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On the Reverence which Young
Men owe to themselves - - 27

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A D D R E S S IV. On Honour as a Reward - - - 85

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EXT to the dispositions and manners of Young Women, those of Young Men may be regarded as of the greatest consequence, both to the present and future generations. It is certain they will be attended with the most powerful influence on that Sex, whose empire is universal. Their mutual intercourse indeed is evidently much more efficacious, in moulding the minds, and dire&ting the aëtions, of others, than the highest authority, or the wisest example, of age. How deeply society will be affected by the connexions which Young Men shall form, and by the condućt which they shall hold, as they advance, it is not difficult to imagine; nor can it be necessary to prove, that, as the behaviour of individuals in their early days gives for the most part a turn to the rest, so from the 2

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