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being of the Unitarian denomination in Rotherham,
founded about 1706. Mr. Brettell has kept the last of the
three Register Books sent, from September, 1816 (when he
became minister of the chapel) to the present time, in his
possession. The other two Register Books have been kept
by the ministers who preceded him, till the resignation of
Dr. Warwick in 1816, since which time they have been
kept by John Aldred, Esq., local trustee, Rotherham."

The Register opens with this record :-

The Licence for Rotherham Chappel is in the Hands of Mr.
Saml. Kirk, of Meadow hall, March 20, 1768, the Licence put
into my hands by Mr. Kirk.

This Mem.” would appear to be in Mr. Moult's hand writing

Licences for the Nonconformist ministers to preach and their people to meet for worship, under sanction of the law, had been originally granted by Charles II. In 1672 this King issued, by his Royal authority as head of the Church, a declaration of indulgence to such as cannot conform in all things to the Church of England. The Independents eagerly availed themselves of the offer, and the Presbyterians, though hesitating at first, considered it on the whole the best course to accept the indulgence, though by this concession they feared they might be placing themselves in the category of sectaries, that is of a sect accepting legal distinction and separation from the Church of England. Their own preference and indeed hope was, that they might ultimately again be included by some mutual arrangement within the constiutional bounds of the National Church. Old Oliver Heywood, e.g., who was not a politician, obtained a licence to be a teacher in his own house of a congregation of the persuasion commonly called Presbyterian. A large number of the Presbyterian clergy did the same. This declaration of indulgence was, however, withdrawn by the King in 1675, to the great dismay and distress of those Nonconformists who had opened places of worship on reliance upon its continuance. Again, in 1687, James II. issued a “Declaration for liberty of

conscience" in favour of the Nonconformists and Roman Catholics, but chiefly on behalf of the latter, to whose communion he himself belonged. As an illustration of this kind of policy, the Liberal Government of this year, 1906, are granting facilities under the “Education Act," especially to the Catholics and Jews, though also in a much more restricted degree, to the Church of England.

The second entry is of Mr. Moult's own son, of whom we shall hear more.

Robert Wyld, s. Saml. and Bridget Moult, b. 5th Sept., bap. 27th, 1748.

Entry 4 is that of

'James, s. Jeremiah and Dinah Swift, Crookhouse, b. 22nd Sept., bap. 21st Oct., 1748.'

On the opposite page is this note :

No. 4, at the Desire of Mr. Swift, registered here Joseph, the eldest s. of J. and D. Swift, was b. Oct. 6th, 1746.'

As the Swifts were one of the chief Rotherham families, and allied to the church, the above note would indicate the surprise of the minister of the Meeting-house to be requested to baptise the child.

After the entry of Baptism 16,

John, s. Thos. and Hannah Longley, b. 16th Nov., bap. 20th, 1751, there follows,

Mem. Here the alteration of the stile first began to take place, and the Beginning of the Year is reckon'd from the 1st Day of January.'

Two children, one from Worksop, and Mary, daughter of the minister and his wife, had been baptised according to the new style, when we find another note :

Mem. On September, 1752, the stile was fully alter'd, and 11 days intercalated, so that the Birth Days of the preceeding children must all be reckon'd according to the old stile."

Of the 150 Baptisms during Mr. Moult's ministry the chief names are Greaves, Wilson, Kirk, Wyld, Longley, Naden, Corfield, Jubb, West, Hart, Dyson, Sylvester, Favell (six times), e.g., No. 55.

Rupert Godfrey James, s. Wm. and H. Favell, b. 24th Feb., bap. 5th May, 1762.”

Other ministers occasionally performed the service of baptism at the Rotherham Chapel, including Mr. Scott, of Doncaster, Mr. Meyhew, Mr. Hall, of Stannington, Mr. Evans, of Sheffield. These neighbourly services occurred more particularly from July, 1775, to July, 1776, during which period Mr. Moult was suffering under paralytic strokes, causing his death, as before stated.


