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Tetsuji Yamamoto
Ecole des hautes études en sciences culturelles, 1998 - 856
Modern epistemology and modern society have separated subject from object, defined economy as industrialization, structured politics into the formations of nation-states, and institutionalized social practices. These "philosophical and social designs of separations" have given birth to physical and symbolic violences at various levels. State power, imperialism, male domination, as well as the ritual "violence" within human existence itself are expressed in various scenes in the world of everyday life. To overcome this violence requires the promotion of a philosophical design that reconsiders the significations of modernity itself.
This volume presents work from the front lines of an international intellectual effort to fundamentally reconsider "the social," "the natural," "the human," and "the cultural." This project is not, however, a one-sided critical negation of modernity. Rather, the contributions create an opportunity to rethink the modern in all its depth to draw forth a critical affirmation of modernity, and to seek new ways of deploying the intelligence of West and East. Through transdisciplinary "thinking technologies" drawing on fields such as philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, contemporary social research, women's studies, architecture and urban studies, participants develop pointed examinations of various phenomena and sites within the contemporary situations.
The present collection contains original writings by and interviews with prominent thinkers.

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