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This Wm. Beckwith resided at Thurcroft, was a Justice of the peace, and his name appears frequently in our Register to Certificates of marriages, [marriages under the Commonwealth were performed in a civil form by magistrates.] Wm. Spencer of Attercliffe and Bramley Grange, was also another magistrate, and it appears he was frequently concerned along with Mr. B. upon such occasions ; some certificates having both names to them. For my own part I wish the business had been permitted to remain in the hands of the justices, as marriage is only a civil institution, and any mode of performing the ceremony when sanctioned by the laws of the country renders it legal and sufficient. The Church of Rome converted it into a Sacrament, (sic) from whence our priests and their superstitious Devotees have addopted it among their other childish ceremonies, and retained the symbol of the ring, together with the imaginary sanctity of the Altar, as necessary appendages.”

Mr. Robert Wylde Moult held obviously very strong ideas of his own in favor of the civil contract, and judiciary performance of marriage, but as he never married, and perhaps never softened to love's tender sentiments, his Puritan views regarding the “Sacrament,” the "ring,” and the “ Altar may have been the more pronounced. Another historical extract relating to the

to the “family arms ” may be selected :

"I have reason to suppose you have found the proper record of the Birth of Eliz. S., not only because it corresponds very well with her age when she was married, but also as from papers in my possession it is certain her father's name was Robert. I wish you could inform me of her mother's (maiden) name, and whether she was not a near relation of the well-known Col. John Bright.

Col. Bright, of Carbrook Hall, Sheffield, raised and commanded troops in these parts on the side of the Parliament against the King.

" Any additional information respecting the Scargills will also be very acceptable to me. Perhaps you already know that the family Arms was Ermine, a Saltier Gules-Crest unknown. These Arms, impaled with those of her husband, Thos. Shirley (viz., paly of 6.0. & Az.,) are now upon the Seat Door belonging to me in our church, and they also are upon the Tomb Stone in the Isle close to the above menitoned Seat."

There is a reference to a seal of the family of Fletcher, of Worksop, &c.--"the original is of silver, mounted in ivory, of an antique form and large enough to contain a quantity of wafers, &c. It was the property of the late revd. John Fletcher, of N. Walsham, Norfolk, and is now in the possession of his only child, late widow of my deceased friend, John Markham, but now the wife of -- -Barnard, Norwich.

"I have written the above in a desultory manner, as a person is waiting (perhaps rather impatiently) to take it. You will, therefore, please to excuse any mistakes you may discover, and believe ine to be

Dr. Sir,
Yours respectfully,

R. W. Moult. N.B.-The wax seals of Scargill and Fletcher, affixed to the above letter, are very fine productions,

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HE names of the first trustees in the original trust

appointment of 1st and 2nd November, 1704, are :

Thomas Hollys, junr., Gent, of London ; Robert Wylde, of Wickersley, Gent ; William Langley, of Rotherham, Mercer ; Richard Hutchinson, of Rotherham, Mercer ; Joseph Foljambe, of Eastwood, Ship Carpenter ; John Henfroy, of Rotherham, Tobacco Pipe Maker; John Stones, of Rotherham, Whitesmith ; Thomas Radcliffe, of Basenthorpe, Yeeman; John Kirk, of Maddow Hall, Linen Weaver ; and Nicholas Hattersley, of Rotherham, Yeeman. With Thomas Hollis, junr., and Robert Wylde we become well acquainted in this narrative. William Langley, of Rotherham, mercer, would be the son of the Mr. Langley, who found accommodation in Ratten Row,” for the first meetings of the ejected ministers and their followers. Richard Hutchinson belonged to a substantial Rotherham business family. Of Joseph Foljambe, of Eastwood, ship carpenter, it would be interesting to discover if there was any connection between him and the county family of Foljambe, residing at Aldwark Hall, just beyond Eastwood. This “ Joseph,” the ship carpenter, was celebrated for his invention of the “ Rotherham plough,” which enjoyed a national celebrity. The inventor afterwards sold the patent to Mr. Staniforth, of Firbeck, who gave the liberty of

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