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As the original Register of Chapel Baptisms was commenced by Mr. Moult, similarly is it interesting to discover that the first list of subscribers to the chapel is dated 1774, two years prior to his death. The first list recorded is as follows : 1774-5 1776

1774-5 1776 & 77

& '77 d d

s d d Saml. Kirk

10 0 0 0 Wm. Dey..... 10 13 George Denton 1 6 16 Thos. Goodison. 1 0 1 3 Thos. Pygott 2 0 2 6 Thos. Woodcock 1 0 1 6 Wm. Wyld

2 6 2 6 Jno. Ironsides. 1 3 1 6 Wm. Favell, junr. 5 0 7 6 Jno. Whiteley 6 2 6 Jon. Mellor... 2 6 5 0 John Wylde 2 6 2 6 R. Wylde Moult 5 0 21 0 Rich. Greaves.. 1 0 1 0 Saml. Wild

1 0 1 3 Cam. Butler 1 0 1 3 Jno. Plant

2 0 2 6 Mary Downs 1 0 1 0 Jno Lay

10 0 0 Josi. Marsdin.. 0 6 09 Henry Martin 16 0 0 Joseph Nadin. 6 0 2 0 Thos. Brownell 2

6 0 Jno. Bagshawe. 2 6 0 0 Susannah Radley 6 1

Martin Heywood 1 6 0 0 Sam. Stones 3 0 3 0 Geo. Kirk

2 6 5 0 Francis Oxley 1 6 1 6 Geo. Pashly 1 0 13 Jos. Corfield

16 2 0 Thos. Horsfall . 0 6 0 0 Thos. Wood

0 0 2 6 Wm. Smith ... 0 0 16 Mrs. Hobon

0 0 2 6 Stephen Fowler . 0 0 1 3 Mr. Steward 0 0 2 3 Mary Genn 0 0

3 Thos. Broadhead 0 0 13 D. McDairmard. 0 0 1 0 Eliz. Bingley 0 0 1 0 Robt. Withers .. 0 0 10 Geo. Bagshaw 0 0 09 Mary Turner 0 0 0 6 Wm. Kelly

0 Wm. Wastman . 0 0 1 6 Thos. Whitley 0 0 1 0 John Taylor ... 00 6 Wm. Wyld

0 0 0 71

At the head of the page is posted “ Ist quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter." For the years 1776 and '77 the subscriptions were increased, and the explanation

pr. quarter" is notified. Also 17 fresh subscribers were added to the above, though six of the previous list appear to have discontinued, partly by removals and deaths.


Amongst the oldest Deeds of the Trust archives, is one dated 1675, granting "liberty and power" to kill deer in certain Sheffield woods of the Earl of Norwich. As this privilege was enjoyed with others by" John Shore," and as a descendant of his sold the Rotherham parsonage for the benefit of the Rotherham parson, the question arises,—Whether the privilege does not still appertain to the minister, for the time being, though a prior question has first to be answered,—where are the woods, and where are the deer? The present minister, being a fond disciple of good Isaac Walton, may not care to follow up the question, or the “ deere."

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I John Eyre Sheffeild by virtue of a Commission from The Right Honorable Henry Earle of Norwiche Earle Marshall of England to me grannted bearing date the 16th day of June last past Further Know Ye that I the said John Eyre for and in consideration of Five pound to mee in hand paid doe give liberty and power unto Mr. Gregory Revell of Wadsley, John Yealand, of Crowder House, William Yealand of Sheffeild and John Shore of the same all within the County of York and their assignes to kill and dispose of the deer for the term of fifteene years next ensueing the day of the date hereof within these woods hereafter mentioned that is to say In the old parke Shertcliffe Park Lowe Wood adioyning to it Rowe Wood and Screath Wood Oakin Banke Hoacar Wood and Burngreave Waukeley Banke and Rawson Spring all within the Parish of Sheffeild aforesaid and Beely Wood and Day Tax Wood within the Parish of Ecclesfeild and County of Yorke aforesaid And that the above mentioned persons are not nor shall not hinder any persons for killing or taking any deer away provided they be (raised} within some other liberty provided nevertheless that if at any time my Lord Marshall or his heires or assignes shall be so minded to store and replenish the said Chase with Deere again and to preserve them for their own (or) disposition pleasure or proffitt according to their right and accustomed privilidges that then it shall and may be lawfull for them or their heirs to store the said Chase with deer again and to preserve them as before but in case My Lord Marshall or his heires be so minded to do it within the term of fifteen years then I do hereby bind my selfe and my heirs & Executors to repay the said sum of £5 to the partys above named or their assignes And alsoe provided that if My Lord Marshall command a deer for his own use at any time that his agents or servants shall have free liberty and power to range and kill the deer within the prcints aforesaid & then that the said John Eyre above mentioned for what deer is killed by any of these partys above mentioned or theire assignes that hee shall have the sixth part of the said deere. And free liberty to kill any deere---above named in syx to bee divided.

Given under my hand and seale (the 26th of October 1675).
Sealed and delivered in the presence of
Robert Yealland


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