A Chronology of Municipal History and Election Statistics, Waterville, Maine, 1771-1908

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Clement Martin Giveen
Maine farmer Press, 1908 - 278

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Strona 7 - William and Mary, by the grace of God of ' England, Scotland, France and Ireland, king and queen, defenders of the faith, &c.
Strona 121 - That a joint committee of three members of the senate, and five members of the house of representatives, be appointed, to...
Strona 128 - The. manufacture of Intoxicating liquors, not Including cider, and the sale and keeping for sale of intoxicating liquors, are and shall be forever prohibited. Except, however, that the sale and keeping for sale of such liquors for medicinal and mechanical purposes and the arts, and the «ale and keeping for sale of elder may be permitted under such regulations as the legislature may provide.
Strona 31 - Winslow; and that the inhabitants thereof be and hereby are invested with all the powers, privileges and immunities which the inhabitants of any of the towns within this province, respectively do, or by law ought to enjoy.
Strona 31 - Township 9 qualified by law to vote in Town affairs, to meet at such time and place as shall be therein set forth, to choose all such officers as shall be necessary to manage the affairs of said Township, And ~be it further enacted, that the freeholders of the said Town...
Strona 88 - To see if the town will vote to receive its proportion of the money which is or may be deposited with this State by the United States in pursuance of 'an act to regulate the deposit of public money' on the conditions specified in an act of this State, entitled 'an act providing for the disposition and repayment of the public money apportioned to the State of Maine on deposit, by the Government of the United States.
Strona 31 - Be it therefore enacted by the Governor, Council, and House of Representatives, (Sect.
Strona 73 - Whereas, by an Act of the State of Massachusetts, passed on the nineteenth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, entitled "An Act relating to the separation of the District of Maine from Massachusetts, Proper, and forming the same into a separate and independent State...
Strona 52 - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Strona 73 - Is it expedient, that the District of Maine shall become a separate and independent State, upon the terms and conditions, provided in an act, entitled...

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