Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay, Author of Evelina Cecilia, &c: 1781 to 1786

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Henry Colburn, publisher, Great Marlborough Street., 1842
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Strona 279 - I prized every hour that went by, Beyond all that had pleased me before ; But now they are past, and I sigh, And I grieve that I prized them no more.
Strona 373 - But your publishing — your printing, — how was that?" " That was only, sir, — only because — " I hesitated most abominably, not knowing how to tell him a long story, and growing terribly confused at these...
Strona 396 - such stuff as great part of Shakespeare? only one must not say so! But what think you?— What? — Is there not sad stuff? What?— what?
Strona 162 - True wit is nature to advantage dress'd ; What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd ; Something, whose truth convinc'd at sight we find, That gives us back the image of our mind.
Strona 337 - This day was the ever-honoured, everlamented Dr. Johnson committed to the earth. Oh, how sad a day to me ! My father attended, and so did Charles. I could not keep my eyes dry all day ; nor can I now, in the recollecting it ; but let me pass over what to mourn is now so vain...
Strona 280 - I am in the wrong chair." For I was away from the table. " It is so difficult," said he, " for any thing to be wrong that belongs to you, that it can only be I am in the wrong chair, to keep you from the right one." And then we changed. You will see by this how good were his spirits and his health. I stayed with him two hours, and could hardly get away ; he wanted me to dine with him, and said he would send home to excuse me ; but I could not possibly do that. Yet I left him with real regret. WEDNESDAY,...
Strona 48 - THURSDAY MORNING. — Dr. Johnson went to town for some days, but not before Mrs. Thrale read him a very serious lecture upon giving way to such violence ; which he bore with a patience and quietness that even more than made his peace with me ; for such a man's confessing himself wrong is almost more amiable than another man being steadily right.
Strona 47 - This speech, which she made with great spirit and dignity, had an admirable effect: every body was silenced. Mr Cator, thus interrupted in the midst of his proposition, looked quite amazed; Mr Pepys was much gratified by the interference; and Dr Johnson, after a pause, said 'Well, Madam, you shall hear no more of it: yet I will defend myself in every part, and in every atom!
Strona 336 - ... o'clock before I got any answer. Mr. Langton then came himself. He could not look at me, and I turned away from him. Mrs. Davis asked how the Doctor was? " Going on to death very fast !" was his mournful answer. " Has he taken," said she, " anything ?" " Nothing at all ! We carried him some bread and milk — he refused it, and said —
Strona 105 - Dr. Johnson has been very unwell indeed. Once I was quite frightened about him : but he continues his strange discipline — starving, mercury, opium ; and though for a time half demolished by its severity, he always, in the end, rises superior both to the disease and the remedy, — which commonly is the most alarming of the two.

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