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law of analogy was lost, this beautiful and certain language fell into mere naturalism, and the Word has since been understood, either precisely as it reads in the letter, or else been considered figurative, and therefore been interpreted according to the various states and prejudices of men, And thence has originated all the different creeds and doctrines of Christendom. And nothing short of the restoration of this science can ever draw out the deep truths of the Word, restore harmony to the minds of Christians, and bring the watchmen to see eye to eye. Nor can this be done by merely bringing the philosophy of this science into the external plane of the mind, so as to see the propriety and consistency of it. Nothing short of the possession of this heavenly light in the affections, and the carrying it out in our lives, will restore order and harmony among men.

But, to accomplish this, it is necessary, in the first place, to have a common plane upon which we can rationally meet to learn the true character of our God, of ourselves and of the way of life, as taught in the Holy Word. This common ground we have, in a light indisputable, in the divine science of correspondences.

But, it is asked, “What is the strongest and most conclusive evidence which you have to offer in proof of the truth and certainty of this new science ?” Weanswer, No evidence can be sufficiently clear and full to satisfy a mind that will not look at it, or that has no taste nor desire for things beyond the gift of this world. But if even such a person were entirely unacquainted with the Chinese language, and should remove to China, and there learn to speak and write that language, so as to read their books and understand them, and should find that they contained a rational and consecutive chain of ideas and history of events, he certainly would be convinced that they had a language,

and that he had learned it. It is precisely so with the language of analogy. It must be examined and learned, and tested by the reading of analogical language before it can be understood.

Now let that same man come to the Sacred Scriptures and look at the first two chapters of Genesis, the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew, the tenth of Ezekiel and the twenty-first of Revelation, and he will be as much at a loss to know their true meaning, as he was that of the Chinese language when he went to that country. But let him learn the language of analogy until he can read and understand the Holy Word by it, and can see a beautiful and consistent course of useful instruction pervading the entire chapters mentioned ; and not only them, but also the whole Word, making it a new Book, most clear and instructive, and he will then be much more strongly convinced of the indisputable verity of this language than he was, or could possibly be, of that of the Chinese.

Now, we can say to such persons, that many are the human minds, of different nations of the earth, who are becoming thus convinced. Will not God's Holy Word, then, yet become known as it is, and be universally received, loved and regarded ? Will it not become the great Law of the land, and restore universal

peace on earth and good will toward men ? It most surely will. That glorious shout of the angels, at the birth of our Lord, was not made in vain. “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” (Luke ii. 10.) The Lord, at His second coming, as the light and life of the Word, seen by the law of analogy, will surely bring it to pass. The seals are already broken, and the Holy Spirit is going forth. The pure Truth; or the Lord as the spiritual sense of the Word, is coming in the clouds of heaven, or letter of the Word, into the human mind, with power and great glory; and every eye shall see Him. Yes, the glorious Bridegroom Himself is coming. Go ye out to meet Him; go dressed in the wedding garments of the New Jerusalem : go adorned with the precious stones of the Holy City ; with the pearls and rubies of the blessed Word. Yes, let us arise, and go hence, that we may walk the golden streets of the New Jerusalem together, in peace and love. And let us thus hasten on the glorious day when the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea ; and when all shall know the Lord, from the least to the greatest. God, by the light of His Holy Word, is offering to us this blessed privilege. Is it worth the reception ? ,

Are heavenly light and life, and peace and joy—are a happy world and a heaven below, and an eternal heaven above worth the attention of men ? Then, I beseech you, let us accept the boon of Jesus' Spirit, and work in His vineyard while the day lasts, that when the final morning of the resurrection comes

and we cast off the clay, we may feel in our hearts the warmth and brightness of the rising sun, and hear the plaudit of “ Well done, good and faithful servant,

enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” (Matt. xxv, 21.)

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“When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language, the sea saw it, and fled ; Jordan was driven back; the mountains skipped like rams, and the little bills like lambs.” (Ps. cxiv. 1, 3, 4.)

OUR subject for this evening is, The Divine Law of Life between God, Man and Nature. This law of life is the great law of Analogy. It is the divine rule of action between the Creator and the created. It is the way God gives life to all created things. Life in God is the Divine Love and Wisdom. The Divine Love or Goodness is the essence, and the Divine Wisdom ór Truth is the form or manifestation of that Life to

By the efflux of this Love and Wisdom God created and constantly'sustains the universe. But in order for the affectionate reception of this Love there had to be human Will, and for the rational reception of this Wisdom there had to be human understanding.

But this Love and Wisdom could never have been affectionately and rationally received into the human will and understanding without language to teach or express the nature, character and qualities of this di


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