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HE following Memorials of Tablets and Tomb-stones

have been kindly copied by Mr. Thomas Cocker, Sec

retary of the Church.

The three marble tablets, as under, originally placed in the old chapel, have been renovated, and fixed in prominent positions on the walls of the new Church, along with a Brass Plate, in connection with the Bicentenary by Mrs. Blazeby :

In Memory of

for forty-three years
the faithful minister of this chapel,
who died Jany. 12th, 1862, aged 68 years.

This tablet is erected
as a tribute of respect

by his congregation. Mens nescia mortis vivit et aspectu fruitur bene conscia Christi.' The Latin inscription is a copy of a monument dedicated to an early Christian

in the Catacombs of Rome, signifying:-
The Soul, unconscious of death, lives,
And in beatific consciousness enjoys the sight

of Christ.

to the memory of

of Rotherham,
Who departed this life May 30th, 1862,

in the 93rd year of her age.
Her mortal remains are deposited

in a vault in this chapel.

The following Tablet was originally placed over the burial-place, in the left

aisle of the Old Chapel :

Here lie the remains of SARAH ANN MCDERMOT,

Daughter of Mrs. Fisher, of
Nottingham, and niece of

Harry Thompson,
one of the Trustees

of this Chapel Born 19th of September, 1803,

Died 1st April, 1825,

“The above memorial stone removed from the
Old Chapel in grateful recognition of Mrs. Ann Fisher's

Munificent Bequest to this Congregation."

EXTRACT FROM OLD REGISTER. Miss McDermott, daughter of Mrs. Fisher, of Nottingham, died suddenly at Mr. Harry Thompson's house in Rotherham, and was interred April 7th, 1825, in the Unitarian Chapel of the aforesaid place by me



to the memory of
Eliz[abeth, mother of ?]

who departed this life
Feb. 19th, 1810. Aged 75 years.

Also the above named

who departed this life
May 5th, 1840. Aged 64 years.
". With eye repentant and with heart sincere
O view the dust [which] now lies moulding here :
View, and when viewing, thy Great God adore,
Be faithful now, and Bless'd, when time is no more."

Died. Year. Age.
Samuel Norburn.

1843 45 years. No farther seek his merits to dis:lose,

June 27th.

Nor draw the frailties from the dread abode,
There they, alike, in trembling hope repose :

The bosom of his Father and his God."
Hannah, relict of above

Jan. 25th.

1878 84 years. Hannah, wife of Charles Norburn June 13th.

1882 67 years. Charles Norburn

Oct. 26th.

1892 73 years. Benjamin Graham

Feb. 1st. 1875 65 years. George, grandson of above, and son

of George and Susannah

Dec. 12th. 1868 1 year and 6

weeks. Sarab Ann, wife of above Benjm. Graham

March 9th.

1882 75 years.

Died. Sabella Jessop

March 21st.
George Jessop, husband

Augt. 13th.
Hannah Jessop, niece of above Geo.

Feb. 28th.

Year. Age. 1873 79 years. 1875 81 years.

1890 69 years.

[blocks in formation]

1863 10 years and

8 months. 1867 3 months.

1875 50 years.

Ashworth Lee Butterworth

July 25th.
Joshua Butterworth, father of above
Sarah Butterworth

April 16th.
Richard Tasker

Dec. 19th.
Tasker, his wife

Thomas Tasker, son of above

Dec. 11th.

1826 62 years.

74 years 1882 72 years.

1827 57 years
1870 86 years

1839 infancy.

Harry Thompson

July 19th. Elizabeth Thompson, wife

Sept. 16th. Eleanor Jane, daughter

July 20th. John, son of George and Hannah Leadbeater

Feb. 3rd. Thomas, son of George and Hannah Leadbeater

Aug. 27th. Hannah Leadbeater (above named) Feb. 5th. Frank, son of George and Hannah Leadbeater

June 22nd.
George Leadbeater (above named). March 20th.
Harry, son of Henry and Elizabeth

Leadbeater, and grandson of
the above named

Decr. 13th.
Walter, son do. do.

Jan. 27th.

1840 2 months 1844 41 years.

1846 3 years.
1863 50 years

1860 infancy.
1880 7 years.

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Edwin Blunn, son of Thomas and

Jan. 27th.
Hannah (above named)

Feb. 20th.

July 25th.
Charles (son of) Do.

March 3rd. Jane

Feb. 25th.

1836 4 years. 1843 51 years. 1850 62 years. 1852 28 years. 1859 37 years.

Henry Blunn

A pil 24th.

1845 27 years.

Frank William, youngest son of Chas. and Amelia Blunn

March 10th. Thomas Blunn

Augt. 27th.

1859 10 years.
1862 42 years.

Samuel Blunn, of Rother Villa, Cat. cliffe

Decr. 29th.

1878 53 years.

Harriet Butcher

April 25th.

1855 52 years.

Died. Louisa Butcher ..

May 3rd.
Charles Butcher

July 30th.
Harriet, wife of Charles Butcher Feb. 28th.
William, son
Charles Butcher, above named :: July 2nd.
Edith Rose Atkinson, grand-daugh-
ter of above

April 2nd.

Year. Age 1860 11 months. 1862 10 weeks. 1864 34 years.

infancy. 1865 48 years.

1891 23 months.

1864 81 years.

Joseph Hatfield Turner, surgeon Oct. 11th.

Rest in peace.” Elizabeth Turner, only sister of above

Nov. 1st.

1884 87 years.

John Needham
Hannah, sister of above ::

July 13th.
Feb. 29th.

1854 53 years. 1872 78 years.

[blocks in formation]

Evans ..

Mary, daughter of John and Eliza
Evans ..

July 18th.
Eliza, daughter of John and Eliza

Augt. 21st. John Evans, above named

Oct. 30th. Jane, daughter

Jan. 14th. Eliza, wife

Augt. 8th. A stone with initials “E. H.” (Eliza,

1841 4 months. 1846 42 years. 1863 25 years. 1873 75 years.

infant daughter of James and
Katherine Hill, born 1841, died

Mary, wife of James Hattersley

Augt. 24th.
Mary Atkinson, daughter of above Decr. 4th.
James Hattersley, above named .. Dec. 31st.
Ann Overend, daughter of above
James and Mary

Oct. 31st.

1844 61 years. 1853 37 years. 1862 72 years.

1873 50 years.

John Hattersley
Elizabeth, wife ..

May 26th.
Sept. 16th.

1872 58 years.
1889 70 years.

Benjamin Favell
Martha, wife
William, son

Augt. 16th.
April 2nd.
April 26th.

1832 59 years.
1857 73 years.
1882 61 years.

Joseph Ramsbottom
Rachel, wife
Samuel, son
Sarah, daughter

Sept. 6th.
Sept. 26th.
Nov. 18th.
Jan. 22nd.

1820 64 years.
1825 68 years.
1852 71 years.
1872 88 years.

Jacob Brettell
Martha, wife

Jan. 12th.
June 6th.

1862 69 years.
1864 70 years.

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