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A'n't thou enlighten'd now, to fee

Thy righteouiness is naught But

rags *, that cannot cover thee?
Thy Husband so has taught.
Doft see thy best performances

Deserve but hell indeed ?
And hence are led, renouncing these,

Thy Husband's blood to plead ?
When strength'ned boldly to address

That gracious throne of his,
Dult find thy firength and righteousness,

Thy Husband only is ?
Canft thuu thy most exalted frame

Renvunce, as with’ring grass,
And firmly hold thine only claim,

Thy Husband's worthiness ?
Canst pray with utmost holy pith t,

And yet renounce thy good ?
And wath n 't with thy tears, but with
Thy Husband's precious blood ?

BELIEVERS defcribed from their Faith acting by divino

Aid, and fleeing quite out of themselves to Christ.

AN nothing less thy conscience eale,

And please thy heart; no less
Than that which justice satisfies,

Thy Husband's righteoulness?
Dolt see thy works fo flain'd with fin,

That thou through sin art mov'd
To seek acceptance only in

Thy Husband, the Belov'd! Dost thou remind, that once a-day

Free grace did firengthen thee,
To gift thy guilty foul away,

Thy Husband's bride to be?
Or doft thou mind the day of pow'r,

Wherein he broke thy pride,
And gain’d thy heart? O happy hour!
Thy Husband caught the bride!

# lla, lxiv, 6. + Vigour, or frength.

He did thy enmity sudue,

Thy bundage lad recall;
Made thee to choose, and close pursue

Thy Husband as thy all.
What rest, and peace, and joy ensu'd

Upon this noble choice?
Thy heart, with flow'rs of pleasures strew'd,

Thy Husband made rejoice.
Dost know thou ne'er could't him embrace,

Tiil he embraced thee?
Nor ever see him, till his face

Thy Husband open'd free?
And findelt to this very hour,

That this is still the charm;
Thou can't do n' thing, till with pow'r

Thy Husband fhew his arm?
Canst thou do nought by nature, art,

Or any strength of thine,
Until thy wicked fr ward heart

Thy Husband shall incline ?
But art thou, though without a wing

Of pow'r aloft to.flee,
Yet able to do every thing,

Thy Husband strength’ning thee?
Doft not alone at duties fork *,

But foreign aid enj y?
And still in ev'ry piece of work

Thy Husband's strength employ?
Thy motion heav'nly is indeed,

Whilst thou by faith dili move, And still in ev'ry time of need

Thy Husband's grace improve.
No commun nat'ral faith can shew

Its divine brood like this;
Wh se object, author, feeder too,

Thy Husband only is.
Dost thou by faith on him rely?

O: him, not on thy faith?
If faith shall with its object vie,
Thy Husband's set beneath.

* Labour, wrefle, or toil.

Their hands receiving faculty

Poor beggars never view;
But hold the royal gift in eye:

Thy Husband so wilt thou.
Faith, like a gazing eye, ne'er waits

To boast its seeing pow'rs;
Its object views, itself forgets,

Thy Husband it adores. It humbly still itself denies,

Nor brags its acts at all;
Deep plung'd into its object lies,

Thy Husband is its all.
No strength but his it has, and vaunts,

Nur store but his can show;
Hence nothing has, yet nothing wants,

Thy Husband trains it fo.
Faith, of its own, no might can shew,

Else would itself destroy ;
But will, for all it has to do,

Thy Husband still employ.
Self-faviours none could ever be

By faith or grace of theirs ;
Their fruitless toil fo high that flee,

Thy Husband's praise impairs.
The seemingly devouteft deed,

That would with shameless brow His faving trade take o'er his head,

Thy Husband won't allow.
Dost therefore thou to him alone

Commit thy finful foul?
Knowing of thy salvation
Thy Husband is the whole ? -

BELIEVERS characterized by the Objects and Puity

of ibeir Delire, Deligbi, joy, Haired, and Love, discovering tbey have the Spirit of Christ. DOS

OST thou his Spirit's conduct wait ?

And, when compar'd to this, All worldly wisdom under-rate ?

Thy Husband waits to bless,

Tak’st thou his Spirit for thy guide

Through Baca's valley dry,
Whofe streams of influences glide

Thy Husband's garden by?
In digging wells here by his pow'r,

Doft find it not in vain,
While here a drop and there a show'r,

Thy Husband makes to rain ?
Hence dost thou through each weary case

From strength to strength go on,
From faith to faith, while grace for grace

Thy Husband gives anon?
The good, the gracious work begun,

And further'd by his strength,
Shall prosp'rous, though with wrestling, win

Thy Husband's crown at length.
Sin's pow'r and presence canst thou own

Is thy must grievous smart,
That makes thee fub and weep alone ?

Thy Hulband knows thy heart.
Does love to him make thee diftafte

Thy lufts, with all their charms ? And moft them loath'ft, when most thou haft

Thy Husband in thine arms ? Are cords of love the sweetest ties

To bind thee duty-ways ? And best thou serv’lt, when most thou spies

Thy Husband's beauteous rays?
Didit ever thou thy pardon read

In tears of untold joy?
When mercy made thy heart to bleed,

Thy Husband was not coy?
Do pardons sweetly melt thy heart?

And most imbitter fin?
And make thee long with dross to part,

Thy Husband's throne to win?
When he arises lusts to kill,

Corruptions to destroy,
Does gladness then thy spirit fill;

Thy Husband is thy joy.

Dost thou his perfon fair embrace

Beyond his blessings all ?
Sure, then, thou boldly inayst, thro' grace,

Thy Husband Jesus call.
What company doit thou prefer?

What friends above the rest?
Of all relations every where,

Thy Husband is the best.
Whom in the earth or heav'n dost thou

Mist ardently desire ?
Is love's ascending spark unto

Thy Husband set on fire?
Hast thou a hatred to his foes,

And doft their course decline ?
Lov'lt thou his saints, and darst suppose

Thy Husband's friends are thine ?
Dost thuu their talk and walk eiieem,

When molt divinely grave?
And favour'st bell when most they seem
Tny Husband's Spirit to have ?

BELIEVERS in Christ effect bis Counsel, Word, Ordi,

nances, Appearance, full Enjoyment in Heaven, and Sweet Presence bere.

HERE goeft thou first when in a strait,

Or when with grief opprelt?
Fleeft thou to him? O happy gate!

Thy Husband is thy relt.
His counsel feek'st thou, fiill prepar'd,

Nor canit without him live?
Wisdom to guide, and firength to guard,

Thy Husband hath to give.
Canst thou produce no pleasant pawn,

Or token of his love ?
Won't signets, bracelets from his hand,

Thy Husband's kindness prove?
Mind'st when he sent his healing word,

Which darting from on high,
Did light, and life, and joy afford ?

Thy Husband then was nigh.


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