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E who gives to the world one pure and good

story, the aim of which is to sow seeds of virtue, a love of right, and that poetic trust

in the workings of a wise and good God, he who successfully does all this is a very great man, whose name is to be remembered, who should be thanked and praised, and one—and to such this truth will be more than title or honour-one for whom we should upon our bended knees thank God for having made. This

may seem extravagant to some, it will not be so to the thoughtful and the true. Read this story of Abdallah carefully, as a work of art should be read, and then tell me that you know any term that can be put to the good that it may do. It is not only good in itself, but it will be, it is now, the cause of good in others Years and years after the hand that writes this shall be withered, and even dust, the mother of some child who as a girl has read this story, shall bring the calm faith in good, the trust in the unseen, the secret purity of life, back to her erring boy by the virtue it implanted.

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