The Wandering Patentee: Or, A History of the Yorkshire Theatres from 1770 to the Present Time, Interspersed with Anecdotes Respecting Most of the Performers in the Three Kingdoms from 1765 to 1795. To which are Added, Never Published, The Diversions of the Morning, and Foote's Trial for a Libel on Peter Paragraph, Tomy 3-4

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Strona 11 - True, I talk of dreams ; Which are the children of an idle brain, Begot of nothing but vain fantasy, Which is as thin of substance as the air, And more inconstant than the wind, who wooes Even now the frozen bosom of the north, And, being anger'd, puffs away from thence, Turning his face to the dew-dropping south.
Strona 259 - One Aristophanes, a wicked wit, Who never heeded grace in what he writ, Had mark'd the manners of this Grecian...
Strona 134 - ... and the fool narrowly escaped suffering the torment of Phalaris. This accident I have now guarded against, by having lined the roof and jaws with thin plates of painted iron. ' To personate Geryon, who had three bodies, I have contrived to tie three men together back to back ; one of them is the famous Negro who swings about his arms in every direction ; and these will make full as grotesque a figure as the man with a double mask. As Harlequin for his eighth labour is to deliver...
Strona 134 - After these I shall transport you to the orchard of the Hesperides, where you will feast your sight with the green paper trees and gilt apples. I have bought up the old copper dragon of Wantley as a guard to this forbidden fruit ; and when he is new burnished, and the tail somewhat lengthened, his aspect will be much more formidable than his brother dragon's in Harlequin Sorcerer. " But the full display of my art is reserved for the last labour, the descent through a trap door into Hell.
Strona 245 - Make me to see it, or at least so prove it, that the probation bears no hinge or loop to hang a doubt on — or — woe.
Strona 254 - Judge. I agree entirely with my brother Demur that this Fot is a most notorious offender, and ought to be taken measure of, and taught how dangerous a thing it is for him to tread upon other people's toes ; and so, as my brother observes, to prevent his being so free with other people's legs — we will lay him by the heels.
Strona 3 - In four volumes. To which are added, never published, The diversions of the morning, and Foote's trial for a libel on Peter Paragraph.
Strona 259 - USH ! let me fearch before I fpeak aloud — Is no informer fkulking in the croud ? With art laconic noting all that's faid, Malice at heart, indictments in his head, Prepar'd to levy all the legal war, And roufe the clamorous legions of the bar ! Is there none fuch ? — not one ? — then entre nous ' I will a tale unfold, tho' ftrange, yet true ; The application muft be made by you.
Strona 133 - But he is next to drive away those enormous birds of Stymphalus's lake, which were of such prodigious bigness, that they intercepted the light with their wings, and took up whole men as their prey. I have got a flock of them formed of leather covered with ravens' feathers ; they are a little unwieldy, I must confess; but I have disposed my wires, so as to play them about tolerably well, and make them flap out the candles ; and two of the largest are to gulp down the grenadier, stationed at each door...
Strona 197 - I cannot raise my worth too high ; Of what vast consequence am I! Not of th' importance you suppose, Replies a Flea upon his nose. Be humble, learn thyself to scan ; Know, pride was never made for Man. 'Tis vanity that swells thy mind. What, heav'n and earth for thee design'd ! For thee! made only for our need, That more important Fleas might feed.

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