Letters on early education, tr. With a memoir of Pestalozzi

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851 - 179

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Strona 34 - Active, and strong, and feelingly alive To each fine impulse, — a discerning sense Of decent and sublime, with quick disgust From things deform'd, or disarranged, or gross In species? This, nor gems, nor stores of gold, Nor purple state, nor culture can bestow; But God alone, when first His active hand Imprints the secret bias of the soul.
Strona 137 - Delightful task ! to rear the tender thought, And teach the young idea how to shoot...
Strona 30 - Verily, I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall in no wise enter therein.
Strona 130 - ... with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his strength ; and therefore, they loved him as truly and as fervently as he loved England.
Strona v - They made us many soldiers. Chatham, still Consulting England's happiness at home, Secured it by an unforgiving frown, If any wrong'd her. Wolfe, where'er he fought, Put so much of his heart into his act, That his example had a magnet's force, And all were swift to follow whom all loved.
Strona 61 - Fear and awe ought to give you the first power over their minds, and love and friendship in riper years to hold it: for the time must come, when they will be past the rod and correction; and then, if the love of you make them not obedient and dutiful; if the love of virtue and reputation keep them not in laudable courses; I ask, what hold will you have upon them, to turn them to it?
Strona 160 - Creator, and to direct all these faculties towards the perfection of the whole being of man, that he may be enabled to act in his peculiar station as an instrument of that All-wise and Almighty Power that has called him into life.'t Believing in this high aim of education, Pestalozzi required a proper early training for all alike. 'Every human being...
Strona 149 - ... want of sufficient exertions on the part of the pupils, will lead to that very result which I wish to avoid by my principle of a constant employment of the thinking powers. A child must very early in life be taught a lesson which frequently comes too late, and is then a most painful one, — that exertion is indispensable for the attainment of knowledge.
Strona 101 - To the triumph of those principles we look forward, not, we trust, with a fanatical confidence, but assuredly with a cheerful and steadfast hope. Their nature may be misunderstood. Their progress may be retarded. They may be maligned, derided, nay at times exploded, and apparently forgotten. But we do, in our souls, believe that they are strong with the strength, and quick with the vitality of truth; that when they fall, it is to rebound ; that when they recede, it is to spring forward with greater...
Strona 56 - It seems plain to me, that the principle of all virtue and excellency lies in a power of denying ourselves the satisfaction of our own desires, where reason does not authorize them.

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