suffolk.

At the residence of his brother, Matford House, Exminster, aged 61, Robert Trood, esq.

Dec. 1. At Bridwell, aged 86, Mary, relict of Richard Hall Clarke, esq.

Dec. 4. At Hill Park, Northam, near Bideford, aged 26, Peter, second son of Peter Hanson, esq.

Dec. 6. At the residence of his brother, Maj.-Gen. Dunbar, Torquay, Henry Dunbar, esq. formerly of Heavitree.

At Torbrian Parsonage, aged 82, Catherine, relict of John Wolston, esq. of Tornewton House.

Dec. 9. Aged 54, Sophia, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Francis Jenkins, Vicar of St. Clement's, Exeter.

Dec. 11. At Torquay, aged 26, A. Burnett Stuart, esq. of the Inner Temple. Dec. 12. At Exeter, aged 62, Mrs. Richard Buller.

[blocks in formation]

Dec. 7. At Weymouth, aged 32, MaryAnne, second dau. of the late James Preedy, esq. of Dunstew, Oxford.

ESSEX.-Dec. 14. Aged 86, Mrs. Ward, relict of Stephen Smith Ward, of Plaistow.

GLOUCESTER.-Nov. 8. At Dowdes well rectory, Anne, wife of the Rev. C. Coxwell.

Nov. 14. At Clifton, Agnes, widow of Edward Archbold, esq. of Ewell, Surrey, and only sister of the late Sir Thomas Reid, Bart.

Nov. 16. At Cheltenham, James D. Potts, esq.

Nov. 18. At Lechlade, aged 74, Robert Herbert, esq.

Nov. 19. At Belle Vue, Clifton, aged 64, Chas. Seager, esq. late of Cheltenham.

Nov. 21. At the residence of his brother, Bristol, aged 42, Alfred Bourshier, esq. late of East Sutton, Kent.

Nov. 23. At Belle Vue, Clifton, aged 60, Elizabeth, relict of Charles Seager, esq. of Cheltenham.

Nov. 24. At Brislington, near Bristol, aged 86, Elizabeth, relict of John Hurle, esq.

Nov. 25. Lady Bryce, widow of MajorGen. Sir Alexander Bryce, K.C.H., and C.B., Inspector General of Fortifica. tions.

[blocks in formation]

Lately. At Morley College, Winchester, aged 79, Martha, widow of the Rev. John Davies, A.M.

Dec. 1. At Chawton-house, aged 18 months, Edward-Brook, fifth surviving son of Edward Knight, jun. esq.

Dec. 3. In consequence of a fall from his horse, aged 50, Nathaniel William Kindersley, esq. of North Brook-house, Bishop's Waltham, late of the Madras Civil Service.

Dec. 4. At Crofton-house, Titchfield, Charles Naghten, esq.

Dec. 9. At Winchester, aged 84, Geo. Hollis, esq. many years Under-sheriff for the county.

At Westmont, Ryde, Mary, second dau. of the late John Lind, M.D.

Dec. 11. Aged 70, John Vavasour Earle, esq. of Winchester.

Dec. 12. At Southampton, aged 80, Dorothy, relict of William Bowyer, esq.

At Winchester, aged 88, Miss Anderson. HERTS. Nov. 18. At Braughing vicarage, Anne-Say, eldest dau. of the late Richard Nixon, esq. of Highgate.

HEREFORD.-Nov. 25. At the vicarage, St. Mark, near Ross, aged 27, Mary,

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