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Chancellor of the University of CAMBRIDGE.

MY LORD SALE HEN it was proposed to me by my V

Lord Bishop of Chester, that I should offer these First Fruits of my academical

Labours to your GRACE, it was with much Satisfaction, that I embraced the Proposal : Nothing doubting of your Grace's Favour to a Member of that University, which has been fo di

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ftinguished by your Regard, and more especially to a Member of that College, which claims the Honour of your Grace's Education. But when the Honourable Gentleman *, who has long been an Ornament to that learned Body in general, and to our Society in particular, was pleased to introduce my Cause to your GRACE, your ready and pleasing Acceptance of my little Tribute, was no more than the Fruits of a reafonable and well grounded Expectation.

The Author, here offered to your Grace's Patronage, was happy in the Smiles and Protection of the most Noble and Worthy PRINCES : His Merits were equal to their Esteem, his Gratitude no inconfiderable Means of perpetuating their Glory, and those very Passages, wherein he applauds his Benefactors, sufficient Testimonies of the Excellency of their Judgment.


It has been my Endeavour, that he should lose none of his deserved Praise in an English Dress; how far I have succeeded, must be left to the DeThe Honourable Thomas Townshend, Esq; Member for the University of Cambridge.


cifion of others : But I shall esteem myself happy; if the acknowledged Worth of the Author shall recommend to your GRACE's Regard, the more humble Labours of the Translator.

Our Author and his Patrons are no more ; but the Works of the one are the standing Memorials of the Fame of both : And, in the Words of one of our Poets)

-What Reward Than this more excellent, for Pow'r and Wealth To gain the Stamp of Worth and honest Fame, Midst all Mankind ? This, this th’ Atridæ have : When all the Plunder of old Priam's House And all their mighty Wealth is loft in Night, And buried in Oblivion's greedy Grave.

Theoc. Encom. p. 196.

Suffer me, my Lord, (without that Flattery which have rendered Dedications infamous) heartily to wish, that your Grace, like these illustrious Persons, may gain the Stamp of Worth and honest Fame, by di


recting all your Actions,---the least of which, in your high Station, is important---to the Glory of God, the Honour of your most gracious Sovereign, and the Good of your Country : That so, when, like theirs, your outward Splendor shall be diminished, and you fleep in Duft, your Fame may flourish in happy Immortality below, yourself may flourish in far more happy Immortality above. I am,

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