British Logic in the Nineteenth Century

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Dov M. Gabbay, John Woods
Elsevier, 10 mar 2008 - 750
The present volume of the Handbook of the History of Logic is designed to establish 19th century Britain as a substantial force in logic, developing new ideas, some of which would be overtaken by, and other that would anticipate, the century's later capitulation to the mathematization of logic.

British Logic in the Nineteenth Century is indispensable reading and a definitive research resource for anyone with an interest in the history of logic.

- Detailed and comprehensive chapters covering the entire range of modal logic
- Contains the latest scholarly discoveries and interpretative insights that answer many questions in the field of logic

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Spis treści

Chapter 1 Benthams Logic
Chapter 2 Coleridges Logic
Chapter 3 Richard Whately and Logical Theory
Tunnelling through Sand to Place the Keystone in the Aristotelic Arch
William Whewell and the Logic of Induction
Chapter 6 The Logic of John Stuart Mill
Chapter 7 De Morgans Logic
On the Origins of Augustus de Morgans Early Logical Enquiries 18051835
Chapter 10 Lewis Carrolls Logic
Chapter 11 John Venn and Logical Theory
Chapter 12 William Stanley Jevons and the Substitution of Similars
Chapter 13 Hugh McColl and the Birth of Logical Pluralism
Chapter 14 The Idealists
Chapter 15 Bradleys Logic
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Strona 82 - The surprising fact, C, is observed; But if A were true, C would be a matter of course, Hence, there is reason to suspect that A is true.

Informacje o autorze (2008)

Dov M. Gabbay is Augustus De Morgan Professor Emeritus of Logic at the Group of Logic, Language and Computation, Department of Computer Science, King's College London. He has authored over four hundred and fifty research papers and over thirty research monographs. He is editor of several international Journals, and many reference works and Handbooks of Logic.

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