An Inquiry Concerning the Author of the Letters of Junius: With Reference to the Memoirs by a Celebrated Literary and Political Character, Wydanie 3

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T. Bensley, 1814 - 114
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An attempt to identify Junius with Richard Glover.

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Strona 43 - Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton; and the peculiar happiness of my life will ever consist in promoting the welfare of a people, whose loyalty and warm affection to me I consider as the greatest and most permanent security of my throne...
Strona 43 - You ascended the throne with a declared, and, I doubt not, a sincere resolution of giving universal satisfaction to your subjects. You found them pleased with the novelty of a young prince, whose countenance promised even more than his words; and loyal to you, not only from principle, but passion.
Strona 25 - The distance of the Colonies would make it impossible for them to take an active concern in your affairs, if they were as well affected to your Government as they once pretended to be to your person. They were ready enough to distinguish between you and your Ministers. They complained of an act of the legislature, but traced the origin of it no higher than to the servants of the Crown : they pleased themselves with the hope that their sovereign, if not favorable to their cause, at least was impartial.
Strona 30 - September last, that he once saw a tall Gentleman, dressed in a light coat with bag and sword, throw into the office door opening in Ivy Lane, a letter of Junius's, which he picked up, and immediately followed the bearer of it into St. Paul's Church-yard, where he got into a hackney coach, and drove off. But whether this was " the gentleman who transacted the conveyancing part" or JUNIUS himself, it is impossible to ascertain.
Strona 2 - ... affluent circumstances, of unsullied honour and generosity, who had it equally in his heart and in his power to contribute to the necessities of other persons, and especially of those who were exposed to troubles of any kind on his own account : that he was in habits of confidential intercourse, if not with different members of the...
Strona 65 - As for the common sordid views of avarice, or any purpose of vulgar ambition, I question whether the applause of JUNIUS would be of service to Lord Chatham. My -vote will hardly recommend him to an increase of his pension, or to a seat in the Cabinet. But, if his ambition be upon a level with his understanding, — if he judges of what is truly...
Strona 69 - Your Grace may probably discover something more intelligible in the negative part of this illustrious character. The man I have described would never prostitute his dignity in parliament by an indecent violence either in opposing or defending a minister.
Strona 34 - Whenever the spirit of distributing prebends and bishopricks shall have departed from you, you will find that learned seminary perfectly recovered from the delirium of an installation, and, what in truth it ought to be, once more a peaceful scene of slumber and thoughtless meditation. The venerable tutors of the university will no longer distress your modesty by proposing you for a pattern to their pupils. The learned...
Strona 44 - Such, sir, was once the disposition of a people, who now surround your throne with reproaches and complaints. Do justice to yourself. Banish from your mind those unworthy opinions, with which some interested persons have laboured to possess you.
Strona 10 - THE spirit of your letter* convinces me that you are a much better writer than most of the people whose works you publish. Whether you have guessed well or ill must be left to our future acquaintance. For the matter of assistance, be assured that, if a question should arise upon any writings of mine, you shall not want it. Yet you see how things go, and I fear my assistance would not avail you much. For the other points of printing, &c., it does not depend upon us at present. My own works you shall...

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