A Contemporary History of Affairs in Ireland, from 1641 to 1652, Wydanie 11

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Sir John Thomas Gilbert
For the Irish archaeological and Celtic society, 1880
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Strona xxiv - Church to be fired, when one of them was heard to say in the midst of the flames : " God damn me, God confound me ; I burn, I burn.
Strona xxxiv - As for your carrying away any artillery or ammunition, that you brought not with you, or ' that' hath not come to you since you had the command of that place, — I must deny you that ; expecting you to leave it as you found it. ' As' for that which you mention concerning liberty of conscience, I meddle not with any man's conscience. But if by liberty of conscience, you mean a liberty to exercise the Mass, I judge it best to use plain dealing, and to let you know, Where the Parliament of England...
Strona xxiv - The governor, Sir Arthur Ashton, and divers considerable officers being there, our men getting up to them, were ordered by me to put them all to the sword. And indeed, being in the heat of action, I forbade them to spare any that were in arms in the town: and, I think, that night they put to the sword about 2,000 men...
Strona xxiv - Dublin," 16th September 1649. Sir, — It hath pleased God to bless our endeavours at Tredah. After battery, we stormed it. The Enemy were about 3,000 strong in the Town. They made a stout resistance ; and near 1,000 of our men being entered, the Enemy forced them out again. But God giving a new courage to our men, they attempted again, and entered ; beating the Enemy from their defences. The Enemy had made three retrenchments, both to the right and left " of" where we entered ; all which they were...
Strona xxiv - ... being thus entered, we refused them quarter, having the day before summoned the town. I believe we put to the sword the whole number of the defendents. I do not think thirty of the whole number escaped with their lives : those that did are in safe custody, for the Barbadoes.
Strona xxv - that on this occasion Cromwell exceeded himself and. any thing he had ever heard of, in breach of faith and bloody inhumanity ; and that the cruelties exercised there, for five days after the town was taken, would make as many several pictures of inhumanity, as are to be found in the book of martyrs...
Strona xlv - That they found in Clonmel the stoutest Enemy this Army had ever met in Ireland ; and that there was never seen so hot a storm, of so long continuance, and so gallantly defended, either in England or Ireland.
Strona xxvi - ... each of the assailants would take up a child and use it as a buckler of defence, when they ascended the steps, to keep themselves from being shot or brain'd. After they had killed all in the church, they went into the vaults underneath where all the flower and choicest of the women and ladies had hid themselves.
Strona xxvi - He told them that 3000 at least, besides some women and children, were, after the assailants had taken part, and afterwards all the towne, put to the sword on the n and 12 of Sept.
Strona xliii - Your last Letter. I received, and in answer: — I " have such confidence in God to maintain this place as I will " not lose it upon such terms as you offer, but will sooner lose " my life and the lives of all that are here rather than submit " to such dishonourable conditions. So I rest, — Sir, — your " servant, WALTER BUTLER." Whereupon, 'on Monday the 25th, our batteries...

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