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Ver. We on our necks the heavy yoke

Of persecution bear;
We toil, and have not from the shock

A relting day nor year.
6 With Egypt we were forc'd to make

A bargain for our bread;
And also hands with Alhur shake,

To satisfy our need.
y Our fathers finn'd, and are no more,

On earth their grief to vent ;
But of their fins, as heirs, we bore

The daily punishment.
8 Bale flaves have o'er us domineer'd ;

We drudged at their beck:
Yet none have for our help appear'd,

Their infolence to check. 9 In peril of our life with pain,

Our bread we daily snatch'd ;
For round the city, in the plain,

The bloody sword dispatch'd.
10 The storm of famine's fierce attack,

So terrible hath prov'n;
Our skin was dry’d and parched black,

In colour liker an ov'n.
11 In Zion, women of chaste names

Were ravith'd and o'erpower'd;
In Judah's citie's younger dames

And maidens were devour'd.
12 Ev'n princes, with their hands in rage,

Were hang'd up by the neck :
To elders faces, grave and fage,

They yielded no respect.
13 Young men were set to grind, and stress'd

With work in flavish mode ;
And children small, with wood oppress'd,

Fell down beneath the load.
14 Elders and judges from the gate,

Now cease to give decrees;
Musicians young, their lutes translate

To harps on willow-trees.

Ver. Our former folemn fest'al mirth
15 And joy of heart is gone;
Our merry dance is turn'd on earth
Into a mourning moan.

16 The crown is fallen from off our head,

The royal state and fway ;
Wo's us, for we have finn'd indeed,

And thrown our bliss away!
17 For this our fin and guilt so grim,

Faint hearts we have and fears ;
For these our woes, our eyes are dim,

And blinded all with tears. 18 For Zion mount's so defolate,

That fixes as they please,
And crafty foes of church and state,

Tread down the spot with ease.
19 Justly uncrown'd, uncrown'd, we chime;

But thou, Lord, stay'st for ay :
From age to age enthron'd sublime,

No changes mar thy sway.
20 Lord, wherefore dost thou us forget ?

For ever shall it be?
Why left in this deserted state

Are we so long by thee?
21 Turn us to thee, Lord, and we shall

Be turn'd into thy mould:
Renew our days, restore our all,

And save us, as of old.
22 For wilt thou quite reject us, Lord,

In wrath to endless years?
Then, where's thy love, thy truth, thy word ?

Let faith diffolve our fears.

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The twelve Prophets, whose writings compose the latter part, and,

consequently, complete the cannon of the Old Testament, are usually
denominated the lefser Prophets : not as if they themselves were any
way inferior to the other Prophets, or less in Gon's account; or their
writings of less authority, importance, and usefulness, than these of
the greater prophets: but only because they are shorter, and less
in Gze than the other. There is the greatest reason to believe, that
these Prophets preached as much as the other; but did not commit
so much of what they delivered to writing: and it is certain they
were as useful in their day, and held in as great reputation as the
other, although there is not so much of their prophecies kept on record,
and transmitted to posterity. On this account, their compositions
cannot be supposed to contain so many facred odes, or so much fertile
· matter for divine hymns, as the other prophets, whose writings are
vastly larger; yet the following Songs are selected from them. S.


S O N G 1..
Jonah's Prayer out of the Whale's belly.
Jonah ii. 1,-9. “ Then Jonah prayed unto the

“ Lord his God, out of the fish's belly, and said,”.
. I CRY'D to God the Lord most high,

When ;
He hear'd, and listen'd to my cry,

From out the womb of hell.
Thou me into the swelling deeps

Amidst the feas hadit cast;
Around me floods, and o'er me heaps,

Of waves and billows past.
4 Quite from thy fight I'm cast, faid I,

And bury'd in the main :
Yet, to thine holy place mine eye

Will dare to look again.

Ver. Around me to my very soul

The roaring feas were spread :
The swelling deeps inclos'd me whole ;

The weeds inwrap'd my head.
6 To bottoms of the mountains down

Ship'd in the whale's dark womb :
Earth's bars about me seem'd anon

My everlalting tomb :
Yet, Lord, my life thou didst restore

From rotting death's abode,
And mad'It my grave caft me alhore,

O my almighty God.
For when amidst the rolling waves

My heart was faint in me,
I call'd to mind the Lord who saves,

And sets the captives free:
Then from my goal my pray’r sent,

Before thy face appear'd,
Into thy holy temple went,

And was in mercy heard.
8 All these from their own mercies swerve,

Who their own duty fhun,
Who lying vanities observe,

And scorn to kiss the Son.
But I with thankful voice will found

Thy glorious praise abroad;
I'll pay my vows afhore, undrown'd:

Salvation is of God.

SÓN Ġ II. A prayer of HABA KRUK the prophet, upon Sigionoth; [or, according to sbé variable fongs or tunes.]

Hab. iii. 2,-19. SECT. I HABAKKUK's Prayer. ? ,

ORD, I have heard thy awful speech,

Which struck my heart with fears;
Revive thy work, Lord, I beseech,

Amidit the woful years ;

Ver. Amidst the seventy years of thrall

Make known thy faithfulness :
In wrath, though just, to mind recall

Free mercy prone to bliss.
3 [Our fathers in their lowest state

Thine arm did safe uphold;
Let hope revive while I relate

Thy wonders dune of old.]
From Teman came the holy One ;

God came from Paran-hill :
O'er all the heav'ns his glory shone;

His praise the earth did fill.
4 His brightness pure outhon the light,

Beams darted from each side ;
And there he pleas'd to shew his might,

Yet more his might to hide.
5 Before him went the peftilence,

And burning at his feet;
Hot plagues went forth in Egypt, thence,

To guard his folks retreat.
6 He stood and mete the promis'd land :

He look'd but from above
Upon the heathen nations grand,

And them asunder drove.
States, that like moveless mountains were,

He scatter'd all abroad;
Perpetual bills did bow with fear

At the rebuke of God.
[On him may Isra’l'schildren place

Their hope in ev'ry thrall ;]
His ways of pow'r, and truth, and grace,

Are everlasting all.
7 [They're still the same to dash and fake

The force that Zion harms :]
Lo! Cufhan tent and Midian's quake,

When God appears in arms !
8 Did heav'n against the rivers frown?

Did wrath the fea betide ?
That thou didst mount thy horse, and on

Salvation's chariot ride?

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